Kelly Martin Silveria – Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Wounded in Action (Purple Heart)


12/08/2017 by hombrerana1221

Kelly Martin Silveria comes to us from Terrebonne, Oregon.  Kelly claims the “First Vietnam, Navy Seal” and “Wounded in Action” on his Facebook page.   Kelly claims to have been in Vietnam in November of 1968.  He loves to wear the Navy SEAL Insignia on his vest and all his wedding pics.




Hey look who got married and had to sport his Trident so everyone can see, I bet those Wedding pics are allover the house.  Something he can always remember, a true romantic…



But wait there is more, he can’t go out in public without that Trident or to meet others in Harley Group (Central Oregon Chapter).




The only thing that would make him a bit more legit is a Gigantic Trident on his hat, you know the ones you order on Ebay since no Real SEAL would or could ever wear one as dumb as those.  They are considered more of an advertising billboard that says “Hey look at me I am a Navy SEAL, no seriously a true Navy SEAL just don’t ask me questions because I am classified and can’t discuss my secret mission unless we are drinking then I’ll tell you all the people I’ve killed and the amazing missions I have done” 




This turd claims having PTSD and states the following “While I was at the military, being out on detachment, being away from my family for nine months at a time, I did four tours in Vietnam. My last tour I got shot, so therefore after I got out of the service, it was really hard on my family. I had what they call Post-Traumatic Stress syndrome from being shot and my family had to learn how to deal with me all over again because of anger issues and those kinds of things that take place when you’ve been in a war.”  I think the only thing he said was correct in the story was his age.







After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives, the Naval Special Warfare Center and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Kelly Martin Silveria ever completing BUD/S Training or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

Kelly Martin Silveria ’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Based on Kelly’s summary sheet, he did just over 3 years, 11 months, 24 days of active service.  Kelly was discharged as an E-4, AO3 (Aviation Ordnancemen).  His service record shows No BUD/S, no SEAL Team.  No Purple Heart (Wounded in Action).  He wasn’t in Vietnam in November of 1968, he wasn’t even in the Navy then. 




Central Oregon Harley Owners



21 thoughts on “Kelly Martin Silveria – Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Wounded in Action (Purple Heart)

  1. Adam Webber says:


  2. tangomike147 says:

    Looks like the Central Oregon Harley Owners Group is blocking comments for this guy. I hope that does not mean they don’t mind stolen valor in the ranks

  3. Rick T. says:

    Well it looks like fucknuts has scrubbed his Facespace page. Hey Silveria, you claim to be “clean and sober since 1992”. I might have a little familiarity with the program, I would refer you to step 10 and 12. But it’s probably too much to ask you phoney fucker.

    • tangomike147 says:

      He still claims SEAL on his About page

      • tangomike147 says:

        And…. Still all over the wife’s page. That’s the sad part really

      • Rick T. says:

        It really is pitiful and pathetic when they fool a spouse. Looks like they got married not that long ago, if she isn’t familiar with the military it would be easy to sell her on the big lie. Wonder what other lies he’s told her.

  4. hombrerana1221 says:

    It’s a sad day when Central Oregon Harley Owners Facebook page is hiding a fake SEAL by deleting posts and blocking people

  5. tangomike147 says:

    Maybe he will show up here and explain himself. Some have the balls to do so and let’s face it, he claimed SEAL and Purple Heart. That’s balls

  6. Paul Dragos says:

    Asshole brings disrespect to all Aviation Ordnanceman everywhere. Had a good service record, but I guess loading bombs isn’t cool enough for some guys. I just don’t get this.

  7. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    He’s a certified cocksucking assclown that caught “teh PTSD”

  8. […] partners at Military Phonies share their work on this fellow, Kelly Martin Silveria who claims that he was wounded as a Navy […]

  9. James D Watson IV says:

    HMMMM !!! Vietnam in 68. My Dad James Patches Watson went over in Nov 68. That means he would’ve went with him in Team 2. Funny though my Dad was back in 6mo, like all the other tours he did except the second one when he was hit and came home ealry. They only did 6mo at a time. I’ve never known a Seal doing 4 tours. But what do I know

  10. arhauptiii says:

    Gee, both his personal Facebook page and the Harley Owner Group Facebook page have gone poor for some reason.

  11. KJ says:

    I know where he lives. He is my very soon to be ex-husband. I had no idea he was a liar and a fake, until recently.

    • Rick T. says:

      so sorry to hear that ma’am. Hopefully you got out before it cost you too much.

      • KJ says:

        I’m out, but time will tell on how much it costs….in many ways.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      I am sorry to hear and we at militaryphony wish you the best in the future.

    • Wilted Willy says:

      So sorry Ma’am, my pos brother has done the same thing to his wife, Shirlee. You can read his sordid story on this website, search David “Doc” Shrum. His poor wife still believes all of his BS because he has kept her away from the family for many years. His lies mean more to him than anything else, including family, mother and father and brothers. He will suffer someday for all the pain he caused. You have my prayers and I’m glad you found out sooner rather than later! Keep your purse handy and locked up!

  12. Twice Knox says:

    He tried joining the same motorcycle club I’m in a couple years ago. At that time I guess he wasn’t a Navy Seal, but he was a 2 time silver star and 2 time bronze star recipient. We called him out on it because you could just tell he was a liar. I researched the star awardees names and low and behold his name was no where to be found. Let me grab my shocked face. I told him at our club campout gathering to prove it to us because I thought he was a liar….he never showed back up. LoL
    Loser with a capital L! If this dudes lips are moving he’s lying, do not trust him for shit.

  13. Tony Army Master Blaster says:

    What an ass-hat! Guys like this never cease to amaze me.

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