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02/19/2018 by militaryphonies

Daniel Clay Cheatham aka Clay Cheatham from Liberty Kentucky  works as a massage therapist and  wrote the following biography for himself.  


Served as a Corporal in the 75th Army Rangers. Where he broke his back in the line of duty.


 Mr Cheatham’s military service record was requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

 Mr Cheatham spent 6 months, 27 days at Ft Benning GA during Basic Training.  According to his 2-1 file, he did not graduate from Basic Training. There is no evidence to support Mr  Cheatham’s claim of serving with the 75th US Army Rangers. Mr Cheatham was also discharged as a PV2 (E-2) instead of Cpl. (E-4)


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2 thoughts on “Daniel Clay Cheatham US Army Ranger, Blog Of Shame

  1. Wilted Willy says:

    I think he meant to say he was with the law firm of Dewy, Cheatem and Howe!
    You sir are a lying sack of shit. I didn’t know whales could do yoga? How did you break your back, carrying too many trays at the buffet line? Go back in your miserable hole you pole smoker!

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