Matthew Gosney, Not a SEAL


04/13/2018 by tangomike147

Matthew Gosney was brought to our attention due to a large social media footprint he has. He claims to have been a Navy SEAL that was wounded three times in Iraq. Blown up twice and shot once. He also claims his injuries have caused TBI and chronic pain. One of those stories follows.



The media links to that story is here along with the doctor talking about him.


Dr Mark Gordon

One of his interviews led to some comments on his Twitter.



How about that. A Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a book he is writing or wrote. The link is here.


He also did a interview with Joe Rogan. Some of these interviews goes into details of having bolts in his jaw to hold it together.


The link for that interview is here along with the Joe Rogan Experience Fans link.

Joe Rogan Experience


Next is his Happieheads interview. Includes the 6 titanium bolts story.


And the link for that.


The following is an interview with Optimistic Medicine. At the 13 minute point he describes going through SEAL Training and combat operations. He claims to have been shot in the leg and taking two explosions to the face. Interesting in this interview is that he is introduced as a Chief Petty Officer. He corrects that right away before launching into the SEAL story.

SHR 1511


We checked the UDT/SEAL Archives and found no listing of Gosney ever graduating from SEAL Training. We requested his records with a Freedom of information Act Request.





The records show that Gosney was in the United States Navy from 2001 to 2008. He was a Hospital Corpsman as he claims and got out as a HM3 or E4. He served with the Marines as a Lab Technician. He did make at least one deployment to Iraq. What is missing from his records is any mention of BUD/S or being stationed with a SEAL Team. He has no Combat Action Ribbon or Purple Hearts that would have been awarded for combat injuries. By his claims he would have three Purple Hearts.




5 thoughts on “Matthew Gosney, Not a SEAL

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  2. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Hey, MATTHEW GOSNEY! Show up here and tell us you story about being a SEAL, assclown! Couldn’t be happy with being an HM and serving with the FSSG, could you? Had to go BALLS DEEP with your bullshit… being with the FMF and deploying wasn’t good enough for your little, fragile ego. Keep on taking a shit all over your service and being a Hospital Corpsman, MATTHER GOSNEY… your lies are out on the ‘net for all to see.

  3. colby phelps says:

    Gosney replied to a comment on a post on Warrior Angels Foundation facebook page. See my screen capture of it here:

  4. Js says:

    As a Hospital Corpsman surgical tech he an embarrassement to himself and his service #mutt

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