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Billy Edward Webb comes to us from Salt Lick, KY.  Military Phonies became aware of Billy from articles and posts that say he was a Retired Navy SEAL and attended BUD/S class 116.



So far so good, looks like he might be legit since his Facebook Page has the standard Navy SEAL motto “The only easy day was yesterday”.



Oh, Billy went to sniper school (we think it’s sniper school, not sure what else it could be) and was taught by Gunny Holland.  Billy seems extremely humble since Gunny told his boys he (Billy) was the best.  I’m sure it’s on some sort of award, plaque or even military record.  Billy did state that the pic was NOT him, we can believe that.  He was also 100% for rounds down range practice or real (I am not sure what that means since all my rounds have always been 100% down range, it may have not hit what I was aiming for but they were still down range and not back at my guys, just saying).



Ok, I just got majorly confused, “Obviously we did not wear wings”.  Now he’s a pilot?   I’m sure it’s on some sort of award, plaque or even military record.




Above is a standard BUD/S picture, Billy talks about it being a standard end of the day in 1981 for him.  One of Billy’s friends talked about how he saw how hard “Navy Seals trained” of course Billy thanked him, no need for any type of correction.




In one of Billy’s posts, he once again speaks “Navy SEAL Talk” that on his best days he saw “the only easy day, was yesterday.”


Once we go to Billy’s Linkedin account we see he lists himself as attending BUD/S class 116… I’m sure it’s on some sort of award, plaque or even military record.







Now Billy talks about being a Naval Spec War Officer (Naval Special Warfare Officers are SEALs).  I’m sure it’s on some sort of award, plaque or even military record.




Billy once again talks his “BUDS” training…



On a Facebook page, Billy did an awesome thing by commenting on a Fake SEAL that is in this blog.  Great job Billy we can’t let these fakes get away with it.  I can only imagine what you would do with your BUD/S training, Naval Special Warfare Officer background and your sniper training since you were the best…




After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Billy Edward Webb ever being a Navy SEAL or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Billy Edward Webb’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Billy’s DD-214 lists him as a Special Operations Officer – An Unrestricted Line Officer who is a Special Operations officer by virtue of training in the EOD, DIV/ SAL, and EOM functional areas and he was NOT listed as Naval Special Warfare Officer (FYI – it would say SEAL not NSW).

Billy served in the reserves from in 1978 and 79 and received his commission on August 8, 1981.  A review of his records shows that he was NOT a SEAL, he was NOT a sniper, he never attended BUD/S and had no type of wings (jump or pilot).  He did retire as a LCDR (O-4), way to throw your Naval Career in the trash, hey but at least you didn’t go to eBay and buy the standard crap SEAL hats and shirt.  BZ Billy BZ. Now Billy will have to deal with his Webb of lies…



Billy did go to BUD/S but was only onboard for 4 days, just enough time to get his cammis, he did NOT class up. We are obtaining more information but records show if he stayed he would have been in Class 117 NOT 116


Another article in 2007 and a different author




37 thoughts on “Billy Edward Webb – Fake SEAL

  1. KillerB says:

    WHY?? Damn perfectly good record and BOOM.. he went and humped the bunk. These idiots are the hardest to understand…Now we make you famous just like you wanted, except not HOW you wanted it.

  2. Over-educated dumbass?

  3. […] again, our partners at Military Phonies send us their work on another SEAL, Billy Webb. Of course, in addition to being a SEAL, he was also […]

  4. I guess being an 1140 Special Operations Expendable Ordnance Management type wasn’t quite enough notariety for Billy Webb. Too bad… Soiling a good career with bullshit achievements.

  5. Billy Webb says:

    This is Billy Webb. I’m sure things can get out of hand. I will say fit the record I have never said that I was a SEAL. I get lots of News paper and Tv show stuff done on me and I very directly point out that was a Special Operations Officer, not a Spec War. Media prints things and I object. Also for the record I upon commissioning in Aug 1981, my first duty station was BUDS Class 116. I have been on that grinder, rolled in that sand and been chilled to the bone. Unfortunately I blew my left knee apart on the O-course. I was offered a spot in Class117, or Navy Diving Officer School. I’ll repeat this, I have never said I was a SEAL. I have too much respect for my friends that are. I have been fortunate enough to serve with many. I cannot apologize enough for what people take out of context and how people misunderstand the difference between the OPS and WAR. If I have offended anyone, I’m sorry. But I have never personally out of my mouth said I was a Seal. I have said I tried, and I failed.

    • Why doesn’t your service record show that you attended BUD/S in 1981?

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      Explain the following:

      1) your sniper statement, rounds down range to include practice and real?

      2) your statement regarding wearing your wings, what wings?

      3) not correcting your friend about you being a SEAL?

      4) constantly using the term “he only easy day, was yesterday”?

      5) the article about being a retired Navy SEAL? Why didn’t you immediately correct it?

      6) Why did you call yourself a Naval Spec War Officer?

    • Jim Grindstaff says:

      Billy… You, yourself, claim to have been a Naval Special Warfare Officer. Check the screen capture from 14 August (above). Are you confused?

    • Michael L Maynard says:

      Funny thing. The evidence provided above shows you did actually claim SEAL training and to have been a SEAL. Perhaps it would behoove you to make that clear on your FB page, and personally out of your mouth, rather than keep deleting all the comments about you not being a SEAL. People don’t just dream up this stuff. Somewhere, sometime, someone got the notion that you were a SEAL. Someone told them you were, or perhaps you led them to believe you were without correcting them. Whether a lie by commission or omission, it’s still a lie and you knew it was. You could have corrected it at any time but didn’t. Pride goeth before the fall. It says much about your character that you refuse to correct the record on your own FB page.

      • Michael L Maynard says:

        Additionally, it would appear that you have led people to believe you were a high speed, low drag sniper type. “I was 100% for rounds down target, practice or real.” “Pic is not me. we did not have cameras where we were. CNN did not know!” and “I’m here, some are not! Enough said!” That would lead one to believe you actually had combat kills. Your record doesn’t reflect any combat deployments let alone ground deployments where you would have served as a shooter. You’re shitting all over good Soldiers like a few of my buddies who died in Iraq in 2004. It’s not something I feel a need to brag about as you did. Thankfully, I fulfilled my promise to bring my guys home. But I ended up in a wheelchair to accomplish that. You had a perfectly good and respectable career. Why did you feel the need to shit all over it?

      • Michael L Maynard says:

        Then there’s this little gem from one of your pics. “I did a 6 pack cruise on USS GUAM. Baby officer, two wars in one deployment.” Really? Which wars would that be, Mr. Webb? Grenada and Beirut as you claimed in another pic? If you can’t prove that, you will have completely pissed off a whole ‘nother bunch of Marines and Sailors. But then, sitting on a ship in the 1980s wasn’t the same as putting Marines ashore during WW2. Also, the pic where you claim Beirut and Grenada, which you admitted was from around 1985, doesn’t show a CAR.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Hey BILLY WEBB – I’m sure that things get out of hand when you run your pie hole all over the place (including the Internet) making bullshit claims about being a SEAL.

      Idiot – crapped all over a honorable career.

      • Phil Millard says:

        Billy, Billy, Billy…Do you actually expect people to believe that you never claimed to be a SEAL and that newspapers and TV news just print that sh*t for the hell of it?

        Sorry you a$$wad, you have lost all respect for any accomplishments that what was once an honorable career, by shi*ing all over yourself with self aggrandizsment. Oh how I wish the Navy could recind your DD-214 and and lock your lying POSER a$$ up.

        You are a disgrace to the uniform you once wore.

    • Yup says:

      Liar liar pants on full of crap, POS

  6. Mark Duncan says:

    Sorry Mr Webb,
    I’m not buying it. You might not have ever claimed you were a Frog, but you have implied it numerous times as evidenced by the posts in this article.
    And that is worse.
    You let that impression continue to gain awe of those who don’t know any difference, without correcting anyone and making sure the truth was known.
    As a Naval Officer, I would expect a higher level of integrity.

  7. Jim Gillen CWO4 (Retired) says:

    I would like to point out that there are Naval Special Warfare qualified Officers that are not SEALS or SWCC. I am one of those few priveledged individuals that qualified for “Additioanal Qualification Designator” AQD QK1 while serving in Special Boat Team 22 for 4 years. There are 3 AQD’s QK1, QK2 and QK3 in this designator. This designator was approved by the Navy in 2003. Requirements are to serve in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 NSW Command for a minimum of 15 months and be recommended/approved by the Commanding Officer. My DD-214 reflects Naval Special Warfare Officer although I am not a SEAL or SWCC. This definately doesn’t mean that I approve of Anyone claiming to be a SEAL or SWCC that didn’t earn the title! Contact me if you need more info on this AQD.

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      We appreciate your information and will look into it. We learn something new everyday. Thank you for your service. But just like you stated, your DD-214 reflects that, is doesn’t.

    • David Bailey says:

      This was approved in 2003? Hmmmm, I must have missed something. Was Billy a recipient of this designation after that date and because he was serving in such a capacity?

      • NECCguy says:

        He is talking about the NSWO , not the NSO designation this guy has on his DD 214.

  8. Jim McKnight says:

    I have know Billy Webb for 40 years. He is one of the finest people I know. He has served our country and is an honorable man of character. I regret that I mistakenly characterized him as a retired Navy Seal . I corrected as soon as he replied. I own this. Anything more than one excuse is a waist of all our time. I will state equivocally that Billy never told me that he was anything other than a retired Navy special operations officer. I assumed that he had completed Seal training. I had not spoke to him in 30 years since college. He is a good man and does not deserve this. Hang the blame for this on me. Jim MCKnight

    • hombrerana1221 says:

      As much as you want to defend your friend there is an article written 10 years prior to yours labeling him as a former Navy SEAL, wonder where they got this info

    • Yup says:


  9. Joel Steadley says:

    The Navy caused this problem, in part, by calling 1140’s Special Operations Officers and 1130’s Special Warfare Officers. I have to clarify this often when people ask me “Were you a SEAL?” and I have to explain “I was a real diver, not a combat swimmer” 🙂 I knew Billy when he was a JO in COMSUPRON 8 in Little Creek Virginia – His experiences as a Deep Sea Diver were significant – how this got distorted to him being a Snake Eater is beyond me…As I recall, Billy served with Mike Thornton – it is doubtful he would have told others he was a SEAL since he served with one of the best

    • Michael L Maynard says:

      You can’t lay it all on the Navy. Mr. Webb has more than his share of responsibility to take on this. Two different newspaper articles ten years apart say that he was a Seal. To this day they go uncorrected. I’m sure Mr. Webb so those articles, he was interviewed for them after all. Yet it appears he didn’t try to correct the record. Then there are his own statements about his Seal training. We know he spent a max of four days at BUD/S, yet the casual observer would think he was a bonified Seal with his talk of the training. He also talks about his ” two wars in one deployment.” And then there’s the allusion to being a trained sniper with combat kills when he makes statements such as “I was 100% for rounds down target, practice or real.” “Pic is not me. we did not have cameras where we were. CNN did not know!” and “I’m here, some are not! Enough said!” A reasonable person would assume he was a high speed, low drag boots on the ground combat veteran. Mr. Webb may not have ever told anyone he was a Seal, but it appears he also didn’t stop anyone from thinking he was.

  10. J. D Jones says:

    I served with pride under Billy Webb on the USS Guam diring Grenada and Beruit. He was Weapons Officer and a great leader. I was LPO and WCS. What you think happened through hearsay and second hand are untruths through misunderstandings. If you want to believe second hand accounts then turn on any MSM news channel and fry bigger fish. He touched many lives in a positive way. He was and is head strong and if that’s a crime then most all true leaders are. Hunt elsewhere for your cannon fodder. SMH you guys had to dig deep to try and pin this on him.

    • Skidmark says:

      Dig deep? No, no they didn’t…It’s really easy to read, you may want to do that. Did you not see his own words? Go back to top of this page and start over…reading this time.

    • Window Licker says:

      He claims he was a sniper which is straight up BULLSHIT! Only people who run a sniper program in the navy are SEALs. ONLY snipers in the navy are SEALs period.

      • NECCguy says:

        Well he did say a Gunny trained him. There are some other groups and units in the Navy that receive weapons training and yes we had guys in Iraq that were given special training from snipers,the reason was for over watch while on projects, they were called garden Angels and told not to say they are snipers. Mobile Security teams have same type training and MA’s have training on some bases for same reason. So there are troops in Navy that have had above average training in long distance marksmenship. Missions and training have changed for some in the Navy.

      • NECCguy says:

        Guardian Angels

      • hombrerana1221 says:

        You do realize he was retired pre 911, why would they send a non operator to sniper school, he talks about his rounds being down range both training and real world. There is no way to justify his lies

      • Window Licker says:

        A Guardian Angel is a generic military term used to describe a designated safety, i.e. anybody standing around armed and ready while training is going on while you are training booger eaters. 2 weeks of training on a range does not make you a Sniper. Being an “expert marksman” and having the medal and ribbon in the Navy does not make you a Sniper. Having a scoped rifle does not make you a Sniper. Being issued a match grade M-14 or an EBR for a watch position does not make you a Sniper. Having some really cool training from your friendly Marine does not make you a Sniper. Being the best shot at your command in an NECC command does not make you a Sniper..
        Like I said, the only snipers in the Navy are SEALs, period. 3 long months of training at NSW sniper course makes you a recognized Sniper. I was in prior to 9/11. Rules haven’t changed. Just because you shot a weapon a few times does not make you proficient. Webb is full of shit and is embellishing a perfectly honorable carreer by posing as something he was not.

      • Michael L Maynard says:

        “Well he did say a Gunny trained him.”

        Wow! I’ve had E-7s train me also. It doesn’t make me a sniper. Also, there’s nothing in his records that reflects such training. He leaves the impression that he was a boots on the ground sniper with combat kills with remarks such as ““I was 100% for rounds down target, practice or real.” He doesn’t have a CAR that would reflect such duty.

      • NECCguy says:

        I did not say this jack ass was a sniper nor did I say others in Navy we’re snipers, U was pointing out yes some shooting q have changed and are still changing today.there are advance shooting courses today vice when you served CAT III and CAT IV courses required for NECC and continued on training.

      • Window Licker says:

        Ummm, are you replying to me? I retired in March this year and I understand well the courses that are out there.

    • Michael L Maynard says:

      What we think happened comes from him directly. What do you say about two different articles, ten years apart, that claim Webb is a retired Seal? Did he contact the newspapers to get a correction? How did the journalists get the idea that Webb was a retired Seal? What have you to say about his comments regarding his Seal training? He never makes mention of the fact that he lasted only four days. He leaves the impression that he trained as a Seal daily. What have you to say to his comments such as “I was 100% for rounds down target, practice or real.” For real? He went down range as a shooter? “Pic is not me. we did not have cameras where we were. CNN did not know!” So he was a sniper? That’s the impression from showing a sniper in full ghillie suit. And then “I’m here, some are not! Enough said!” Those are quotes directly from his FB page. It isn’t second hand or hearsay. He wants to leave the impression that he was a high speed-low drag-boots on the ground killer. Or he’s an idiot who doesn’t realize what he’s saying and how it can be taken.

      • David Bailey says:

        I’m sorry NECC guy but I do believe that statement. I am in NECC. You said “guys have received training from snipers”. Although individuals may have received ad hoc training in many different things, are you saying NECC has deployed people in in Designated Marksman or imitation sniper responsibilities? I am an accomplished shooter, have trained with many such people. But I am not a Sniper nor Designated Marksman. What NECC commands have such designations?

    • David Bailey says:

      I’m sure that’s true. Too bad he couldn’t enjoy that instead of shitting all over it with the things he said that were not true.

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