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09/06/2017 by hombrerana1221

Leonard Joseph Verni hails from Breaux Bridge, LA, Military Phonies was contacted regarding Leonard’s claims of being a Navy SEAL and graduating BUD/S class 108. Leonard is also known to have a FROGMAN tattooed on his right inside bicep.  We at Military Phonies were not going to investigate this since we know no one in the world that wasn’t a real Navy SEAL would ever get a Navy SEAL tattoo.  That is impossible, there is no way on God’s Earth someone would do that.  But since we had a couple of minutes to kill we decided as a group, what the hell let’s just look into it.


Well based on that video Military Phonies was satisfied he must be a Navy SEAL, well maybe a small google search on Leonard to see what he’s been up to.


Wow, he is a Doctor, I wonder what kind

Oh he is also a former Navy Seal

Can it get better?

Holy crap it does get better he’s FBI and SWAT Team Instructor.  We are at a loss of words, we are so impressed.  If I was a single girl he would be on my radar, he is just too amazing to be true.


What else does Google say?




So now Leonard lists himself as a “special operations officer in the U.S. Navy”


Back in 2011 someone questioned Leonard’s Navy SEAL qualifications on SOCNET

“An individual named Lee Verni, who works for the St Martin Sheriff’s Department in Louisiana claims to have been a SEAL. This is the information I have – he graduated from BUD/S class 108 which he said graduated in 1988”

OK Military Phonies is a bit confused – time to proceed with a full investigation…



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Leonard Joseph Verni ever being or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Leonard Joseph Verni’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.




Based on Leonard’s summary sheet, he did just over 1 year and 8 months of active service, 6 days of reserve time and got out as an E-3.  No record of Leonard attending BUD/S or being stationed at a SEAL Team.  Leonard did have Basic Damage Control Training and now that this is out he will be doing his own Advanced Damage Control (we at Military Phonies know it’s not the same but it sounded cool to say).  Based on Leonard’s age he would have been 9 when BUD/S class 108 graduated.  



21 thoughts on “Leonard Joseph Verni – Fake Navy SEAL

  1. Mark Lauer says:

    Because this sausage casing is such a dipshit, and just HAD to claim he was a SEAL, that Sheriff’s Department now has to investigate, and RETRAIN it’s deputies if needed in order to avoid being sued if anyone gets injured by a deputy using any of the techniques this Jackwagon taught them!
    I hope he gets his ass kicked by every one of those guys using the “Krav Maga” moves he taught them.

    • John says:

      We worked the same shift together for months at Broussard police department. He’s a joke. Got fired after lying about leaving SMPSO for stealing dept ammo in exchange for discounted personal gun sales. Also, fired for letting someone with a felony warrant go for narcotics info. Good riddance to this egotistical POS.

  2. barbara1126 says:

    Something is desperately wrong here. If, as stated above, the Sheriff’s Department in that town in LA has to put additional effort out to investigate and retrain deputies…this costs money. The jackass exposed should be forced to pay those costs, otherwise payment comes from the community and that is unfair. But what of the time and effort spent on exposing the poser that a service member has put in? I think that should be compensated, too, as it is legitimate work. Why should people spend their own private time (read money) to investigate and FOIA? Posing is a phenomenon, spread across military branches, and “name and shame” do not appear to stop it.

  3. Terminating says:

    He not only posed as a Navy Seal but made people think he had all of this training. He had and has a lengthy record of lies and being fired in law enforcement. He also was kicked out of ” medical school” for cheating on exams. Glad he was exposed.

  4. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot says:

    His Company Number was C108……don’t you see how he could mistake that for his BUD/S class number?????

  5. […] partners at Military Phonies shared their work on Leonard Verni, who claims to be yet another Navy SEAL. Yes, there’s a […]

  6. AASLT 11B says:

    This guy lied to so many people. This includes people who put their lives in his hands based on honor of working with another brother in arms. His lies fell apart real quick. Which is why he is now exposed!!! Thank you for the help!

  7. BB King says:

    Why did it take so long to expose him? He went and worked at all of these police agencies pretending he had experience. Guess he fooled the police themselves.

  8. Joseph SanSalvador III says:

    Somebody in Law Enforcement needs to arrest him for fraud.If he was paid for any training he conducted. Looks like the St Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office didn’t do a very good background check on this fake.Makes you wonder who else is employed with ,works for or does training for the SO.and the Academy. Somebody In Law Enforcement should be looking for this guy if he still lives in Louisiana and Law Enforcement should post this info and his photo on the internet.

  9. Joe Blow says:

    I worked with Leonard Verni(we called him Lee) for a couple of years. I never knew.

    But I also never regarded him as anything special. I was in the military. But I dont go around talking about it. Most former military dont boast or brag. So that’s a clue.

    A former HS classmate of mine went on to serve with the Navy Seals and shares NOTHING of his service. And Verni was supposedly a doctor too? Just like vehicle or a woman or an investment…..if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

  10. Honest Cop and Veteran says:

    He actually is a Dr. A chiropractor. I know him and have for a long time. He’s a very good liar, I’m talking he even fooled his wife and kids for a long time. It caught up with him in so many areas of his life. He’s a typical narcissistic sociopath. He is controlling and well seasoned at playing the victim. I’d bet money he thinks people actually buy his b.s. some do, most think he exaggerates, they’re unaware of just wrong they are. HE is a very good liar, as long as you don’t know him personally. He is a slippery snake and he has managed to damage countless lives with his deceit. He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it because he has bought into his own load of crap. Lee, you were a shitty husband, you are a shitty father, you’re a thorn in the side of all Louisiana LEO’s, and you are a disgrace… you need help…mental help! If you are that disappointed in your life and how you’ve lived it that you continue to pull these same stunts, you know the ones that got you fired and blackballed REPEATEDLY, you should do something you can be pround of. And bud, this ain’t it. Stop the shit. You aren’t fooling anyone down here anymore. Google yourself…your momma must be so proud.

    • AASLT 11B says:

      He used to sit next to me in my patrol truck talking to someone who he said was his girlfriend. Talk all sweet and ask her for things. Then you could tell the conversation was over. I’d see the phone screen turn back on (because while in an active call the screen is black) and I could see his contact list in the reflection of the window. He’d then start cussing, Yelling that she was a piece of shit and to never call anymore. Then act like he hung up. Complete fake in every aspect of his life.

      • Honest Cop and Veteran says:

        All the while probably still married to his wife. He put her through hell. His path of destruction is deep. I feel for the people he has damaged especially his kids. I know people who’ve worked with him at several parishes/city pd’s. His secrets weren’t that secret and should have caught up with him when exposed years ago; he should have never been allowed to continue employment, run teams, work slice, etc, let alone be promoted and allowed to disgrace the integrity of anyone who’s ever had the “privilege” of working with him. Did you ever call him out on it? If so you know firsthand he plays the perfect “wounded warrior”. Ironic how the perp always feels victimized isn’t it? Leopards don’t change their spots so to say and he will learn from his maker the consequences of his actions, but it’ll be too little too late.

    • barbara1126 says:

      That sounds like an apt description of so many of these posers…narcissistic sociopath, expert liar, weaving a path of destruction through the lives of those they are close to. And always playing the victim.

  11. Someone who knows says:

    As someone who has known “Lee” for many years, I can verify that people have tried to turn him in before. He actually believes his own lies enough to make it difficult to catch him in the act.
    His first (or possibly second) wife had a miscarriage and a couple weeks later he was with the wife mentioned above. He has completely ignored the child from that marriage for years. I hope something finally happens to him now that all these lies are exposed.

  12. Tu Papi says:

    Dudes been a ghost ever since.

    I know he “trains” k9 out of some place in Lafayette LA

    Anyone have a name for that place ?

  13. John says:

    We worked the same shift together for months at Broussard police department. He’s a joke. Got fired after lying about leaving SMPSO for stealing dept ammo in exchange for discounted personal gun sales. Also, fired for letting someone with a felony warrant go for narcotics info. Good riddance to this egotistical POS.

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