Carlos Millan, Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Army Airborne


03/24/2017 by tangomike147


This two for one comes to us from California. Carlos Millan came to our attention through social media posts. We took a look at him and found some interesting claims. First, we noticed his awesome  BUD/S graduation certificate.


The certificate may pass in some circles but to a SEAL this thing is full of errors. I won’t point them all out to make it easy for future counterfeiters but not much of it is authentic. How about the following picture?


That profile picture looks legit. It also looks pretty familiar.  Where have I seen this before?


The picture was stolen off the internet. The picture is of Navy SEAL Chief Aaron Vaughn, KIA August 6th 2011.


That is about as low as you can go, Carlos.  Carlos also does the “that’s me, trust me” post


There is also no chance this is a picture of him at the Special Warfare Pool doing the water obstacle course.


After his Photoshopped picture of a fallen SEAL made it to the SEAL community some hate rolled his way. The SEAL pictures were removed without apology. He then made a bold move. He became Army Airborne…



By his timeline he joined the army at the age of 40, getting out at age 44



The UDT/SEAL Database has no listing for Carlos Millan. A Freedom Of Information Act Request was sent in for his records.


We decided to go to other sources. We checked the day he claims to have graduated BUD/S and a point during his claimed Army service.



The records  do not support the claims of Carlos Millan.According to the records he has never served in the United States Armed Forces. He was never a Navy SEAL or Army Airborne. His pictures, certificate, and claims appear to be fake.




2 thoughts on “Carlos Millan, Fake Navy SEAL, Fake Army Airborne

  1. Jay B. says:

    This guy allegedly works at VA Hospital at Palo Alto? Anyone wanna let Director and higher ups know of his antics?

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  2. Bill says:

    This guy a real hero, I’m really impressed.


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