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“Every stinking hell hole on this planet.” —  Peter Charles

Charles - Dossier


Peter Clay Charles comes to us from Durham, North Carolina.   He is 54 years old as of September 2018.


He is a college professor and for some reason, his students are under the impression that he was a Green Beret.

charles - rmp

For another class, he lists his military background as a “former paratrooper (Spec Ops Combat Media, Bravo Co. 3rd Rangers, 75th Airborne Infantry Regiment – RLTW)”…


On his Twitter account, he also lists being a Ranger as well as the MOS/designations he was qualified in, namely 91B, 18D, 01H Spec Ops Combat Media (SOCM) and Ranger…


On Peter’s LinkedIn account, he reinforces these claims but goes further to say that he was in “Every stinking hell hole on this planet.” and treated the very men after he “shot or stabbed” them…


Turkey may have been one of these hell holes that he has visited since he certainly implies it from this post…


Peter Charles claimed that he delivered a baby during the course of a three-hour firefight…


Then, there are the saber-rattling threats to employ the deadly skills he has learned as part of his training…


charles-give it a shot

Peter Clay Charles’ military records were ordered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

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DoD Manpower / SCRA


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The military records do not support Peter Clay Charles’ claim of several things:

  • No designation of 18D.
  • No Ranger, Airborne qualification.
  • No 75th Ranger Regiment unit assignment.
  • No combat – so how could he have delivered a baby during a three-hour firefight and how could he have treated the same guys he shot and stabbed?
  • No indication that he spent eight (8) years in the Army other than his inactive reserve commitment.  Some people do count this but others feel it is a bit slight of hand as usually claims are active duty and drilling reserve.  Nevertheless, it still added up to be two days less than seven (7) years vs. eight (8) years since it was AUG 1982 – AUG 1989 vs. 1982 – 1990.  His active duty was for four (4) years and since he got out in 1987, there would have been only a few opportunities to be in combat and be under fire.  Beirut, Lebanon in 1982-1984 is a far stretch since the Army was not a big part of that mission.

He had no discrepancy about the rank.  He claimed Specialist (E-4) and he got out as a Specialist E-4, so he was honest about that.

His military records show that he was a Medical Laboratory Specialist – a 92B series.  An 18 series designation is what would be SF, and he claimed that but there is no training, designation or assignments that suggest he was in Special Forces.

His only assignment OCONUS was to Germany unless he counts that as a “stinking hell hole.”  Either way, we doubt that live rounds were flying by him.

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Many of the claims attributed to Peter Clay Charles were not supported by his official military records.


If Charles has used any of these unsupported claims to gain anything of value, including money, work positions, speaking engagements, medical benefits from the government or leniency from the court, it could put him in direct violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

The direct claims on his online profiles may not only be unethical, but illegal.

His records do not support him being in military combat.

At the very least, this professor should come clean with his students.

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NOTE: Many people helped with some aspects of this case including the Guardians of the Green Beret. We thank them.


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    Nothing yet on Michael Sonny Smith..???

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    Battle rattle right out of the plastic! He’s ready to go eat a turkey.

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    Do my eyes deceive me, or is the good Doctor THREATENING the President?
    I think the Secret Service might need a notification.

  6. Mike says:

    You mean handling urine specimens in Germany isn’t considered hazardous duty? Damn, I know I dribbled down the side of the bottle a time or two…..

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