Benjamin Jesalva (Ben Jesalva, Bjesalva) – Navy SEAL


05/09/2017 by hombrerana1221

A report to Military Phony states that Benjamin Jesalva of Bell Gardens California claims to have been a Navy SEAL in Vietnam.  His facebook page is littered with Navy SEAL Tridents.


Clearly, he is nobody.  Oh, just a shadow!!!!!


He states “no comment due security”.  Serious?  I guess pulling random pics from the internet works for him.



Ben has a Google account with his profile stating “former navy seal”



Based on his posts and pictures claiming he was a Navy SEAL, his official records were ordered using a Freedom of Information Act request.  Ben served in the Navy from November of 1959 until December of 1968, his service records show NO Special Warfare device or assignment to a UDT/SEAL Team.  Training courses completed shows NO BUD/S.  History of Assignments was requested twice due to missing assignments from July 1967 – Dec 1968.  A search was conducted in the UDT/SEAL database and the UDT/SEAL archives for Benjamin Jesalva.  Records indicated that Ben never completed BUD/S training or never had been a Navy SEAL.


Ben’s training course shows he was a Stewardsman (SD), which was a cook and galley steward.  Could this have been what the 1992 movie “Under Siege” – Casey Ryback’s character was based on?  No, we didn’t think so either.  In conclusion, records showed that Ben was NEVER a SEAL and NEVER attended BUD/S.


Ben Google Profile


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  1. lisaannshannon says:

    Could someone please email me about a Sailor
    Claiming to be a purple heart recipient?
    I am a brain cancer patient and when I try to report using this format I get confuse
    Thank you.

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