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Severson - Dossier



Herbert Roland Severson Jr comes to us from Winsted Connecticut.  He is 56 years old as of August 2018.  He owns a gaming company called RPG Table Top Game Systems, LLC.

A closer look (below) at the uniform he is wearing in the above photo shows a Combat Infantryman Badge, Master Parachute wings, Airborne tab, Ranger Bn, and Air Assualt emblem.


In addition, Serverson makes the claim on his Facebook profile that he retired from the Army after 22 years, was an Army Ranger and Combat Engineer, and was senior speaker at the Ranger School Graduation in 1981…

severson-retired army 22 years

In this photo, Severson wears some kind of emblem on his cap, but it does not appear to be the standard U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) badge which designates a profession made popular by the movie “The Hurt Locker“…


In the following Facebook post, he claims he was with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st SOG (Studies and Observations Group)…

severson-75th SOG

Back in March 2018, Severson had the 75th Regiment as his Facebook profile…

severson-75th patch

In the following Facebook post, he has a photo with ‘RANGER’ on his ball cap and talks about a posting at the SOG Rapid Response Force…

severson-rapid response

We mentioned above that Severson owns a gaming company called RPG.  This is significant because at one time he used the company logo as his profile picture when he posted.severson-rpg logo

Severson posts that he went to Airborne after serving in a Heavy Engineer unit…


In this post, Severson reinforces his claim of Special Forces, Ranger, and Airborne…

sf, ranger airborne

In this post, Severson talks about being in Grenada and using the M67 fragmentation grenade…


Here, he talks about being bothered still by grenade shrapnel…

severson-grenade shrapnel-redacted

In this post, Severson claims that he has two Purple Hearts and TBI…

severson-two phs

And he talks about being treated for PTSD…


Several of these claims were reinforced in the following discussion thread…


There are more claims on his Facebook timeline, we only grabbed a select few.

Then, in a bit of comical irony, Severson posts this on Facebook…

severson-space shuttle door gunner

Several different people brought Severson to the attention of Military Phony.

Severson’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act request with the National Personnel Records Center.


. . . . .



severson - DoD MDC







. . . . .


Newspaper articles and criminal records show that Herbert R. Severson was arrested for embezzlement of an American Legion Post, eventually plead guilty, and was convicted and sentenced for larceny.


severson-plead guilty



But, it didn’t end there and it looks like he was not able to put this incident behind him when he fell short of his responsibilities for court appearances and probation…

severson-criminal-failure to appear

severson-criminal-probation violation-1

severson-criminal-probation violation-2

. . . . .


Herbert R. Severson spent six (6) years in the U.S. Army and got out as an E-1.  This is in direct contradiction to his claim of 22 years.  An E-1 is the lowest enlisted rank one could have.  After six years he should have advanced, so there is some suggestion of an issue that would have precluded him from normal advancement.  The MOS numbers suggest that he did advance but was busted down and had rank taken away from him.

Army Badges (BAD) are known as Marksmanship Qualification Badges. Soldiers get them initially when they go thru Basic Training as Enlisted.  During Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, Severson qualified as an EXPERT on the Hand Grenade and received the Grenade Expert Badge. ‘BAD’ means ‘Badge.’

Same with the M16 during Basic Training. He qualified as an EXPERT and received the Expert M16 Badge (BAD).

He served time in the Army as a 12F10 and a 12F20, which was a Combat Engineer Vehicle Crewman at Skill Level 10 and 20. 

Severson’s time in Germany was short.  His time in Colorado was also short.  He was possibly at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, then returned to his time back in Germany.

There is nothing in his military records — training or assignments — that support his claim of service in Special Forces, Airborne or being qualified as a Ranger.  There is no assignment with the 75th Regiment.

There is nothing to indicate that he earned the Master Parachute wings or CIB.

There is no Purple Heart award listed in his records, let alone two as he claimed.


Perhaps the largest issue here is that there are no Purple Heart medals listed in his records.  The two military conflicts happening during the time that he served in the Army were Grenada and Beirut.  There is nothing in his records to suggest he served in Grenada.

The Purple Heart claims put Severson in direct conflict with Stolen Valor laws, especially if there were financial gains that he received from his claims.

Herbert R. Severson’s military records do not support his claims.

. . . . .


FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/HerbieSeverson

GOOGLE+:  https://plus.google.com/105542387564410271104


NOTE: We would like to give acknowledgment to one of our members that contributed a great deal to the research with this case.  This was truly a team effort and we deeply appreciate the contribution of our members when they want to volunteer their time and expertise.

10 thoughts on “Herbert Roland Severson Jr – U.S. Army Ranger, Airborne, SOG Rapid Response Force, 75th Ranger Regiment, Grenada, Two Purple Hearts, Blog of Shame

  1. Dennis Harless says:

    What a complete shit show. On his FB page he posted a picture of that abortion of a BDU set up and said he attended a veteran’s funeral in it. Embezzled funds from a VSO about 20 years ago. Now hes trying to get on the glory gravy train by attaching himself to wounded Vets.

  2. […] folks at militaryphony.com send us their work on Herbert Roland Severson Jr, who claims he served in the Army for 22 years, […]

  3. LCpl Nelson says:

    6 years active duty and EASd as an E-1 ?
    Yeah, right.
    I won’t even bother with the rest of his claims that are obviously the rantings of shitbird.
    A shitbitd that uses someone else’s experiences as his own.

  4. Jack says:

    Shitbag can’t even get his awards straight. He’s an Engineer and claims that yet still chooses to wear the Combat INFANTRY Badge. Jumpmaster wings, Air Assault, SF, Ranger and yet he earned none of them. Pretty sad when you have to lie about your military service when in reality you fucked it all up and got dropped back to Private prior to your being discharged

  5. Keith Jackson says:

    Wow! I don’t even care about these guys anymore. I did little time in the infantry before I developed diabetes. Wanted to go Ranger but no dice. If I catch one of these clowns in a lie I’ll check em. But for the most part it’s just a presentation of a sad person. I actually feel a little sorry for the guy. He’s putting up this big front to impress people. It’s pathetic!

  6. The Mac says:

    I was just a peacetime paratrooper but almost 60% of vets my age (60) claim SF, Seal, Airborne status. They’re rarely able to discuss DZs, Bragg, Robin Sage and Uwharrie. But this guy is a first class ass and deserves legal measures and public shaming. Loser!

  7. Hank Bauer says:

    It wasn’t in his record because it was super white Yankee top secret.
    That’s what the guy at work tells me…..

  8. Milo Cruz says:

    Very shameful and unfair to those who actually did their time and completed Ranger School at Ft.Benning Ga. Whats a freaking “Legs” Lead the Way!

  9. Mark Christian says:

    We see it here time and time again, but it still amazes me that people with criminal records, many far worse than Herb’s, go out of their way to draw attention to themselves on Social Media sites.

  10. Looks like the cockroach took his FB down.

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