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03/09/2017 by tangomike147

“Everyone wants to be a Frogman on a sunny day.”  – Richard Dickinson


Richard Dickenson was brought to our attention by people who looked over his Social Media footprint and became a little skeptical.  Richard runs a Facebook and web page effort called ‘Soldiers of Life‘ and also makes videos for YouTube. Richard Dickinson makes the claim in several places that he is a retired Navy SEAL.  Since SEALs do not call themselves soldiers this may have been the first red flag.  


Richard declares himself a SEAL on Instagram.


Here are more SEAL claims in Dickinson’s own words.  A Soldier of Life video was posted to YouTube called “Soldiers of Life Introduction”.  It has since been taken down.

At the 00:17 second mark he claims he was 23 years military and was a Navy SEAL. He also claims he was in war zones.

At the 04:03 mark, he uses an example of when he was a Navy SEAL to make a point.

Then at 04:40 he wraps up the example and says “So, that’s where we get the saying… ‘Everyone wants to be a Frogman on a sunny day.'”

Here’s the video…


In what may seem a bit ironic, a Soldiers of Life video still posted on YouTube is called “Fireplace Talk – The Mask Falls Off.”

In this video, Dickinson states at the 00:25 second mark: “Let me explain that to you right now what I mean by ‘the mask is falling off.’  I always try to tell people, try to make people aware… be careful with who you associate with.  Be careful with who’s in your inner circle. Be careful because some people deceive you and this is what I call ‘The Mask.’ OK, you have a public mask, you have a private mask and you have a family mask. What happens – a lot of people tend to keep up that charade for days, for weeks, for months… and sometimes years, but eventually that mask will and it does fall off.

Here’s the video…

Here’s a Soldiers of Life posting of the Navy SEAL Creed…


Under the picture for this article, it says former Navy SEAL.


(select ‘Translate’ once in the page for the English version)

He worked security using the SEAL claim.


He was asked about it. He claims he is doing it all for free. That’s a lot of free T-shirts his followers are wearing. It’s also a little disturbing towards the end of this chat.


Inshallah, “if Allah wills it”, and Allah Ackbar, “Aloha Snackbar”

We did manage to find one picture of him that he claims is from his military past.  SEALs don’t wear black berets.


The next picture is from his Soldiers of Life Page. The only military mentions are Navy SEAL, SEAL Training, and soldier. They/He really should’ve mentioned the Air Force.


We requested Richard Dickinson’s records with a Freedom of Information Act Request.


We discovered that Mr. Dickinson had served on active duty in the United States Air Force from 1984 and 1988, about 3 and a half years. He was discharged as an Airman (E-2).  He was awarded three ribbons – Air Force Training Ribbon, Overseas Tour Ribbon, And a Unit Award.  He was trained as a Security Specialist and served in Germany with a Security Squadron.


It is interesting to note that Dickinson did 3.5 years, got out as an E-2 and does not have a Good Conduct Ribbon.  In the 1980s, the Good Conduct Ribbon is given at the three (3) year mark in the US Air Force.  Since lower ranks are given for time in grade, there’s something suspicious about his lack of promotion, or perhaps a demotion. Can’t say for sure other than something is amiss and it may suggest that Dickinson got in some trouble.



According to his official military records from NPRC, Richard Dickinson was never a Navy SEAL and Dickinson was never in the Navy.  The records show that he served for three years and seven months in the Air Force.  No record of 23 years of service as he had claimed.

As stated previously, we checked with the UDT/SEAL Database and it was determined that Richard Dickinson never completed SEAL Training.

Soldier Of Life



SOL Instagram

SOL Facebook


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14 thoughts on “Richard Dickinson – Soldiers of Life, Fake Navy SEAL

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  2. John Robert Mallernee says:

    I thought Navy SEALs did wear black berets.

    But, then, I’m not a Navy SEAL, and I don’t know anyone who is a Navy SEAL.

    However, when I was in the old Republic of Viet Nam (thanks to the “STAR WARS” movie, I really enjoy using that term, “the old Republic”!), all those Navy guys wore black berets, but opposite of how the Army wore their berets.

    So, what DO Navy SEALs wear on their heads?

    I doubt I’ve ever even seen a Navy SEAL in uniform.

    • tangomike147 says:

      They wear standard cover, not Berets. There are some pictures of SEALs wearing various berets from Vietnam but that wasn’t the standard.

  3. Jay B says:

    Command Directed EPR huh….yeah he got in trouble.

    • Jay B says:

      Commander* directed EPR, my guess is that he got referral for doing something stupid out in Ramstein. Referral EPR probably brought a nice little end to us star studded career.

  4. mr. sharkman says:

    While the comment about berets is correct in most cases, some Teamguys in VN were involved in programs that saw them wearing a variety of uniform items.

    Here’s one of the greatest Teamguys ever, yet sadly unknown and unsung – Chief Rauch.

    You can see him rocking a beret on page 3 of his profile.

    Keep up the good work-

  5. Jason h says:

    Stop focusing on a beret. Seals wear what ever it takes to blend in.

  6. Paul says:

    Who is U to doubt this man maby he cant revil gis missions and can t telling no info about him and They do call in gender soldiers is a common name

  7. PaulReijnders says:

    I wanna know this is real about Dickinson becauce i have daubt about a mission to do in Pakistan becauce all the time even iff question he go like u bombarding with text to everybody on the team / not treu / all the time i dont know even my departure is from holland all he claims it is a job from DOD

  8. Paul Reijnders says:

    I wanna confront hij without That becauce i gonna do a mission in Pakistan but dont not yet know any departure and even i ask the answer his u bombard me and stand down so i have doubts

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