Matthew Edward Allen, Fake Navy SEAL


04/11/2017 by tangomike147

Matt “Abel” Allen comes to us from Amarillo Texas. He came to the attention of the locals when a real Navy SEAL approached him at a motorcycle event he was attending. Matt was asked about the Trident he was wearing on his vest. Matt Allen claimed that he was a Navy SEAL and served on SEAL Team Six. After a bit of back and forth he was told to remove the Trident from his vest and stop claiming to be something he was not.


This would be the vest in question.


On closer inspection of the vest you see the SEAL Trident, Enlisted Surface Warfare Device, and Scuba Bubble. You also see a number of medals. They include the Bronze Star, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia), National Defense Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Purple Heart, and Good Conduct Medal. He also wears a Gulf War Veteran pin.


Here he claims 11 years of Naval service.


Claims to have lost two friends on February 6th 1990.  No SEALs were killed in the First Gulf War. There were two soldiers that did die on February 6th.  One was from California and almost 40. One was a young man from New Mexico. Matt is from Illinois. Is it possible they were his friends? It is but that would be some long odds.


So now he says fellow SEALs.


He claims 11 years of service again. Service starting in 1985


On this post he claims June 6th 1986 as his date of entry into the Navy.


Now for the tattoo. He has the Navy SEAL Trident tattooed on his chest.  Can you spot the glaring error here?



The Trident is tattooed on backwards. A mirror image of what it should look like. It is incredibly doubtful that a SEAL would screw that up. And if a SEAL did he wouldn’t post it on Facebook so his SEAL Brothers could hammer him over it.

After a quick look at the SEAL Database it was determined that he never graduated from BUD/S. We requested his records to get a better look at his service.



Matthew Allen Joined the Navy in December of 1987 and left it in September of 1992. That is 4 years and 9 months of service. He went to Operations Specialist “A” school. It seems he was an OS3 (E4) when he reported aboard the USS Chandler in September of 1990. It Shows that when he was discharged he was an OSSN (E3) with a date of rank of December 7th 1991. That would indicate he was busted and lost rank. May have been an early morning surprise attack on his stripe.

The five medals he is wearing but did not earn are the Bronze Star, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Purple Heart, and Good Conduct Medal.

He is wearing the Trident and Dive Bubble without having attended BUD/S or Dive School. He also does not have the NEC that would be awarded when those schools are completed. The Enlisted Surface Warfare Pin is not listed in his record. He is not a Gulf War Veteran and he has no Combat Action Ribbon listed in his records.

Update! His friends and family say we are attacking a good man. More records.






Matt Allen Facebook

59 thoughts on “Matthew Edward Allen, Fake Navy SEAL

  1. Gryphin71 says:

    also he is wearing on his vest tomb of the unknown soldier guard. Funny I thought that was army.

    • Michael Maynard says:

      It is. From the 3rd Infantry Regiment, “The Old Guard.” That badge is highly coveted by the men and women who guard the tomb. They are the only ones authorized to wear it and they worked hard to earn that honor. And this turd pisses on their honor by stealing it fromthem.

      • Boots J. Attaway SFC (ret) says:

        I just talked with a friend (A former Tomb Sentinel) and he said that by wearing that badge he can face Stolen Valor charges or we can let the SEALs have him. I served 3.5 years in the Old Guard 75-79. My friend also said IF anyone sees him wearing it take it from him and turn it in to the nearest Army Recruiter.

  2. Stevo says:

    And he need to take off the Sentinel badge

  3. KillerB says:

    The sum bitch need to take it all off.. go to the middle of the town square and declare his worthlessness to the entire world…then climb into a cave till judgement day..

  4. LCplMIDN says:

    Seriously, what the hell is it with these people? Ain’t serving as an Operations Specialist enough? Everyone does their part, whether they are the tip of the spear or the folks that put the poison on the spear. I guess we should be thankful the fakers almost always claim to be Special Forces of one branch or another, makes it easy to spot their dumb-attention-seeking-asses.

    • Derek Peeples says:

      My name is Derek Peeples, I am a retired and disabled Navy Operations Specialist my case has made national news amidst the VA scandals. As a OS I worked outside the MOS entire career but I would like to attest that there is truth to this stolen valor case after reading it in detail. OS A School was previously located in Virginia Beech VA so that does check out per the guys DD-214, however anyone checking into the OS A school it got moved later to Naval Station Great Lakes in 2008 and was merged with the QM MOS also. SEALS go through second phase BUDS training at Great Lakes after basic (no where is the guys record backing his story).

      Now so not to confuse fact from bull—- service-members can request upon re-enlistment changing MOS this certainly has been done within the OS/QM MOS with members later becoming SEAL’s, however very few ever rarely even make it through training. One example of this is the case of OS/QM A School’s hall of fame is the case of Petty Officer Second Class (SEAL) Michael Anthony Monsoor who was previously a QM. Look up his story here:

      Anyone doing research up further on this guy would find out today the OS A School now is no longer in Virginia Beech, VA (and think that the guy’s story does not check out, however that doesn’t mean his DD-214 is not wrong either). I am not defending the guy but rather making a point of fact. My own orders got changed from RTC boot camp going from Virginia Beech, VA for OS A School to TSC Great Lakes the school was in fact moved in 2008 I was class leader and graduated the fall of 08 and was also barracks section leader for duty section 2 at barracks USS New Jersey adjacent corner from the OS A School in Great Lakes, IL. Back then the OS A School was at Virginia Beech, VA so that did check out in my view on that but the lack of training documentation is all the proof I needed to see on the DD214 to know the guy is stolen valor.

      Oh wouldn’t the OS community like to get a hold of this faker but think first dibs goes to the Naval Seals they can take care of the situation looks like that was done! What dumb-f—! And what an embarrassment to OS rate hope the guy goes to jail for stolen valor!

      • Jim G says:

        First, BUD/S is not held at Great Lakes; not any part of it. Some pre-BUD/S training happens there, but it is not BUD/S and certainly not second phase. Next, the Navy does not, nor has it ever, had Military Occupation Codes (MOS). The Navy uses Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC). In 2006 the Navy established Special Warfare Operator (SO) and Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB) ratings; effectively changing the rates of SEALs and SWCCs from their former Fleet ratings (usually source ratings, but there were a few–like me, a former Boiler Tech–who managed to graduate BUD/S and spend a long time as a SEAL before I changed to a source rating).

      • Len says:


        Nice Fail! Why would you take the time to obviously do SOME research, type a lengthy post, and still not have a clue. I seriously doubt your own claim of being an OS1.


  5. Thomas Heinz says:

    This POS is also wearing a Tomb Guard Badge which is only awarded to members of the 3rd Inf (TOG) that complete 1 year walking the mat-Army only you f—ing POS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kip says:

      Don’t they make you swear to not swear as part of the oath or you lose the privledge of the association with the tomb?

      • Michael J. Richardson says:

        Yeah,along with abstention from drinking, the first either 6 months or year (can’t remember) but during that time they’re not allowed to read any newspapers or related matter.

    • Lola says:

      Please explain Walking the Mat. Is this associated with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

      • Yes

      • Gryphin71 says:

        it’s the black rubber mat that is laid out in front of the tombs. 21 thirty one inch steps across. each movement pause for 21 seconds. to me that would be the greatest honor a soldier could have.

      • Gryphin71 says:

        correction 30 inch steps

  6. Kenneth hetrick says:

    I served in the navy from 87 to 91 in my years after that I came to know some navy seals. Great bunch of guys. I have not ever nor will I ever pose as navy seal. I have patches and pins my friends have given me over the years and proudly display them in my home with there names not mine on display. This guy is a loser. There is nothing worse than stealing someone else’s honor. I’m proud of each and every veteran friend I have.

  7. John D miller says:

    I hope this poor bastard dosent decide to wear an H/A patch or a Mongols patch or anyother 1% club patch. They wont be so nice as the Navy Seal who confronted him. They will beat him silly and strip it from him, which had the Seal done that, i would have supported 100%.

  8. Vic Monzon, E5/O5 says:

    Desert Storm was in 1991 NOT 1990. I was there…. Desert Shield into Desert Storm. He is a Friggin year off. The SEAL trackers always root out the fakes. I am VERY concerned about my Nephew, who recently joined Team One. Hasnt deployed yet…after completing Army Medic training. His triplet brother is a Marine Pilot completing Helo training.

  9. RM3(SS) says:

    Coward is now deleting all the comments on his Facebook. Real “Man of God” there.

    • Len says:

      Removing his posts, pin, and false claims is the end goal?

  10. Jery says:

    Well the first clue is VFW ! I have met to many clowns that go there! Also I don’t know about any of you but I have met 2 Seals in my life. And both didn’t brag or wear a seal advertisement vest,hat,shirt! The first was a 70 year old that my wife’s business use to clean his house we always cleaned every room but one in his home! Few years back he wanted the carpets cleaned in every room! When I got to the room that I have never entered it was full of pictures of him in the Navy I seen the pics of him with the Trident on the walls were covered with his awards and stuff! Am I a expert on this no but 90% or more of the fakes out there wear there fake shit and talk about it conselty! I thanked this man for his service and he thanked me! I said how did you know I served he said the way you carry yourself! The second one owns th local bar in my area he doesn’t wear or talk about it and he has been called out and verified by one of the 100 of vets that go there! I’m a simple grunt who did his time and saw his war! I once sat on a flight line waiting to go on a mission talking to 4 guys for hours they left to catch there bird my First Sergent came over and says how was your talk huh Top? Do you know who those guys were looked like soldiers to me? Top said yes the were commander said the were with Delta! Silent professionsls no bragging or thumping there chest!

  11. Robert Gutierrez says:

    It is disturbing to me that people like this even exist. As a Vetern of the US ARMY with over 8 yrs service I have pride. As a veteran of 2nd ACR, with 3 years defending the FRG/DDR border and participation in Desert Shield/Desert Storm I have great pride.

    Keep exposing these wannabe’s. The world needs to know they are fake. Although they should be prosecuted for such acts of stolen valor, I can only hope that someday they will be judged for their lack of integrity.

    Toujors Pret brothers.

  12. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, Matthew Edward Allen who claims that he was a Navy SEAL during […]

  13. Dan West says:

    His membership in the VFW was permanently terminated in 2013 for embellishing his military service and record.

    Texas State Headquarters
    Veterans of Foreign Wars

  14. Marine 0331 says:

    And for cripe sake dude, learn to use commas!!!! I can get past your piss-poor spelling, but the lack of commas and run-on sentences are killing me!!!!!!!!

    • Julie says:

      ….”Is” killing me……subject/verb agreement!
      “Of commas and run on sentences” is a prepositional phrase.

      The lack IS killing you not the lack ARE killing you.

      • says:

        are, meaning plural. both lack of commas and run on sentences bother him. Is your lack of grammar knowledge killing you?

  15. Jay says:

    I say people like this guy should be arrested and then dropped on the front lines in a war zone. Better yet throw his ass in an Iraqi prison. Lets see how brave he really is. Jail time is a waste of tax payers money.

  16. Erick Turner says:

    I told the VFW this ten years ago when he ran the bar and was a post officer and i was the bad guy…the sad thing is he is a likeable guy and would give you the shirt off his back but wont catch a clue to stop this disrespectful fantasy of his.

    • fallujahff says:

      Yeah great guy, unless he’s beating a kid, or lifting your wallet.

  17. Jake says:

    The only way you are going to stop a “fantasy warrior” like this is to take his DD-214 to his local newspaper and have them do a front page article exposing him. Then you have some of the true warriors gently request he remove everything he didn’t earn from his cut!

  18. Some great responses and the last one is the best. Take his DD-214 to his local newspaper and expose him for what he isn’t…

    • Albert green says:

      From a VN vet 1968, I am so proud to know we have good people following after us, the thing I see is the real silver star is outside in, small blue, small white ,large blue, large white, center red. Bronze star large red, small white, center blue. This guy has neater.. I am almost 74 don’t see as good as most, love from all VN vets.

      • Michael Maynard says:

        Having grown up during the Vietnam War period, I remember well the treatment that our veterans received after returning home. I lived near an AD Air Force Base and went to school with many ‘military brats’ whose fathers were deployed. I still remember my 7th grade teacher, fresh out of college, who gave us an assignment to write letters to our Senators and Congress critters telling them how bad the war and the people who were fighting it were. Even at that young age, I was dumbfounded and disgusted, knowing how wrong it was for her to task us with such an assignment, especially when several of my classmates had parents in the military. I and many others refused. My parents backed me on that decision. I served in the Post-Vietnam Army from 1979-1983 in W. Germany. I jumped back in – Indiana National Guard – after September 2001 and served a tour north of Baghdad in 2004-2005. I credit our Vietnam veteran brothers and sisters for the exceptional treatment we received when we returned home from our deployments. So thank you elder brother. Welcome home and thank you for your service. We owe you a debt that we can’t repay.

    • Judi Boling says:

      yeah, i liked that, too. but the post above made me kinda sad. apparently the poster knows him and says he is a likeable guy and will give you the shirt off of his back. I think people like this don’t realize that imitation in this case is NOT the highest form of flattery, rather it is an insult to those who put in the time and the blood, sweat and tears.

  19. Mark Lauer says:

    There’s a glaring mistake in there (I mean BESIDES the fact that this guy IS an error).
    He claims to have lost 2 friends on 6Feb1990.
    It seems to me that the war didn’t kick off until January of 1991. Also, we didn’t have troops of any kind in that area in February of 1990, since that is before Saddam invaded Kuwait.

    • tangomike147 says:

      I went with him making a math mistake and checked for Feb 1991 just to be sure

  20. Mark Cartwright says:

    I am an Australian veteran and We have these types of people in Australia as well.

  21. Charles O. Wiggins Master Sergeant U.S.M.C. Retired says:

    This a- – hole should definitely be punished to the extent of the UCMJ and any other document he could be charged under. His actions are deplorable and disgusting to those of us who served and fought to defend this great nation.

  22. Jon Wilson says:

    He must have DPP with the PX for all those fake ass ribbons, badges, and awards… SMH. I swear, I’ve ran into so many “operators” in the last few years. Whenever I mention my time in the service (communications), they say they were either A. Army Snipers, or B. Special Forces… Yeah dog, now you work at Wendy’s?

    • Michael Maynard says:

      Amen, Brother. I ran into one recently when I rolled out to get a haircut. I have a 1st Cav patch on the back of my chair. An older man noticed it and asked me about it. After I told him where I had served, he proceeded to regale me with tales of his derring-do on his “secret squirrel” missions in South America with Special Forces/CIA. But it was so secret he couldn’t talk about it. My only response was “seriously.” He saw the look on my face and walked out without saying another word.

      • Tim gray says:

        They’re everywhere, seems like the world is full of insecure men. All talk and zero action when it comes to deliberate action.

  23. Tony W. US Army Scout 1976-1980 says:

    As a Veteran and someone from Amarillo, TX; I would ask that people would please note that while this guy may currently live in Amarillo he is a yankee from Michigan…just wanted that clarified!

    • Tim gray says:

      Lots of great people in Amarillo! Even the majority of transplants.

  24. Christopher M. Wagner says:

    He has a Vietnam Service ribbon on the lower right side of his vest also….He is not old enough to have been there……..POS poser…….

    • Great eye Mr. Wagner. That was the first thing I noticed on his vest. Since it seems to have some type of attachment to it, and we knew that he was way too young to be a Vietnam Veteran. We ” asumed ” that he was wearing it as a memorial for someone. So out of respect for our RVN Veterans, we didn’t list it as part of the Medals, Ribbons, and Badges that he claims to have earned. Thnak You And Welcome Home. ~ Scotty

  25. MSG (ret) Tim Gray says:

    I met this POS a few years ago, and my spidey sense was going off the radar. But as I often do I ignored it. At the time he wasn’t wearing the trident on his cut, the environment was 99% veterans so….. Anyway shared this story on my FB page and got keyboard attacked by some woman as to how upstanding this guy is and that its all a bunch of lies and they’re gonna get an attorney and sue for slander.. The whole thing jeopardized friendships I’ve had for years with other veterans, I had to delete my post. The fact that this POS didn’t even try to defend himself but had a female potato to defend him (no offense to females) then to see the newly listed convictions, well, I’ll be listening very carefully to my spidey senses in the future. Keep up the good work guys. Our real heroes deserve it!

    • tangomike147 says:

      She has been really vocal. He has been very silent. Says a lot about him.

  26. Valerie Conley says:

    Actually he’s from Illinois. As an Amarillo girl and the daughter of a veteran and former Potter County Deputy and BTW post commander this guy just girls my jaws! Not everyone from Amarillo is an idiot!!

  27. Eugene Meisenheimer says:

    UH F this guy….only retribution I see; Voluntarily cut off his trident. then go f’ing die somewhere……

  28. Marc Mulkey says:

    Thank you all for your service. These people who pretend to be what they never had the balls to be, really piss me off. I was Air National Guard. Do I wish I could have been spec ops, delta or SEAL…of course I do. But we aren’t all made for that kind of work. Those of you who have gone that route, God Bless you for having that strength and drive to do so.

    This particular story has really set me off because he’s in Amarillo…and that’s where my Army Veteran father was from. I hope you will allow this humble man to join your ranks and help to search these frauds out.

  29. Patrick Bourcier says:

    As a veteran from a family of many veterans —- We all served proudly. Whatever positions we held, we all served honorably. From Radiomen on the USS Indianapolis, AF Pilot, AF Security, AF Aircraft Maintenance, Army Security Agency, US Navy Corpsman, USN Quartermaster, to US Army Special Forces Green Beret. My Dad, step Dad, 3 Brothers, 5 Uncles, 2 Sons and 1 son in Law. All served honorably. Every job needed. Every position in every branch is needed. I salute each and every one who has honorably served and those serving now. God Bless and Keep you all safe and your families cared for while you are away.
    Note: One should never be ashamed of his/her service record. Many good and honorable individuals served in the same capacity.

  30. Denny says:

    I did not serve BUT I do have the highest respect for all those who have served. Even I know this guy is a joke. I do hope a group of SEALS teach him respect !!

  31. Judy McAdams says:

    I am a woman who did not serve, but I have many men in my family who have and there are tears in my eyes of pride and grief. First, my Dad: last September we celebrated his 100th birthday at his church in Tool, Texas. He was in the 36th Infantry in WWII: North Africa, Sicily, Italy: he took a revolver from a German officer in Italy. He saw Mussolini hanging upside down in front of the cathedral in Milan. PRIDE! In that same war, my cousin survived the death march of Bataan. PRIDE! Still another helped release Jewish prisoners at Dachau. PRIDE, ANGER, GRIEF. My Husband: served in Germany, 3rd Engineers, 24th Infantry in the 50’s. He returned to Amarillo where he became an Amarillo Policeman. PRIDE! We had a son-in-law from Canada who came to the U.S. to serve in Vietnam. PRIDE! He died 9 months ago. GRIEF. We had a second son-in-law who served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield with the 101st Air Assault. PRIDE! He came home to Amarillo and became an active member of the VFW where he joined the MG 6 (I believe the Fake Seal claimed membership). Compassion and God led him to form the Save the Vet-22. PRIDE! In March, on his way to work on his motorcycle, he was hit by a pickup who failed to yield right of way. He died on the scene. GREAT GRIEF! His oldest son spent 9 years in the Navy; among other actions their frigate took out drug ships off the coast of South America. PRIDE! My point: How could this man pretend to be a Seal? That is a name of HONOR. I know: HONOR lives in my family–our men have brought PRIDE to their country. May M. E. Allen gets all he deserves–like not coming back from Bataan or roasting at Dachau.

  32. Budgetmeister says:

    Erick “Boomer” Turner is right about Matt Allen being a likeable guy. Matt missed his calling. He could have been a super public relations guy or even a radio personality. Instead, he opted to try to climb the ladder of VFW leadership by posing as something he is not. What he is is a pathological liar and a thief with a record for child endangerment and for theft.

  33. J.R.Mathes says:

    I live in Amarillo,Tx. and very disappointed that this person is giving our city such a bad taste in our mouths.
    It’s a shame that people think their pasts won’t catch up wth them, when they flaunt their bravery and history.
    I was in the Navy from 60-66 was active 61-64. We carried many men to VN. I’M proud to say I was an E-3 Boatswainmate 3rd class.
    Just wanted to say Amarillo is a Texas town full of wonderful productive people and one bad apple will not spoil our great city.

  34. Seth grimes says:

    It’s funny how life comes full circle. For any one claiming he’s a standup guy. I’m the recipient of the injury/ assault to a child. I was 11-12 @ this piece of sh*t beat on me like I was a grown man. To make it worse I tried to contact him this year on Facebook, to come to peace and tell him regardless of him, I’m ok, he blocked me, what a class act

    • Em says:

      Seth, I’m glad to hear you’re okay. That was what struck me the most about this lousy shitstain’s story – that he wasn’t only a poser stealing honor he’d never earned, but a violent criminal as well, and I wondered what became of the child he hurt. I hope you’re well now and living a happy life. Sincerely, a fellow Texan (but not in Amarillo).

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