John Paul Martinka III- Fake SEAL and/or Frogman


04/12/2018 by hombrerana1221

AJohn Paul Martinka III comes to us from Bechtelsville, PA.  John makes reference for being in a couple of BUD/S classes and being assigned to a SEAL Team.  We will say John did go to BUD/S twice, John was a medical drop and a disciplinary drop. 

John was telling someone that he was at Team 3.






Now John name drops like crazy, looks like he knew everyone.  He now states that he was never a SEAL but earned Frogman.  Bad news John, you didn’t earn crap.  You were never ever a Frogman!!!!






Now John claims on his Tinder account in 2015 that he is in 2 books and there is a pic of him in the beginning of the movie Lone Survivor.  Not sure why he would be in SEAL books if he never was a SEAL.  Again, lots of name dropping.


After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that John Paul Martinka III did attend  BUD/S Training but he never completed training and he was never assigned to a SEAL Team.

John Paul Martinka III records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.





In John’s DD-214 it shows he was active duty for approximately 7 years, 2 months and 3 days and got out of the Navy as an OS2 (E-5).  John’s NEC, rate and DD-214 clearly shows that he was not a SEAL.



8 thoughts on “John Paul Martinka III- Fake SEAL and/or Frogman

  1. bombstopr says:

    His FB is

  2. bombstopr says:

    Failing BUDs twice is almost like being a SEAL and 7 years 2 months in the Navy is almost like 8 years.

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  4. bombstopr says:

    This is what he messaged me: “I don’t know where this shit is coming from i have never ever claimed to be a navy seal I take stolen valor very fucking seriously I was either hacked or some. One was mis informed”

    • ptbh says:

      It’s basically a variation of “Twant Me – Da Other Guy Did It” defense.

    • bombstopr says:

      Got this message from him. “I’m a commercial fucking diver I am in two books and there is a pic of me in the movie but the team shit I don’t know what that is about. If you look at my friends list on here and the ones that are the real deal know my deal and it would really retarded for me to to claim to be a frog I did complete he’ll week two times with 239 winter he’ll week and with 246 the class that the two books were made from and the pics they used in the beginning of the movie. I was dropped in second phase from 248 for a bullshit weird as fuck incident that happens out on town on a Saturday night and I will not even get into the deal with that.there were others involved and I refused to rat them out, thought it was just another test. Most of my friends from 239 went to team three. After the navy I went to commercial diving school and now am a welding inspector both underwater and on land on towers power plants and refineries. I don’t recall ever claiming to be a team guy. But the way the autocorrect keeps fucking me trying to write this message on this bullshit phone. I don’t know what happened. I go after phonies all the time like what your doing to me but I never claim that I got my bird ever. I was like the Van Wilde of buds. I even have my old instructors on here as friends so this whole situation. Makes no fucking sense at all. My story of not getting my bird is better than had I gotten it anyway. Any I got both my hellweek bibles here if you don’t be live and if you want we can go through the Only Easy Day Was Yesterday and The Severist School page by page and then I can show you the pics of me I. The movie. But I never claim to be a frog someone hacked my shit or is fuck I g with me and having a good laugh. P.s I haven’t talked about buds in years so this is all very fucking weird. I also got a call from one of the Phantoms about two months ago weird as fuck I don’t what that was about either. I called her out right away muscle memory I guess lol and then she started talking normal answerd some questions that proved she was legit. And new things about the night of the incident. Which really weirded me out.” “12 years after the fact”.

      • bombstopr says:

        I suggested he come here and straighten it out, Here is his reply: I will once I figure out what the fuck happend. I think it had something with the phantom calling me out of the blue. I ASSUME YOU Know about the phantom. It. Was weird she knew shit about the night out in town. It’s always been a mystery to me to this day. Basically we were all out in town and I got accidently ruffied. By one of my classmates. I drank the wrong beer. When I. I knew I was gonna be dropped and the instructors. Were pressuring. Me. To rat. Out. The other guilty parties I refused thinking well shit I’m not going to make it someone has too.. To fuck up these other guys getting there birds. Basically took one for the team. And still did not know the whole story about who was trying to do what that night and why. The timing of this bullshit is crazy. It’s like some one is still scared. That I might talk. Which I won’t. But yes I was in Buds for fucking ever!!!!! Completed he’ll week twice and first phase start to finish 3 times. They made me start hellweek with 248 but pulled me out and rolled me forward. You can check the log book at bull shirts for that. I’m no faggot ass bell ringer I had no. Problem with anything at buds. But being there that Long is how I’m friends with all of these guys including the ones that have died a. Lot of the guys that were killed were going through buds the same time as me. Shane Patton and Marc Lee were in 239 with me Marc quit during 239s hellweek and came back with another class years later and made it through. So somebody’s up to some shit. And I’m going to figure out who and why
        And when I went to my board all the Seals there vouched for me to stay. The CMC of Nab override them for me to. If you have any question s about my character contact Johnny Hoffman. On the morning after the incident me and him were riding around in his Bronco and kicking in doors. Looking for my wallet and. Military id. It. Was pretty crazy and probably highly illegal lol. He was a master chief instructor at the time. He went all out to. Bat for me..And if you are worth your salt you damn well know who he is.

  5. bombstopr says:

    My reply: “Whatever. You put it out there that you started BUDs with class 239 then came back with class 246 (Never said you didn’t graduate). When asked what team you were with you said 3. You call yourself a frogman. Then with all the name dropping etc That’s the info that is out there and why folks say you falsely claim to be a SEAL. No one said you do not know SEALs nor was not at BUDs. Just that you were not a frogman and never at SEAL Team 3; both of which you claim. So, it;s all there at the site. If you think it’s wrong go there and state it. There are plenty of SEALs there too.”
    Then he said this: “Well I don’t know what. The. Fuck it is. Or where it’s from I. Attack phonies all the time I’ll figure it out. I always put out. That I never. Got my bird had I gotten it it 239 I would have wound up. On three. Must have been a misunderstanding or. Mis type from my drunken black out days that. Are long behind. Me”

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