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03/28/2019 by Jack


This case was made possible by the fine work of some Stolen Valor investigators on Twitter.  Many thanks to Grok (6roc4) and @Twitr_Heretic

Naomi Davidson (Johnson) comes to us from Alaska courtesy of a tipster from Twitter. Naomi is 48 years old as of March 2019.

Naomi has been posting to Twitter that she is a 100% disabled Army Combat Veteran having served for 20 years with 7 tours of duty in various combat zones.

7 Tours Comment
She Tweets that she was a Company Medic in Charlie Co. 187th Battalion at Ft Bragg NC. According to the history of the 187th they are located at Ft Campbell KY not Ft Bragg.

Medic Point Crew

She further Tweets that she was a Recon Point Crew Leader. There is no such job in the Army. The closest job in the Army would be a Cavalry Scout but she doesn’t claim to be a Cav Scout. She has Tweeted before that she served as a Medic which is a far different job then a Cav Scout.

Recon PC

She claims to have been involved in the Green Ramp incident of March 23 1994. She claims 40 soldiers died in that incident but in reality 24 died. She also claims to have a Silver & Bronze Star as well as 2 Purple Hearts.

While the Twitter names in the above screenshots are different they appear to originate from the same person based on the previous use of the term ‘Recon Point Crew Leader.’  Our informant has stated she has at least 2 different Twitter accounts which is verified by the claims in the Silver/Bronze Star tweet.


Naomi Davidson’s (Johnson) records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.






Based on her summary sheet Naomi served for 1 year on Active Duty and not the 20 she claims in her multiple Tweets. She was discharged as a PVT/E-1 which is the lowest enlisted rank in the Army. Her record of assignments shows that she originally started her career as a 91P and then changed to 91J. At that time those MOS designations were in the Medical field. She was dropped from both courses during the AIT school phase and then, apparently, was discharged from the Army based on the dates provided. The only medal she is authorized is the National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) and not the multiple Purple Hearts, Bronze or Silver Star as she claims in her Tweet. Furthermore, according to her official military records, she never left the United States and never saw service in any conflict.


Naomi’s Military records do not verify her claims to being a 20 year 100% Disabled Army Combat Veteran. They do not validate her claims to being awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star or any Purple Heart awards.

If Naomi leveraged these claims to receive a disability rating from the Veteran’s Administration or to gain anything of value to include financial gain or employment in any way she could be in violation of the Federal Stolen Valor Act. State Laws may apply as well if she has benefited from her claims.



@icyqueenbee & @JoDavid67795821

19 thoughts on “Naomi Davidson-US Army 82d Airborne Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame

  1. Ron McCauley says:

    Bolo in AIT two times. What a winner. Either a chapter 5 or chapter 13 discharge. A record to be proud of.

  2. Jeffery D Monroe says:

    The only thing she drop was her trousers !!

  3. Fun fact, when she claimed she was in, she was arrested in Florida in the late 90’s for writing bad checks. They booked her at 201 lbs / 5’6″.

  4. Michael L Maynard says:

    Neither of those jobs, had she actually been awarded one, would have made her a field medic. 91P (now 68P) was Radiology Specialist and 91J (now 68J) was Medical Supply Specialist. She would have been in a hospital or clinic, not in the field.

  5. Mike says:

    Failed radiology AIT. Failed physical therapy AIT. Never went to jump school. Never left Ft Sam Houston. Never saw combat. I hope some old retired 172nd Brigade vets homesteaded in Alaska and can counsel this poser.

  6. She needs to be rigged for heavy drop, or L.A.P.E.S, and jettisoned into the Sun. Fricking “LEG” or “N.A.P.” wearing an ALL AMERICAN ball cap and ring! P.O.S. Poser! As a Life Member, 82nd Airborne Division Association, a member of the Centurions (100+ Airborne Operations)–I’ll buy a six pack of a beverage of choice to the first Airborne Trooper to “JMPI” little “Nasty Naomi’s” 4th Point of Contact into the DZ, or perform corrective measures IAW published “Wall-To-Wall Counseling” directives. Anyone in AK care to perform an “one the spot correction of Nasty Naomi?” Faux Feau needs an attitude adjustment? Aye, Capt Rick in Central Texas.

  7. Jeffery D Monroe says:

    Umm Something Smells Here!! Combat Medic Was Not Open to women back then anyway !!
    remember combat arms of any branch were closed to women back then so I call bravo Sierra !!

    • Laura Skene says:

      I joined in 1988 as a combat medic. Retired 31 October 2016. Yes there were female Combat medics back then.

  8. Troy Williams says:

    I served in the 82nd and lost a fellow trooper in the Greenramp disaster, how dare this POS make light of it, when she was 2 time bolo in AIT, and never even served at Bragg, nor even served more than 1 yr and was discharged as a lovely E-1.These POS make me sick with their fake stories and even worse, lying about a tragedy which took the life of one of my friends, a fellow paratrooper I served with in Division.

  9. Vietnam K9 67/68 says:

    It’s hard to be what you aren’t

    • L/Cpl Nelson says:

      Guess that’s it in a nutshell.
      These dropouts either have a beef for being booted or can’t get over the fact that they are non-hackers
      and simply couldn’t meet the requirements necessary.
      To include actual dead Warriors in your LIE, puts you in a different class all together.

  10. Doc Savage says:

    A 187th Med Bn recycle…..I think the only combat she saw was at the snack stand at the old Hacienda down the hill.

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, dear. Some of us have spent more time polishing our dress shoes than this Ball o’ Fluff has on AD.
    It gets to be ridiculous at some point.

    • Doc Savage says:

      “Ball o’ fluff”


      You are being charitable with that description.

  12. Loppin Twat Knots says:

    Slingload buffalo butt and drop her at the nearest penitentiary.

  13. Walle, A. says:

    Everyone will be disappointed when I mention that if these people never did what they claimed that they haven’t stolen anything aside from maybe the same old bullshit.

  14. Jim Knowles says:

    Bragg woulda ran her ass into the ground, only med I remember is 44th Med over on the COSCOM area….

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