Dennis Pasquale, Fake SEAL, Fake Veteran


02/18/2018 by tangomike147



Dennis floats around Georgia and Spring Hill Florida as a wanna-be-biker. He has the bike, the American Legion shirt, and great story. Dennis claims to be a Navy SEAL. He has the hat, Facebook pictures, and tattoo.


SEAL Team Six and I am assuming Bull is what he wants to be called. SYLO stands for Support Your Local Outlaws. I hope for his sake he is not trying to get close to them by lying about who he is. This is the second guy claiming to be a SEAL wearing a SYLO patch I have found in the last couple months. The other is for a future blog, stay tuned.



That SEAL Trident tattoo is huge.



He has the leather vest with Trident patch



Wanting to take the country back one hot-wing at a time. Right after a class on how to spell the rank he claims. 



Legion Rider 304. Wonder if he is faking membership or the DD214 


We started by checking with the UDT/SEAL Archives and found that his name was mysteriously absent. We requested his records through a Freedom of Information Request and the response follows.  



I would seem that there is no record of him having served in the military. Since this investigation started Dennis locked down his social media pretty good so I can’t share any links. You all will have to freestyle. 

5 thoughts on “Dennis Pasquale, Fake SEAL, Fake Veteran

  1. […] partners at Military Phonies send us their work on this Dennis Pasquale fellow. I thought about just posting the above picture […]

  2. rob says:

    Seal …legionaire…and not even in service…wow I suppose if u are going to lie….don’t hAlf step

  3. Thear shit-sucking weasles just keep coming in by the dozens every day???? What can I do to further aid and assist Military Phonies other than the paultry donation I sent?

    Semper Fidelis

  4. Stephen Allen says:

    Man it must be very hard to lie so much without being called out. I caught one where I work at the V.A. The other day. Wearing a trident and a Chief insignia. Since I am a retired Navy Chief Naval Aircrewman. I asked this dude? What Buds class he graduated from. He said there was not a Buds class when he was enlisted in Vietnam. Then I asked him what year he made Chief. He said he was not a Chief. So right there in the hallway I yelled at him to take the Chief Anchor off and the trident off his cap. Oh I asked him what BUDS meant as well. He did not know. Then he took off running. Pissed me off. AOC NAC/AW USN Retired.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    He’s from the one-man per ship* space navy of planet Zibrodeia, and his rank was rilly luiteniente commodoor.

    *No Zibrodeian ship can lift off with more than one of him aboard.

    Luitenient = should be spelled luiteniente, and it’s the 3rd to last lowest rank in the Zibrodeian Commode.

    There are no SEAL teams in the Zibrodeian Commode, but there are beeyatched whales as well as Giant Squids that would make Earth’s giant squids look puny. The Zibrodeian Commode is proud of its attention to details in engineering such things as piping, flushing, and refilling tanks.

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