Gary Diedrich Fake Vietnam Veteran and Fake US Navy SEAL


04/27/2017 by hombrerana1221

Gary Diedrich comes to us from Largo, FL.  Military Phonies was informed about Gary joining a private Facebook page which helps mentor young men attempting become a US Navy SEAL.  This page is run by Active/Reserve/Retired/Previous SEALs.  Below, in his profile he also claims to be a Vietnam vet. Not a Vietnam-era vet, but a Vietnam vet.




Based on Gary’s profile stating he is a US Navy Vietnam Veteran with a Trident and other awards, members of this group felt compelled to question Gary.  Gary was asked how long he had served in the Teams.  Gary was happy to state “8 years”.


So this only gets better.  Gary was asked what BUD/S class he was in.  He states “It was in 1974 and i think It was 372”.  Are you kidding me? Currently class 372 does not exist and it won’t for a few more years.  Plus “I think It was”… you can’t be serious!!!!  SEALs forget wedding anniversaries, birthdays, pin numbers, where their keys are, hell where they parked in the mall, but they will never ever forget their BUD/S class number.  Did I mention ever?  This is one of the most significant numbers ever, a bond between each and every UDT/SEAL that has ever gone through training past and present.

Gary also felt it necessary to add his own profile in VETFRIENDS



After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of Gary Diedrich ever being or training to become a Navy SEAL.

Gary Diedrich records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.


Records show that Gary served in the Navy from May 15, 1973 to May 14, 1979.  His military records shows his “A” school being an MR (Machinery Repairman) and there is NO BUD/S training.  His Command records show NO UDT or SEAL Team.  Records show that he Never served in Vietnam, nor did he earn a Vietnam Campaign Medal nor was he off the coast of Vietnam during the war.


Information provided regarding USS Shreveport:

Throughout 1974 and half of 1975, Shreveport was the flagship of the Caribbean Amphibious Ready Group and participated in various fleet exercises with the Marine Corps, occasionally also with South American Forces. In July 1975, she deployed back to the Mediterranean where she participated in a major NATO exercise involving British, Turkish and U.S. Navies. During the return trip to Norfolk in February 1976, the ship’s flag bridge was destroyed by a forty-foot wave off Cape Hatteras. Thereafter “Shreveport” returned to fleet exercises in the Caribbean until September 1979 when she began another Mediterranean deployment where she completed four major amphibious operations with various European allies.

Hard to see Gary being a Vietnam Vet!!!!

In conclusion, Gary Diedrich’s military records show that he never attended or completed BUD/S and that he was never a Navy SEAL and/or UDT.  There is no indication that he is a Vietnam Veteran.  He was not discharged as an E-5. It seems being in the “Gator Navy” providing direct support to Marines was not good enough for Gary.  He should have been proud of what he actually did do…we know a lot of salty Gator guys who are. 

Some people at the VFW Post 9272 and other local Veteran Organizations should be aware of his antics.




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  2. JimG says:

    Gary is a member of the Seminole VFW Post in FL now. No need to contact Post 9272 about him. They already know.

    • JimG says:

      Correction: the 9272 Post is the Seminole Post. I was referring to his previous VFW Post.

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