Micheal Vincent Baker – Fake US Navy SEAL


03/23/2017 by hombrerana1221

Micheal Vincent Baker (AKA Vincent Baker), a 22-year-old from San Antonio, Texas was reported to Military Phonies with the claims of being a US Navy SEAL that graduated from BUD/S Class 234.  Vincent had recently obtained a new tattoo, that tattoo happens to be the US Navy SEAL Trident.  The Trident is earned and worn on SEAL’s uniforms once they successfully complete BUD/S and SQT.

Vincent’s fiancée was happy to post his fresh tattoo both on Facebook and Instagram:



The SEAL community heard about Vincent’s new tattoo; then his name was searched within the UDT/SEAL database which showed no record of Vincent ever attending BUD/S.  With Vincent being 22 years of age and claiming to have attended class 234 that would have made him approximately 6 years of age during that time.  Vincent might have gotten that class number off of the Discovery Channel when a reality show was based on that class…

Once it was established that Vincent was never a SEAL actual SEALs attempted to make contact with him on Facebook.  Vincent never responded but his fiancée and friends did respond.  One of his friends even stated that they heard Vincent was a SEAL.



An Instagram post from his fiancee even states that he “was a seal” when having a conversation with a friend of theirs.


In Vincent’s Instagram account his title shows “Navy Special Warfare” and “I’ve made mistakes, NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!”  We at Military Phonies agree with his last statement.



He’s also known as “The Eliminator” – just ask his Facebook account.  Not sure what he “Eliminates.”



After seeing his Facebook account we noticed that he had a picture of him in regular issued Navy Cammies (AKA Blueberries).




Military Service Record Obtained Under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Military Phonies obtained Vincent Bakers DD-214:




Based on his DD-214, Vincent did less than 3 months of active duty.  Vincent separated from active duty as an E-1 (AR) Airman Recruit.  No SEAL designation, no specialized schools or NEC.  Those facts make it clear that Vincent was NEVER a US Navy SEAL, we can only recommend that he have the tattoo removed and/or covered up ASAP!!!!!








26 thoughts on “Micheal Vincent Baker – Fake US Navy SEAL

  1. Lynn says:

    They should do to him the way Bikers do to their guys……Your NO longer a member or you NEVER were a member, BUT you have your colors tattooed on you…. they get it off however they feel necessary. He SHOULDNT be allowed to have this. He is disgracing ALL TRUE Navy Seals by being allowed to have this tattoo.

  2. This really saddens me my son graduated BUDS Class 232 he was a consummate SEAL. His name is Danny “DJ” Phillip Dietz Jr. He earned his trident on his 21st birthday. Was KIA 6/28/05 the communication specialist in this mission. Spoke as the uncaged lion in The Lone Survivor. My son gave bis life for our freedoms. This young man did not go through what my son went through.I can understand being obsessed with what my son is a true Navy SEAL and our nations hero. But to claim a title unearned is not ok. Maybe what he should do is add to the tattoo in honor of all that have earned this trident and all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
    Sincerely Mama Dietz

    • larrythecat5 says:

      Mrs. Dietz-Marsh — I don’t know exactly what to say. I just wanted to acknowledge you 🙂 Peace to you and your family. Thank you.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Cynthia – your son was a warrior in the truest sense of the word, and this world is a little bit better because of men like him that protect this country. God Bless you and your family.

    • Well said Cindy. You know young Vince doesn’t want a TG to confront him with your message.
      I hope you’re doing well.

    • Corby Owens says:

      I couldnt imagine having to lose a son or daughter, and for one to sacrifice their life for their country or for the man beside them is undescribable. I have a whole family full of military background including a SEAL that served in vietnam. I have much respect for the military and for the people who died so we can have the privelage just to even have this conversation. True heroes. Words cant describe the feeling of freedom. So thanks to all the heroes such as your son Mrs. Dietz-Marsh. Thank you.

    • bonedry69 says:

      Mama Dietz,

      I only know of your son and others from news accounts, readings, ect. I was in country at that time. Being on an army mobile trng team, for security reasons we knew of hostilities on going, however to far away. To this day, although not personally knowing your son or others in the on going missions at that time. It saddens me in my heart that both families, yours and SW community loss so heavy. Your reaction to this young man “vince the poser” is sound, and meaningful. Add ALL names of deceased to that Trident. God Bless you, and know your son and so many more are not forgotten.

    • Vasyl V says:

      God bless . Thank you for raising a hero .

  3. […] Vincent Baker (AKA Vincent Baker), a 22-year-old from San Antonio, Texas was reported to Military Phonies with the claims of being a US Navy SEAL that graduated from BUD/S Class […]

  4. David says:

    The Reply from one of his relatives that was sent the story: You can use this quote from me(just keep it anon).
    Micheal is a pathological liar, someone who needs the attention of everyone. He makes everything worse than it is, or better than it is, to receive as much shock value as possible. One day, he’s going to get his ass handed to him, and I won’t feel the least bit sorry.

    • Chad Parsons says:

      I know the dolphin of whom you speak.
      I worked as a trainer (real world), to the above, also sailed (IYAOYAS.) The dolphin and I held this very conversation when the above tried to get a mil. Discount @ lunch when above got an appt to meps.
      Personally, I am not one to talk with, my RE4, worthless then, poseur now.
      This is coming from a cautionary tale sailor.

  5. David says:

    My conversation with him on FB after i messaged him with the link to this : Hey douchebag this is his father. You want to talk shit to my son why don’t you call me (210)552-2788
    Because apparently you can’t respond on messenger, and I thought they taught you squids better then that

    Ha ha. Sure it is.

    Vincent Baker
    Call and find out
    My dad just got off the phone with the CDO at Coronado

    you are a sad boy.

  6. tangomike147 says:

    I am sure the CDO told him to screw off. The kid is a fake

  7. arhauptiii says:

    On the plus side, his Instagram account no longer mentions Navy Special Warfare

  8. Gijoebutcher says:

    What a shit show this Fucktard is.

  9. brayden says:

    I thought it was against the law for fake valor.

  10. David says:

    OMG. Check his FB page. One of his friends posted this there! Shits getting real

  11. Mike Wilson says:

    All my respect to Navy seals, I am a Vietnam Marine 65-72 service period. I think the real heros should visit this man and give him a “blanket party”, when he recovers he should be made to make a public apology to all of us who legitimately fought for our beloved country. Remove that tatoo with a belt sander

  12. ted baldwin says:

    The duty of American Servicemen is to protect the United States, not their ‘valor’. You orotect all of the citizens, which includes liars and cheats. You don’t only champion the virtuous.

    Your grace is in being the men you are. This phony dkes not detract from you. If you find it necessary to violate his rights then you are in it for your iwn glory and not for the good of the USA.

    No one in the general population gives a shit what he says or what tattoos he gets. If he tries to use phony service details for financial gain, then there are laws.

    Targeting this fuckwad fir retaliation majes you smaller han him. Remember. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you are a real seal, you already know what it takes. nothing more need be proved.

    • Yes, I bet you think ” Stolen Valor ” is a victimless crime to Mr Ted Baldwin?

      You nor this phony SEAL have any idea what it takes to earn the SEAL Trident.
      We will protect the Valor of those who have rightfully earned it.
      Now please learn how to spell before you respond back with any more ridiculous asinine comments.
      Thank you. ~ Scotty

  13. Anon says:

    I dated Michael aka mykeel for a short period of time he was mentally unstable and a pathological liar and to be completely honest I was afraid of him.

    • Anonymous says:

      I used to date him too, and to be completely honest I have no clue how many times he lied to me. He hurt me and after a while he suddenly stopped talking to me and months later he contacted me again so he could once again ignore my existence…

  14. JUDITH says:

    We live in a rather confusing time of random entitlements & self-promoting irrational reality. No individual is entitled to “pretend” to be anything other than who & what they actially are..
    These individuals “pretend” to be highly specialized military entities for they’ve not the integrity,character,intelligence, resilience, determination or fortitude within themselves to become anything of value to society. Rat bastard, fake ass, glory mongers

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