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09/14/2017 by militaryphonies

Joseph Offutt comes to us from Garland Texas. Where he claims that he was a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. 


In the text message shown below, Mr Offutt tells one of our sources that his dd-214 isn’t available to the public because of something that happened with his superiors. He claims that he was fired from his job. Which is an unusual remark for an enlisted Marine to make. Discharged would be the proper word a Marine would use. He also claims that no one knows his real name and date of birth (DOB).


In the next text message, Mr Offutt not only tells what his ” alleged ” actual name is. He also tells our source that he was a Corporal ( Cpl. ). 

After this exchange took place. Mr. Offutt decided to use a fake account on Facebook in order to send one of our sources bits and pieces of what is supposed to be Mr. Offutt’s dd-214







Block 1. Please note the different fonts and typing lines between Allen and Jenkins. Also All dd-214’s start off with the Veterans last name, then first name and finally middle name. Mr Offutt made the claim to our source that his real name is Joseph Allen Offutt – Jenkins. If this was true, ” Jenkins ” would be the first name in box 1. Also please note in box 4A and 5 Mr Offutt claims that he is a Cpl with an E-4 pay grade scale.



In this portion of the dd-214 that My Offutt sent to our source, He is claiming in box 16 that he was treated for Rectal Trauma and for Depression. This is the first time that we at Military Phonies have ever seen any part of a Veteran’s medical files on their dd-214. Other than the dental hygiene check that is performed  at your discharged physical. We blocked out Mr Offutt’s home address and signature. As the address was the same that was found on the address trace that we performed. 

In the next portion of the dd-214 that Mr. Offutt provided, He graciously left his Social Security Number. Which we blocked out of course. Box 12 on this portion, Mr Offutt claims that he entered active duty  on June 20, 2011 and was discharged on February 11, 2013. giving him approximately one year and eight months on active duty. ( Large arrow ). Under that where it shows total amount accumulated this period, it shows fourteen days. ( small arrow )    

Actions performed by Military Phonies;
With the information which Mr Offutt was  so nice to provide, We performed a single records search with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). We first used his DOB. Then we added his SSN. The results were the same.

Using the SSN that Mr Offutt provided, we also check the Combat Action Ribbon(CAR) database to see if Mr Offutt had ever earned the CAR or Humanitarian Service Medal (HSM). The results were negative.

Having collected this amount of evidence, Military Phonies then filed for Mr Joseph Offutt’s Military Service record under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
Shocked? Yes, we were too. This is perhaps the quickest Entry Level Separation from Active Duty on record.  Also note  the difference between the dd-214 provided by Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) and the bits of dd-214 that Mr. Offutt provided.
Summary and conclusion;
With the information and evidence provided by our sources and Mr. Joseph Offutt himself. We can confirm that Mr Offutt did not serve on Active duty in the Marine Corps for one year and eight months. Nor did he earn the rank of Corporal. He served for 14 days total. His Delayed Entry Program ( DEP) status was the only thing listed in Box 16 ( remarks). The information seems to be missing any type or Rectal Trauma that Mr. Offutt claims.   








72 thoughts on “Joseph Offutt, US Marine, Blog of Shame

  1. Bret Morgan says:

    Well, I bet he has rectal trauma now…

    • Joseph Offutt says:

      Your face is about to have rectal trauma all over it

  2. Clay More says:

    “he was treated for Rectal Trauma and for Depression”

    If I got fucked in the ass by my Superior’s, my butt-hole would definitely be traumatized, and, oh, hell yeah, the depression would be large.. Good luck.. … ..Clay

  3. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    This phony clown does not even qualify for the title of “Turd”. He is a delusional liar unworthy of further discussion. Another great job performed by those who work so hard to weed out these posers and phonies!

  4. Christie Sailors Ingram says:

    I tried to tell everyone he was phony and so many people came to his defense. Jokes on you lmao

  5. Taylor Burleson says:

    I was the one that got a copy of his fake dd214. Here is my phone call with him catching him in his lies.

    • Mr. Burleson, We would appreciate if you would remove or change the banner that you are showing on that image. That banner is the sole property of They get a little feisty when someone uses their material. ~ Scotty

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        Listen chump joking about sexual trauma is disgusting and will not be tolerated in the USA. Seriously you got out in 1984 seriously move on with your life that was 32 years ago. I bet you also warmed the bench on your high school football team.

        I also never claimed to be a emt. I guy can wear a stethoscope if he wants and there is a logical explanation for it. Whats your explanation for still trying to live out your glory days? Giant homo.

    • Joseph Offutt says:

      WTF, this is Joseph Offutt and I never had this phone call with him. Never once sent a fake DD214 or claimed to be a vet or have rectal trauma. This is all crazy people trying to bash me and bring me down when I am a find upstanding citizen for no reason! A bunch of chodes is what they are!

      I admit I did enlist but was sent home due to failing the drug test at basic. Not my proudest moment but I manned up. The individual who faked this phone call is about to have to answer to me myself and I because this slander is crazy. I am an upstanding gentleman who has never lied because I cannot tell a lie.

      • DAWN WALTERS says:

        Hey Joseph, do you remember me from fb? I’ve been asking about you because it seems like when all this came out, to me at least, you disappeared. Why? I’ve just been wanting to talk with you about the things that’s been going on in this whole patriot movement. Hit me up on fb or something.

      • You cannot tell a lie? Are you a licensed, or ever been licensed EMT in the state of Texas Mr Joseph Offutt?
        Also Marines go to Boot Camp. Not Basic Training.

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        Listen here Scotty you general discharge chump. Word on the street Scotty you got booted with a BCD and cried to get it upgraded and you were a crappy Marine. Did one enlistment and live on that 4 years of glory til you die. Congratulations Scotty you are a giant douche nozzle you never achived anything in your civilian career except sitting in WVA being a loser. I would rather have been booted out after a few days in BC than have a BCD on my record and be known as a turn in the Marine Corps community.

        I never claimed to be an emt.

      • How does one get a General Discharge upgraded from a Bad Conduct Discharge? OTH maybe, but never a General. BTW Chump, I have an Honorable discharge. Given to me on my ETS date June 15, 1984. You are more than welcome to file for my service record. You wouldn’t be the first dirtbag that I’ve called out try that tactic.
        I also have a screen save of you claiming to be an EMT in the state of Texas. You know? The one of you sitting in the back of an ambulance with a stethoscope draped around your neck. Yea, you flunked that sniff test also.
        Don’t try your stupid ass lies here Junior. You’ll only get your “Rectal Trauma” ass even more depressed.~ Scotty

      • No Name2 says:

        You didn’t fail a drug test at basic, you bitched out even your old recruiter said so, when you got back you told your family and friends you saw someone kill themselves and you told everyone you were raped and lots of people can vouch for that. Pick a fucking story because I also know you never did drugs but you sure as shit must being doing them now. omg stop lying you got caught. ALSO that is 100% your voice and anyone who knows you can attest to that fact. Is this all you can do?? Just lie and lie and lie? I cant wait for the bikers you stole from to find you and beat your ass. Upstanding citizen HAHAHAHA you’re a lying piece of shit who finally got caught. You’re a disgrace to your family who has many veterans in it.

  6. Well? As for the rectal trauma, the DI’s probably told him to go Fk himself and he was just following orders?

  7. Tara Herriven' says:

    This punk has lied, scammed hard working Americans in the name of patriotism and sadly using the fallen Dallas officers deaths to scam thousands of dollars.
    He was aired on Fox News, in newspapers saying he was a Marine.
    The truth always comes out. Glad this phony has been exposed

  8. […] partners at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, Joe Offutt. His Marine Corps service isn’t available to […]

    • Trent Hargrove says:

      I find it funny that my comment has not been approved for this post and I have screenshots to prove that been submitted starting to feel like the real phony is the person behind the site

      • Your comment wasn’t approved because this is the first time that you’ve commented here. No one monitor’s this site 24/7. As for you calling the Admins and investigators ” phonies “? I take that as a direct insult to the work that we do. Everyone on our team has served in the military. You can post an apology to Military Phonies before your original comment will be approved..~ Scotty.

  9. No name says:

    I hung out with him many times. Even at his house with his family. He went outside for something so I talked to his mom. She was telling me he never served. He was very emotional about it. He’s threatened my friends and my life more than once. I use to be good friends with him, but after he accused me of trying to talk to his side chick and then saying of I ever talk to her again he would slit my throat I stopped talking to him. He is crazy.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      What? The little pussy likes to threaten people? Those are my favorite kind of pussies. Here pussy, pussy, pussy…I fucked bigger men than him in prison.

      • No name says:

        He’s a small dude. I just heard today he stole some money from some bikers. Like a lot of money. That’s why no one can find him on fb. He changed his name. I’m not putting his name out there though even though I hate him. That money was for a good charity too. What a bastard.

  10. Heart and Soul says:

    Why would you allow there to be comments if you can’t handle someone giving their free speech.

    If that’s their opinion in which I’m going to assume you’re an adult, it shouldn’t gauge whether or not you approve someone comment.

    If people can’t exercise their rights on here then why the hell are you guys doing this? Because if it just makes you feel good to embarrass and shatters someone else’s false reality, then there’s a problem…

    But lies don’t affect people. If he wants to lie let him lie. It’s when he becomes dangerous to the public is when it matters.

    • Everyone who comments for the first time has to be approved by an admin. Only once do they have to be approved. We monitor all comments though to be sure that no threats are made towards to person being exposed for their lies. ~ Scotty

  11. TheBeast says:

    Not cool bro. I knew this guy he talked about his time in Afghanistan said it was horrifying.

  12. Dawn Walters says:

    Why would anyone want to lie about serving in the military like that? I do have a question maybe someone could answer, on one of the forms it says 12 days but in the comments it says 7months 14 days? Why the difference? Maybe I’m just reading it wrong since I’ve never actually studied one. I think this is the most shameful way to represent yourself and a slap in the face to real veterans. I’ve been wondering where he went to because I’ve talked to him a few times and now he’s just vanished???

  13. ExGirlfriend says:

    I don’t know who did this or who is in charge of this. but i would absolutely love if they messaged me personally!

    • No name says:

      Ex girlfriend I’m sorry you dated such a POS. In the short time I knew him, there wasn’t a time when he didn’t have two or three or even four girls he was dating.

      • ExGirlfriend says:

        believe me, i know. someone should have punched me and woke my ass up.

      • No name says:

        He threatened me because I was friends with one of his “girlfriends” on Facebook. I’m still friends with her. Never talk to her though.

      • ExGirlfriend says:

        He’s a compulsive liar who doesn’t do shit but live off of his grandparents. Breaks my heart for his daughter. He’s not man enough to be a dad to that baby girl.

      • No name says:

        See I didn’t even know he had a kid. That just makes it worse. I know he dated a girl with some kids. She was a cool girl. But I didn’t know he had one. I haven’t seen or heard from him in almost 2 years? I can’t remember.

      • ExGirlfriend says:

        She’s still a baby. Like 6 months old now.

      • barbara1126 says:

        No need to hit yourself too hard over this, ExGirlfriend. These POSers deceive a lot of women…it is in their nature to do so. Find a POSer, and most likely you’ve found a sociopath/pathological liar. That’s what these accounts show.

  14. Taylor Burleson says:

    He is now going around claiming I’m the one who owns this website and that I’m a neo-nazi and that he saw a swastika flag in my room but he’s never stepped foot in my house.

    • TheBeast says:

      Taylor I met this Joseph randomly. He saw my Purple Heart plates on my car and said he had a few of those. Got to talking and realized he had no clue what he was talking about. When asked where he was in Afghanistan he said Kabul. Well Kabul is the safest place in Afghanistan.

      After a few beers I just let him talk but always knew he was full of it. I’m medically retired and only did 3.5 years when I told him I’m retired he asked how can I be retired if I didn’t serve 20. I told him everyone knows about medically retiring. Guy after first glance is nice but I always knew he was a fraud and just let him talk.

  15. ExGirlfriend says:

    Joseph’s drill instructor called his recruited his SECOND day into training, because Jospeh was crying, saying he just couldn’t do it.

    • Joseph Offutt says:

      More like I called that azz and tapped it.

      • arhauptiii says:

        So, how many times did your DI bust a nut in your ass in two days, phony?

      • Steve says:

        You truly are a class act. You can’t come back with something more intelligent than that to insult someone. I truly hope that the link to this page as been sent to the elections board there in Texas. I’m sure the voters would love to know what kind of person you truly are.

    • Joseph Offutt says:

      Arhauptii i busted a nutt on yo mommas face. She loved it I also might be your new step dad.

      Also Steve its fucking funny and seems most you guys can dish it but cant take anything other than a dick.

      • arhauptiii says:

        aw- it’s so cute that you think your mere words could hurt me. Tell me, do you have anything other than “yo momma” jokes? ‘Cause, I got to tell you- it ain’t working out for you too well….. unless you’re trying to make yourself look like even more of a pathetic loser than you already have by lying about your service

      • Steve says:

        What exactly is there to take? You talking about busting a nut on our mommas’ face? Or that you might be our new step dad? Please, dude you seem to be missing one thing here. Everyone of us have honorably served in the military. Everyone of us continue to maintain that honor. You have disgraced yourself by trying to proclaim yourself out to be something that you are not. The facts are this:


        Those are the facts!

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        Steve, you are just a giant tool and a chump. You did not serve honorably because you are a giant tool. I never lied about my service, and how can i be a douche bag if you are the douche factory?

        Steve you are nothing but a whiny little girl who cries. I bet you have lied about your service to people. I am big Joe and I do not lie. I rule you drool get over it chode.

      • Steve says:

        I think I will believe what the good folks at Military Phonies has dug up on you and that proves that you lied about your service. You are more than welcome to have a look at my military record and anything your little heart desires to see that I have not once lied about my service. Every medal or ribbon in my shadow box were earned and are properly recorded in my record. So, your little tirade does not bother me in the least. And as I’ve stated before you really aren’t that big of a person if the only insults you can come up with are talking about one’s mother. You call yourself Big Joe, more like Big Loser!

      • arhauptiii says:

        Tell you what, Joe- you want all this to go away? Post proof you actually served….. real proof, not your poorly-doctored crap you’ve already tried to use. I mean, surely you have some real proof, don’t you? Until you prove us wrong, all you have is but mere words.

  16. Phil Millard says:

    Of course he has “rectal trauma”…anyone that takes it up the shitchute like this POS is bound to have rectal trauma.

  17. Joseph Offutt says:

    Little scotty, I am accusing you of stolen valor. You claimed to be a combat veteran I have a screen shot of you claiming to be a legit combat vet. Prepare scotty

    • *Yawn*. You do understand that I’ve been vetted by every Stolen Valor site on the world wide web. Plus I’ve been accused of everything imaginable from dirtbags like you who’ve been caught lying about their service record. Nothing surprises me for you wannabe’s anymore. What is your attorney’s name and address? I’ll go ahead and contact him since that will probably be your next tactic. You’re following the chapters of Stolen Valor tactics 101 to the tee. My glory days never ended as I accomplished something you couldn’t. An honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps. See you at the VA center chump.Oh wait, you won’t be there because you’re NOT a Veteran. Sucks being you loser.

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        Lol yeah your glory days ended as lance criminal sorry but 4 years of service and still cant move on from something 32 years ago. Text book loser. Did you go to college? no! Did you achieve anything after the military? no! You are a text book loser. Sorry Scotty you are just a loser who has achieved mediocrity.

      • Mr Offutt, Is there a logical reason why you and your parents have the same address? Let me guess, you’re their caregiver?

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        My address is the same as yo mommas scotty. I am your new step daddy.

      • Wow, That a real mature answer to my question Joseph. I’m almost Rectal Traumatized over it.

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        Mature like yo momma. Yeah notice on a google search how this website doesnt even come up when I google my name hahaha nice try turd. I win

        BTW pleas send your resume scotty would love to see what you have achieved since leaving the military 32 years ago. Aside from a few arrests and sucking off John Lilyea. I bet he likes your mouth out in west virginia

      • Yep, You’re still stuck in Chapter one of POSer tactics 101. Insults and threats are where most wannabe’s start out. Unlike you, we a military phonies don’t suffer from rectal trauma (butthurt). But then we don’t lie about our service record here either.

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        If you want to see all I have achieved I am running for City Council numb nutts see ive done something good for my community all you have done is sniff butt holes.

      • Steve says:

        Excuse me Mr. Offutt. I’d like to ask a question if I can. Why is it that in your comment on 9/26 at 11:37 you said you never claimed to be an EMT, however in the article you posted the link too regarding you running for city council it states you work in Emergency Medical Services for the last 2 years while volunteering with the Anna Fire Department. Isn’t Emergency Medical Services EMT’s? So, you are claiming to be something that you are not. I know I am relatively new to following this page and the TAH page, but I can definitely say that these guys do their homework before they post anything. I am positive the last thing they want to do is ruin the reputation of an honorable veteran. So, if your name is here then Sir, you are a douche and need to just shut up and face the fact that you got caught in your lies and now. Also when googling your name it does show up with your stolen valor. Have a nice day you fucking prick!

      • One thing that I hope Mr Offutt learns from all of this. A honest man doesn’t have to remember.

      • Steve says:

        Now I am really confused Mr. Offutt. You posted that link to your page about running for Garland city council for District 8, but the guy who is currently the councilmen for that district was just elected in May 2017. The page you posted clearly states at the top Offutt2017. Sounds like more bullshit from the guy with “Rectal Trauma”. Trying to hide the fact that he couldn’t cut it in the military and decided to run away like a little bitch!

      • Joseph Offutt says:

        BS Steve it shows up on page 6 or 7 nobody looks at these crappy sites anyway. I am going to run for city council again during the next election. And steve you clearly cant ready must be all the dick you suck. “in Emergency Medical Services for the last 2 years while volunteering with the Anna Fire Department” Never once said I was a certified EMT. You are clearly just dumb.

      • Steve says:

        Actually it shows up on the very first page of a Google search. So apparently I am not as dumb as you think. I think I am going to make sure that the voters of Garland, TX know who exactly they will be voting for during that election. You know for someone who is offended by “Rectal Trauma” you sure do talk about taking dick a lot. So maybe it is something that you enjoy. I don’t know apparently I am just dumb, however I am not dumb enough to run around town spouting off that I am something that I am not. My children can and are proud of my service because I did it with honor and I continue to live up to that honor. I don’t tarnish it by embellishing what I did in the military. However, I guess that is a mute point with you since you never actually served because you couldn’t cut it. At least I can say I could considering I served for many years.

    • Joseph Offutt says:

      The only thing I have ever cut is yo mommas ass from giving it to her from behind. I also never claimed to be an EMT I just worked in the field as a volunteer. You clearly cant read steveo. But I will let you read deez nutts.

  18. Construimus, Batuimus says:

    So, he is running for City Council? This is one of the reasons why public don’t trust the politicians. Another FRAUD is running for office to waste tax payer’s money.

  19. Steven P Ristvedt says:

    I have a brother-in-law that is a police officer with the city of Garland I bet he would love to run in to this special little snowflake.

    • Joseph Offutt says:

      I have yo momma in Garland who I bet would love some of that big juicy D. I rule you drool. FTW

  20. Claymore says:

    There is a “Joseph Offutt” at his Garland address, that “Volunteered to Surrendered” his “Interior Design” license”.. Is there a school in the military for “Interior Design”..? What MOS would that be..?.. … ..Claymore

  21. Erin says:

    OMG! Joseph Allen Offutt how on God’s green earth can you move on with this endless tirade of fairytales as long as you keep defending it? If you want any kind of life you need to stop with this unbelievable montage of you repudiating people who have uncovered the truth. STOP IT! Get off of social media! I am sick and tired of going to bed at night and wondering if my parents will be killed because of your pathetic bullshit. We all know you didn’t cut it in the Marine Corps. There’s a lot worse things in life than not cutting it in basic training however there’s no excuse for lying about it. It’s time to grow up and move on!

    • josseph Offutt says:


      Shut up nobody is going to get your parents killed. You need to get a life you sack of crap.

  22. Hell with joseph says:

    Fake ass motherfucker be a shame if that marine tattoo were removed off your arm.

    • Hell with joseph says:

      Sad it really fucking is knowing I used to stand with u till you turned your back on us. If it weren’t for me showing up at northpark mall that day with my truck and flags creating a scene, you never would have made it to be shit. They only talked to u because we didn’t want shit to do with it acting like were some group and shit.

      You should just stay invisible like u have been since this came out about u and forget u exist. Made me look like a fool trying to defend someone who can’t open his mouth without lieing.

      Gooday sir

      Ps you don’t deserve to wear that tattoo you have of the marine symbol. That’s a disgrace

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