Kevin Prohaska – Fake US Navy SEAL and fake veteran


04/12/2017 by hombrerana1221

Kevin Prohaska comes to us from East Amherst, NY with the claims of being a U.S. Navy SEAL and a Captain in the U.S. Navy.  The rank of Navy Captain is 0-6 for those non-Navy types.  Kevin had made various posts to Facebook pages or other military websites claiming U.S. Navy, 1981 to 2006, 0-6, Retired, Team 3, class 118.  In Kevin’s picture, he is sporting a NSW/NSWG 1 Captain baseball cap.

Kevin posted a message to a paralyzed SEAL reaching out talking about the Trident (SEAL Insignia that is earned every day).  Stated that he was blown up and survived being “bitten” (we assume shot) three times in the sand box.



Kevin then posts to a kid’s profile stating he is a former Captain in the United States Navy, Special Operations out of Coronado, CA.  Having served in many places and had the honor to serve with many men of courage (remember this statement, it gets interesting).  Good thing he quotes a warrior’s creed.



He was on other websites stating the same story.





Kevin has since deleted his Facebook account once real SEALs had seen his post on another SEAL’s page.  The SEALs decided to contact Kevin by stating there is a class reunion for Class 118, you are going to love this.  You cannot make this up.



Kevin states it’s the wrong guy; then later states he was in Class 162, but the SEAL that contacted him was in Class 162.  Seriously, this is too funny.



Another SEAL makes contact with Kevin. Finally, Kevin decides that the gig is up…




After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of a ‘Kevin Prohaska.’

Kevin Prohaska’s records were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.





Records show that Kevin NEVER served in the military, was never a US Navy SEAL, was never a Captain in the Navy, was never blown up or “bitten” in the sand box.  Kevin did not earn the Trident.


12 thoughts on “Kevin Prohaska – Fake US Navy SEAL and fake veteran

  1. RM3 (SS) says:

    Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a fake SEAL nowdays.

  2. Ben Drake says:

    Hey Kevin, come visit the states wearing that hat you phony SOB. And to prove you are NOT former Navy, you incorrectly posted, “Fair winds and following seas”. Moron. It’s NOT, “I wish you calm seas and tail winds in your fight.”

  3. Cris says:

    “sandbox”, ‘the Nam”, “in the shi*t”, all code words for ” I saw the movie(s) and can now talk the cool talk”

  4. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, Kevin Prohaska, who claims to be a Canadian who joined Navy […]

  5. Matt Dillon says:

    Fear Faker and all who-wannabes,like Faker.

    Your actions, for whatever reason, i.e: fame, notoriety, ‘cashing in’ for discounts, whatever…knock it off. I wish some of you jokers really did take the time or effort, to serve the country, I and other Veterans, of whom, ‘willingly’ and some not so willingly, took an “oath”, that did not have an expiration date, so we get a bit cranky, when Morons like Prohacker (yeah, I spelled it wrong. Quiet!) say they did shit or spent some time in some shit hole country, trying to keep their brothers and themselves alive, all the while, everyone was trying to kill them , including the people they were there to help. Your 15 minutes of fame may get your teeth knocked out when a “Real” grunt gets his or her grubbs on you. Or in my case, God forgives, I do not. Some of us, we talk with other Vets about everything except what we did and where or with who. I wish I could forget some of it. But I can’t. Every month I have to go to prosthetics to get adjusted. I have to wear this artificial crap til I die. But I am lucky. I got to come home. Many did not. And it is for their memory, their Honor, their Sacrifices, that I do not have a problem with knocking you out or busting you up. Now go somewhere else and keep out of our business.

  6. mr. sharkman says:

    If memory serves, 162 was (Chief) Matt Bourgeois class. F this guy.

  7. ole says:

    Never heard anyone refer to their anus as a “sandbox” before. Some people are like that though.

  8. Charlie says:

    I was easily able to find a Kevin Prohaska that served in the Navy. The responses to your records request clearly state you did not provide a service number or social security number for the service member you are looking for- and as a result, the office was unable to successfully fill your request. The first person I researched, Mr. Prohaska, clearly has a service record- showing your statements here are patently false. Stolen valor is one thing- making false statements about a someone who truly did serve in the military, is even worse, and grounds for a suit.

    • We had the proper information on the sf-180 request form for his Freedom of Information Act.. The cover letter that you’re seeing from the National Personal Records Center is the standard letter they send when no records have been found. The cover letter doesn’t say that we didn’t provide the information. It states that they need that information in order to conduct a search. Which they had. We also had conformation on his SEAL claim. Which were neg. results. Now please provide proof that the Kevin Prohaska that you claimed to have found a military service recond on is the same Kevin Prohaska that we have posted on this Blog of Shame.

  9. Wilcox says:

    typical response: “grounds for a suit”

  10. Richard Prohaska says:

    My name is CWO-3, Richard Prohaska, Army Retired. 1958 – 1980. Kevin Prohaska is my brother. He never served in the miitary but was a screw up all his life. I am pissed to see him claiming to be a VET,and and former SEAL. To my knowledge he has never been out of NY State in his life. Saddens me to hear he has stooped this low.

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