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02/21/2017 by hombrerana1221

James Brennan AKA “Jimmy” or AKA “The Mick” comes to us via social media.  Jimmy has numerous posts stating he’s a Navy SEAL or he’s been under fire or that he has been wounded.  James’ name was searched in the UDT/SEAL database which did NOT have him listed as completing BUD/S training.  Of course, one thing that comes up often with posers is that they seem to know or served with Chris Kyle.  One thing Jimmy seems to do is remind his friends and family of being a Navy SEAL.


Jimmy states on his FB page that he’s a SEAL that is Medically Retired.



Jimmy felt it was necessary to let his family and friends know he’s been under fire 3 times, yes, 3 times!!!!!!


But that’s not all folks, The Mick is also a poet and he was good enough to copyright it!!!


This is where it gets sickening, he states that Chris Kyle was a friend of his and worked with him. Other SEALs were contacted that knew and worked with Chris Kyle, all stated that they have never heard of Jimmy Brennan.


Then, James Brennan states he was wounded while in the line of duty.


James thanked many people on Mother’s day stating that he was raised to know right from wrong, while in the very next sentence stating he went to Navy SPEC OPS.


The rest are just a few posts James has made throughout FB and on his own FB page.












Based on his posts and claims of being a SEAL, and claiming wounded in action – his official records were ordered using a Freedom of Information Act request.


On his DD-214 it shows no reference to a Purple Heart award (not directly claimed by James but indirectly because he claimed that he was wounded in action).  His highest medal was an achievement medal and no combat action ribbon.



James’ duty stations show NO SEAL Team Command and James was stationed on the East Coast such as Little Creek, VA and Norfolk, VA.  When Chris arrived to SEAL Team Three James was stationed in Little Creek, VA. SEAL Team Three is on the West Coast which would have been difficult for Jimmy to have served with Chris Kyle from a duty station on a different coast. With statements from real SEALs both active and retired, they stated that they have never heard of James and that James had never worked with Chris Kyle.  His active duty time shows July 22, 1998 until Oct 30, 2003. Records do not show him attending BUD/S or being assigned to a SEAL Team.

The official records clearly show that James “Jimmy” Brennan never deployed into combat.  Nothing supports him being “wounded” at any time.  He spent just over 5 years as a BM and earned a Navy Achievement Medal.  He should have been proud of what he actually did do and had no reason to embellish his military career beyond recognition.

Particularly disturbing are his insinuations that he served with Chris Kyle as a Navy SEAL.  We can state for a FACT that James Brennan NEVER served with Chris Kyle as a Navy SEAL and as a matter of official record, there has NEVER been a second of his life that he drew a single breath as a Navy SEAL.



9 thoughts on “James “Jimmy” Brennan (The Mick)- Fake Navy SEAL

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  2. N/A says:

    Just a note Before 2006, The SO (Special Operator) was not around, so you could have someone that was a SEAL and a BM as the Rate on DD214.I just want to point that out for those that may not know, and make a mistake reading a DD214. I know you guy’s would not do that but to say a BM can not be a SEAL for his time service would be inaccurate… 2006 Navy created Special ratings for SEAL’s, SWCC,EOD and Navy Diver. The thing is before 2006 they had source rating and BM was one of those for all the above, now adays you pass the school and your old rate goes away and one of those would be your rate. SEAL (SO) SWCC(SB), Navy diver is now listed as ND instead of DV by the rate,and same with EOD it is just (EOD)

    • Thanks for posting. We agree, there are several Navy SEALS on our staff. Good to point out the rate change info, we probably should have mentioned that in the post. Sadly, little Jimmy is not as legit as you are bro.

      • N/A says:

        Not a SEAL Bro, just a support guy that is proud of what i have done. I do not have to lie about what I did in the Military, as others can also do cool shit to serve this country. He is one of very few that can say he served as a Beach Master on a ACU, but know he screws it all up..

  3. Tim Houts says:

    Fuckin asshat

    • Tim Houts says:

      I’m talking about the poser…. In his case BM would stand for bowel movement…

  4. Cris says:

    Jeez, I was on recruiting duty in 96-98 in that area. How did I miss such a bad-ass I don’t know. Well, it’s the Marine Corps’ loss. What a douche…

  5. Jerome Thomas says:

    I had the pleasure of supporting many SEALS on amphibious ships and LCAC, they are a special breed. It should be a felony to insinuate to be one when you’re not.

  6. TJMangoni says:

    Where do these people get all the SEAL-gear? Wtf they all have shirts and hats and tridents

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