Glenn Michael Rowe – fake Navy SEAL, fake recipient of a Silver Star and Purple Heart


09/10/2017 by hombrerana1221

Glenn Michael Rowe hails from Lehigh Acres, FL and was brought to the attention of Military Phonies by a retired Navy SEAL.  This Navy SEAL was concerned since he has never heard of Glenn.  Glenn was sporting a very nice Silver Star on his uniform.  When the retired Navy SEAL looked at pictures of Glenn he realized something was wrong.  I will say 99% of SEAL’s are not always squared away when it comes to uniforms but seeing Glenn’s uniform drew great concern considering he has jump wings over a Trident – are you kidding?  Who the hell would ever put jump wings over a Trident?  Maybe a dyslexic SEAL or a Fake SEAL.  Time for Military Phonies to check out this warriors Facebook Page (BTW it’s purged now).



Glenn makes a post regarding Senior Chief Owens (William “Ryan” Owens (March 5, 1980 – January 29, 2017), who was a decorated SEAL.  He died in the Yakla raid in Yemen, a true warrior.  Good thing Glenn’s friends know the sacrifices Glenn has made, they put Glenn in the same category as Senior Chief Owens, since of course, we assume that these must have been things Glenn told his friends.  This is only my speculation but I’m sure they were secret missions he couldn’t talk about or the people he must have killed on those secret missions to go with his Silver Star.


GR1 - Copy

Wait – is this Glenn attending a funeral in dress whites?  That’s great because there is no way you would disrespect the dead, the Navy or the SEAL Teams by lying about what you have earned.

GR2 (2)


Way to represent the Navy, Senior Chief!!!!  Bravo Zulu (this is sarcasm just in case you didn’t know because this is actually sickening)

Oh wait, you have to be a true Navy SEAL since you have a Trident tattooed on your right shoulder and you have that cool ass hat to go with it!!!




Glenn was even honored by Bay View Fire Station in Gloucester, MA, with hand painted mural with his Dress Whites, jump wings, Trident, ESWS, Silver Star, Purple Heart, etc… This is something the town can always honor him by.




After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Glenn Michael Rowe ever being a Navy SEAL or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Glenn Michael Rowe’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.



Based on Glenn’s summary sheet, he did 30 years and 17 days of active service and retired as a DKCS (I could easily insert an IC in between the DK).  DKCS is an E-8 in the U.S. Navy in the Disbursing Clerk rating.  Disbursing Clerks handle pay issues.  No SEAL rating, NO BUD/S, NO Silver Star, NO Purple Heart, NO jump wings, etc… come on, are you kidding me?  Besides serving over 30 years this incompetent E-8 didn’t even know how to square away his uniform.  Now that the SEAL Teams became aware of this certified turd, he was confronted, a post was made on his Facebook page and numerous people were NOT happy with him. 







5 thoughts on “Glenn Michael Rowe – fake Navy SEAL, fake recipient of a Silver Star and Purple Heart

  1. K Dougherty says:

    Phil Haberman is now Phil Drager. Look at his t-shirts. These are recent.

    Kristen Dougherty Paralegal

    “Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Doing the easy thing isn’t always right.”


  2. Adam Webber says:

    Love his comments, “I can’t let this go!” What a pitiful asshat. 30 years of service, the USN elevated you to Senior Chief – I know guys who never made CPO who would wipe their ass with you for disrespecting your anchor, the USN, and NSWC. What a turd. Do we all make mistakes? Duh, we’re human. That wasn’t a mistake – apparently until you were caught. Bet you never once felt bad or that you made a bad choice until – you were caught. Pathetic little man. And a DK at that! I was in the fleet ’81-’89 and know exactly what you did, where you worked. Pushing $, keeping pay records, getting payday cash from the bank and passing out pay to sailors onboard until payday went electronic.

    What a turd. Did you ever steal any money from the Navy? Someone should look into that!

    Get that *ucking tatoo removed from your shoulder!

  3. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    E-8 Glenn Rowe took a shit all over people that served and gave their lives. He crapped all over people that are CPO’s with his lies. The minute he put on that SEAL trident and the medals he didn’t earn, he lost the years of respect he earned as a member of the CPO mess.

    Screw you, GLENN MICHAEL ROWE.

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  5. JAMES STEDMAN says:

    What a shame there are more fake Seals than genuine ones. Great work here to flush yet another lying turd.

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