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“I Am A US MARINE Combat VETERAN & ONLY By the GRACE of #GOD DID I Get Through the 2 Tours of Combat Duty in IRAQ & Afghanistan.”
—  Wayne Patrick Bresnahan

Bresnahan - Dossier


Wayne Patrick Bresnahan, AKA “KidStyle”, comes to us from Boston, MA.   He is 47 years old as of July 2018.


Bresnahan claims the title of Marine often.


bresnahan-Marine Veteran

In the below post, someone had confused him with an Army soldier and he quickly corrected them…

Special Ops Sgt

Although he claimed he was a “Marine Special OPS Sgt” (E-5) in the above post from 2017, in the following posts (2012 & 2014) he claims he was a Corporal (E-4)…



So, there exist a few conflicting posts about the rank that he held.

As far as his MOS or what job he did in the Marine, in this post he claims he was a “GOV TRAINED US MARINE Special Ops Comm Operator”…

bresnahan-special ops comm

But in the following post, he claims he was a Recon Marine…

bresnahan-recon marine

So now, there are conflicting posts about his MOS.

Moving on, he claims that he entered the Marines in 1988…


And in this newspaper article, he claimed he was in the Marine Corps for seven (7) years, with part of that time in the Middle East…


A slightly larger version of the above article can be read here.

In the following post, he claims that he served two combat tours for this country…

bresnahan-two combat tours

In this post, he says he is a “US Marine Combat VETERAN” and served “2 Tours of Combat Duty in IRAQ and Afghanistan”…

bresnahan-combat veteran-iraq and afghanistan

Here, Bresnahan posts about spending several Thanksgivings in the desert sand…


In this video below that he posted to his Facebook timeline on September 25, 2016, Wayne Bresnahan AKA “KidStyle” raps about being “a US Marine and fought two wars for this country”…

People familiar with Bresnahan around where he lives became suspicious of his claims and contacted Military Phony.

Wayne Patrick Bresnahan’s military records were ordered via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .






[NOTE: Last three pages combined for space saving purposes.
Originally, each one was on its own dedicated page.]


bresnahan-no car or hsm-redacted

No result for either a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) or a Humanitarian Service Ribbon (HSM).

Keep in mind that the USMC CAR/HMS Database has been known not to be 100% accurate since some have reported awards missing but we put the results here just to be inclusive.

. . . . .



The military records do not support Wayne Bresnahan’s claim of many things:

  • L/Cpl (E-3) vs. claim of Cpl (E-4) and Sgt (E-5).
  • No assignments overseas.  No medals to support overseas assignments/deployments.
  • Nothing on his Combat History page, so the claim that he fought in two wars is not supported.
  • He was on active duty for six months (19 JUN 1989 – 15 DEC 1989).  There were no conflicts that the US was involved with during this period. Operation Just Cause was on 20 DEC 1989, but this was five days after Bresnahan was released from active duty.
  • Bresnahan was in the US Marine Corps Reserve.  Typically, they only go on active duty to attend boot camp, advanced infantry training (School of Infantry or SOI), and perhaps some OJT (On the Job Training).  Then, they are released from active duty and assigned to a Reserve Center to participate in weekend drills once a month and a two-week active duty for training each year. This appears to be what Bresnahan did with his six months of active duty.  Reserve personnel are also subject to recall to active duty, but Bresnahan’s records do not show him being recalled to active duty other than the initial six months for basic and MOS training.
  • Trained as COMM (Communication) vs. Recon.  Nothing wrong with being a COMM Marine, which is an admirable profession – he just wasn’t in Recon.
  • No “Special Ops”
  • Even counting drilling Reserve time, Bresnahan spent a little less than four (4) years in the US Marine Corps Reserve.  He entered in 1989, but his 1988 claim could have included the time spent in a Delayed Entry Program.  He got out in 1993 and this does not support his claim of seven (7) years.  He was a drilling reservist during Operation Desert Storm but it does not appear that he or his unit were activated.

Bresnahan earned the title of US Marine, which anybody could be very proud of, but his official records do not support his claim of being a combat Marine and fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

. . . . .


Many of the claims attributed to Wayne Patrick Bresnahan were not supported by his official military records. 


If Bresnahan has used any of these combat claims to gain anything of value, including money, work positions, speaking engagements or medical benefits from the government it could put him in direct violation of the Stolen Valor Act.

His records do not support a claim of him being in a war or military conflict.




. . . . .





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19 thoughts on “Wayne Patrick Bresnahan – US Marine Corps Special Ops Sgt / Recon, Combat Veteran, Fought in Iraq & Afghanistan, Blog of Shame

  1. William Shultz says:

    I was proud to be a soldier for almost 22 years, I’m sure I’d have been equally proud to have been a Marine in any capacity. This guy needs some behind the barn schoolhouse counseling just to set the record straight.

  2. […] partners at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow Wayne Patrick Bresnahan who claims that he served in the Marine […]

  3. LCpl Nelson says:

    Get off his back
    He DID qualify as Rifle Marksman.
    …………That’s practically the same thing as being in Recon.

  4. Ron McCauley says:

    Agree. Some good old fashioned hands on “counseling session” would do him some good. Why do all these scumbags claim to be Marine Recon/Special Ops/Special Forces/Ranger/Delta? I was just plain old infantry for 21 years, and 24 years after retiring, I’m enjoying my pension and a cocktail. I’m still able to ass whip this scumbag.

  5. Gary Gills says:

    The blurred out dog!!! Hilarious.

    “Protect the innocent”. Well done!

    • Phil says:

      That’s no dog, that’s his “girlfriend”. lol

  6. Harry says:

    Blurring out the dogs face – classic! That made my day!

  7. Chris says:

    Wayne was in Paris island when their was a tragedy in the family and I believe he was discharged…. He does stretch the truth, but I believe he was honorably discharged so not a complete phony… Maybe just an exaggerater

    • Dan Johnson says:

      Uh, no. Complete phony:
      – lied about his rank
      – lied about his job
      – lied about his combat tours
      = ASSHAT.
      Family issues, after almost 30 years, doesn’t get a free pass.

    • ptbh says:

      The active duty that he performed in 1989 is completely normal for a Reservist – no more, no less than the standard boot camp, SOI, and training. It does not appear that it was cut short at all. They usually do 5-6 months depending on MOS and are discharged to go back to their Reserve Center for duty as a drilling reservist.

  8. Mark Lauer says:

    A 47 year old WHITE RAPPER????????

    This guy is fucking delusional.

  9. TooCute says:

    YOU go suck Obama’s dick, SON!!!!
    That is a really cute dog, though…….

    • Gary Gills says:

      I’m confused. Is the requirement to frequent this site to be a homophobe, a republican or both? What does Obama have to do with this jerk’s lies?
      Comments like this really take away from the hard work the guys put into providing us with the truth about these phonies.
      The tone of their posts always stay above the belt, why can’t you do the same?

      • TooCute says:

        Please see Mr. Bresnahan’s Facebook post from Nov 10, 2016. The one where he uses a million # hashtags. In it, he wrote, “They CAN #GOOO #SUCKKK #OBAMAS #DICK While HILLARY Watches,” which is just disgusting. You can have an opinion without telling anybody who does not share your opinion to do something as demeaning as suck a dude’s dick. So I don’t feel bad about suggesting that he do the same. If he thinks it’s acceptable to suggest that of other people, then he should be able to tolerate somebody suggesting it of him.

        My comments are in no way any reflection of the fine investigative work the people on this website do. My comments are mine and have nothing to do with their work; their work stands (because it is based in fact) on its own and doesn’t need anybody’s comments to prop it up.

        I have zero problem interacting with any logical person, regardless of their political beliefs.

        Still, that puppy…….

  10. Ramondo Latigo says:

    He wouldn’t make a pimple on an Army ass…

    • Gary Gills says:

      I’m confused. Is the requirement to frequent this site to be a homophobe, a republican or both? What does Obama have to do with this jerk’s lies?
      Comments like this really take away from the hard work the guys put into providing us with the truth about these phonies.

      The tone of their posts always stay above the belt, why can’t you do the same?

  11. Wilted Willy says:

    I really hope some real deal Force Recon folks run into his white rapping ass! I really feel sorry for the dog. Poor thing will have to lick his asshole for hours to get that taste out of his mouth!

  12. Paul Saint says:

    Yet another douchebag!! Why Why Why must these morons feel they need to do this? Please Wayne, go bury your head in the sand!!! That’s where you belong!!!!

  13. Walle, A. says:

    Garage-sale rappers ruin a Saturday.

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