Paul Joseph Anderson Jr. – Fake SEAL, Fake SWCC, Fake Combat Veteran, and Fake Master Chief (E-9)


05/30/2018 by hombrerana1221

Paul Joseph Anderson Jr. comes to us from Bay City, Michigan.  Military Phony was informed that Paul claims to have been a U.S. Navy SEAL, SWCC, Combat Veteran, a Master Chief, and a Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI.





We have some great news for some of you single ladies out there, Paul is single and this is what he has to offer:

Paul states he’s an 18 year Navy Veteran, 14 of those as a Navy S.E.A.L.

Speaks 7 languages 

Traveled to 23 different countries and lucky for you ladies he’s dated women in each of those so he does have experience or as he calls it a “special set of skills”.

Paul claims to be in excellent physical condition and he can “whip the shit” out of men that are half his age.  Oh, he says he has been tested.

Claims 100% combat-disabled veteran

There’s a lot more to read, Ladies how can you pass up this man.  I’m still trying to figure out how he still on the market…




This guy is such a dreamboat, almost like James Bond but only creepier.  I wasn’t going to look into him because there is no one that would make up stuff like this, but what the heck, I did a little homework on him.




After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Paul Joseph Anderson Jr ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Paul Joseph Anderson Jr’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Based off of Paul’s summary sheet, he did 6 months and 9 days.  Paul attended Sonar Technician Basic Submarine “A” School but was dropped for Physically Disqualified for Sub Duty and Academic Reasons.  Looks like he was only there 4 days and was discharged as a Seaman (E-3).  In conclusion, NOT a SEAL, NOT SWCC, NOT a Master Chief, NOT a Combat Veteran and he did NOT do 18 years in the Navy.  Regarding the FBI claim — we didn’t waste our time looking into that claim.  


Here is the good news, Paul is still single and available…







13 thoughts on “Paul Joseph Anderson Jr. – Fake SEAL, Fake SWCC, Fake Combat Veteran, and Fake Master Chief (E-9)

  1. bom2motiv says:

    This guy has got to be kidding. He either has a mental disorder or he is intentionally trying to be funny. No one can be this idiotic, or could they……

  2. P K Barnes says:

    All of you phony assholes will be exposed. Are you that stupid that you do not think records exist. We will expose you in the most public place with all of your friends present. Real records do not lie. You have stolen valor from real recipients.

  3. Marc Mulkey says:

    I seriously believe that this guy has some mental issues. Which may be part of why he was discharged after only 6 months. He’s got that crazy ass look on him, too. That could be why he’s 100% disabled (if that’s even true). I bet the women are just lining up at the door for a shot at this hunk. Good hell…..

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  5. Gregory Romeu says:

    Hell? This guy is such a great catch, I am seriously thinking of going to Chelsea Manning route and jump in the sack with this cream puff!

  6. Mark Lauer says:

    If you wanna be a fake, and keep being a fake, then you can’t draw attention to yourself. It’s what gets ’em every time.

  7. Jay says:

    Trying to figure out someone makes Master Chief in the Navy AND a SSA in the FBI…….IMPRESSIVE

  8. Lewis G Moore SFC USA RET says:

    What, the pussy couldn’t hack 2 more years till retirement!

  9. Lewis G Moore SFC USA RET says:

    But he has the NDSM, so…..yes he’s a “war hero”, in his own mind. What a tool. I can never understand why and how, they think they are going to get away with this. The marriage would be a disaster for the kids. I’m sure he’s a bit unstable in the head. Don’t tell him I said that, because of his “special skill sets” (he watched that movie), and could take on a pack of cub scouts. He’s as bad as they come.

  10. Lucas says:

    Retired at 18 years….that an interesting number to retire at. Oh wait, probably medically retired for disabilities incurred in ‘nam. Purple hearts and MOHs to follow.

  11. James A. Giuffre says:

    It’s really funny he never listed his awards and accomplishments. He must be fighting ISIS in Michigan as we speak. I hate these scumbags, just join and do your time and if you like it to stay in and if you don’t get out. But get with some dignity and pride. Hey Paul, I also doubt you can whoop my ass also, I’m about 20 years younger than you. Hey, I wonder if he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Communications: Public Relations and Journalism degree.

  12. William A Wright says:

    Damn an ST, I got medically disqualified from submarines in 1985 and managed to do 24 year and retire as an O-4 so there is more to his story, like he sucked and they were looking for a reason to kick him out.

  13. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    I suppose I should just pity this miserable lying sack of shit. He is a mental case.

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