Marvin “Chuck” Chapman, Fake SEAL, Fake SEABEE


06/03/2018 by tangomike147

Sometimes all it takes is a quick Facebook post to draw all that attention you are begging for. Chuck comes to us from Maryland and has some pretty strong opinions on Trump and Jews.



Navy term dude.


Another of his military posts. He seems to be an awesome warrior.


Not sure I ever heard this motto around the compound.


On this post he claims Navy.


This post has dates and commands. 1979 to 1986.


Here comes the biggest claim of all. Pretty sure any of his friends could Google that claim.


Back to his love of the Jewish people. He probably feels the claim of military service gives his hate some legitimacy.



SO we did some looking around to see if any of this stuff lined up. We checked the UDT SEAL Database and could not find this guy. We did find his resume online and the shot below shows the dates he claimed military service.


Indeed Resume

He also posted a picture of a civilian award he was given during that time frame.


After he was called out he bailed out of Facebook after some back and forth. But no worries.


We decided to cover all the bases and request his records to see if there was anything we missed. Much to our surprise, the NPRC could find no record for him that would support his claim of having served in the United States Military.  Chuck was not a SEAL or Seabee and was not awarded a Medal of Honor. This is probably his shocked face.



For good measure, Military Phony ordered a second FOIA request for records with the same exact result…


Chucks Facebook

11 thoughts on “Marvin “Chuck” Chapman, Fake SEAL, Fake SEABEE

  1. Wilted Willy says:

    Does this idiot really think that nobody would google him and easily find that he had no service, no combat, no pretty medals?? These phony ponies really piss me off, how dare you claim the honor that others have bled and died for!!! I really hope you run into a real deal SEAL and he beats the living shit out of you. You Sir are nothing but a rancid cherry on top of a shit sundae!

  2. Adam Webber says:


  3. John says:

    I’ll have to give Mr. Chapman this, his mullet game is strong.

  4. […] partners at Military Phonies share their research on this fellow Marvin Chapman, who goes by the name Chuck Chapman on social […]

  5. bombstopr says:

    Some people just have that shit grin face that just looking at them makes you want to bitch slap them. He is one.

  6. Tim Nordin says:

    I didn’t know Froggy from Little Rascals had become such a racist POS.

  7. Tim says:

    What would be neat would be for these SEAL phonies have a convention. I bet a person could hear some real scary war stories. It would be fun to be at the gathering of fools and listen and record their brave feats knowing all the while it’s all BS. Then post it all on YouTube.

  8. W. Martin says:

    Hate Fukkin Liars

  9. Randall Smith says:

    Ok, President Trump was not in the service, a lot of guys were not. I went to enlist in the Marine reserves in 1964 and was turned down because of a heirnia. Was told not to worry about the draft. Got the same answer at the Army reserves, they both lied. In 1966 the Army and Marines were drafting any one who could walk. When I took my physical I was asked if I wanted to go. I. could have avoided the service easily.

  10. Jimmy Geo says:

    Fitzgerald: isn’t there a special stolen valor category in federal law that protects MOH for fake claims?

  11. Jimmy Geo says:

    Sorry, Fitz, autocorrect made you Fitzgerald.

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