Papotia “Reggie” Wright, Green Beret… NOT!!


12/01/2017 by militaryphonies

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We were sent Reggie a few months ago and had his records within 4 days. We knew before we had his records that he was no Green Beret. One of our investigators (Brian) actually talked to “CSM” Wright on the phone. Reggie told him that he was given permission by SWC @ Ft Bragg, to use the term 8th Special Forces Regiment. We can’t find anybody at Bragg to agree with that statement. Also, Reggie has not shown us the email from Ft Bragg allowing him to use the term. We called their…

Source: Papotia “Reggie” Wright, Green Beret… NOT!!

2 thoughts on “Papotia “Reggie” Wright, Green Beret… NOT!!

  1. John M. Griffin, MAJ SF, USA RET. says:

    I need to prove that a former National Guardsman did not earn a CAB nor Air Assault badge and is not an SFC …. Can you please help me. I have his particulars.

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