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02/04/2017 by militaryphonies

Bruce Schupp comes to us from Port Townsend Washington, USA,  where we get reports that he has been claiming to have been involved in Operation Desert Storm as a Marine Scout/Sniper.  People tell us he likes to tell detailed horrific stories of having 11 confirmed kills and that he also claims to have been wounded in battle where he sustained a head injury and has a plate implanted as well as his hips blown up. Multiple people have reported that he carries a Purple Heart and Silver Star with him in order to back these claims up.


Mr. Schupp started a Patriot Guard Rider’s Chapter in Port Townsend under false pretenses. That Chapter has since been disbanded and the members that he brought together have started their own chapter… without Bruce Schupp of course.


Listed below are a few statements made by people who have come forward that had direct contact with Mr. Schupp.

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We have checked with the National Personnel Records Center, Headquarters Marine Corps, Department of Defense Data Base, and the Data Base for the Combat Action Ribbon. The results have been the same. “No Results Found “.  Our investigation shows that Mr. Bruce W. Schupp has never served in the United States Marine Corps.

Our contacts report that their dealing with Mr. Shupp may not be over.  Sources report that people on two wheels are out trying to recover the medals that he may have been using.  One source reports that they already recovered a Silver Star medal an turned it over to their local American Legion.

Our advice it Mr. Shupp would be to turn all that stuff in himself, including his snazzy vest.

15 thoughts on “Bruce Schupp, US Marine, Operation Desert Storm, Blog of Shame

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  2. Darrell McFarland says:

    Bruce aka Ziggy Schupp came into my family’s lives, telling us about the PGR wearing all his Marine corps patches he was very convincing regarding his time in the Corps including holding his spotter in his arms as he died. Sold it hook line and sinker, there is no doubt he did very detailed research for his lies he even has dog tags tattoo on his left arm sadly as we all have learned the hard way, his is the worst kind of phony stolen valor please stop this thief from dishonoring the men and women who proudly served this great country

    • Crickett says:

      Thank you for commenting here Darrel. My hope was statements from all this with your former group but at least we got this one. Hopefully people are at least willing to share this locally so word continues to get out. As you know, he is still playing wounded vet just outside of town with new victims.

  3. Maureen "Mo" Bazo says:

    Bruce “Ziggy”Schupp for over a year or more told me so many graphic war stories of his time in Desert Storm as a Marine/sniper. He told me many of the same stories he told everybody else…10 or 11 confirmed kills, holding his point man in his arms as he died, a plate in his head, hips blown out, spending months recovering in the VA hospital, having all his blood removed and given all new blood, showed me his purple heart and silver star, showed all his tattoos having to do w Marine insignia and so many war stories I can’t even count. He started a PG membership, for wbich he collected money for either surgeries that turned out never needed or happened, flags for fallen vets families which were obviously yet another of many lies. This man is disgusting portraying the part of a wounded, decorated Marine. I trusted him,introduced him to family and friends….only to find out all of it was a lie. Even telling me his Mom died, she is alive and well. This man needs to be taken off the streets so he can’t lie to or about any more people….especially my friends. He lied to them and worse, about them, all over town. He is a disgrace to all vets. Thank you for looking into this, hope something can be done to stop him from continuing to tell his lies.

    • Crickett says:

      Thank you for your comments. It is very appreciated!

  4. PixieDust says:

    I’ve seen this asshole around trying to get money out of folks. He had a sign “wounded vet, homeless, need food for me and my dog”. The next day the dog wasn’t in the picture or in the sign. Seen him just riding around, too. didn’t look too homeless to me. Now that I know this, I’m disgusted at this man. SMH. Yuck.

    • Crickett says:

      I sent you a private message on FB. Please comment if you have seen him recently holding that “Vet” sign and if so, his location. A photo of that would be very helpful…

  5. Kelly Theno Tolbert says:

    This man, Bruce Schupp…. Played a very convincing stories toward my kids and I for quite few years. Always felt he was over exaggerating whenever he told us anything and we caught him in way too many lies. He went as far as faking he had a terminal sickness, that he was dying, trying to get me to marry him. So, that I would get his military death benefits to the tune of $10 Million dollars. Which is extremely way mind boggling etc.. Also, said he suppose to get part of his benefits before he died but said his son impersonated him to the government and his son received the money instead. Then down the road he all sudden was healed and going to live. To think I helped this man out countless times, believed all his stories he told everyone including me, gave him a place to stay, saved his life when he had a heart attack at my home, etc.. Makes me very angry to been another one of his countless victims. He best leave my kids, my family and myself alone permanently.

    • Crickett says:

      Thank you for your comment on this phoney con man. I am so sorry to hear of the deceptions he pulled on you and your family. Please share this on your FB page if you are willing to help bring awareness to his games to other innocent bystanders. As of current, he is still playing his little game on another family in Hadlock. The more we post and share, the more people will become aware of him.

      • Kelly Theno Tolbert says:

        Thanks and your most welcome, thought people needed to know about this. Share my story & experience with him. I am making sure people are aware what he’s done etc.. That I hope he’s brought to justice for his crimes and lies very soon. Hope that family don’t fall for his lies etc.. Alot people are posting on FB about him, so word about this scumbag is out, will continue to. I worry about my kids and I safety thou. Seen him mad etc.. not pretty sight. He’s definitely mentally not stable big time.

  6. Shawn says:

    I am a Marine Vet and I grew up in Port Townsend but have not lived there in many years. I’m appalled at what this poser has done and he is a disgrace. Both my brothers and I served, one in the Navy and two of us Marines… thank you for outing this POS and if I ever run into him I will have my own little talk with him, and if he is wearing his poser outfit he won’t be after our “talk”.

    • Crickett says:

      Thank you for your service and families service to our country. YOU and those like you are the reason we had to expose Bruce. Unforgivable to do what he did, and so much more he has done and continues to do.

  7. Gary Lockwood says:

    This piece of human waste is still playing his game. It’s March 16, 2017 and he is now in Port Hadlock Washington. I am a victim and rode with him. He is very good at what he does. He knows how to pick victims well. He is sweet, polite tells a great story and will drain your pocket. Please share this so we can run him out of our communities.

    Juan De Fuca Riders

  8. Phillip Marlow says:

    Wow, he just rang a thought in my mind tonight so I looked up just a few key words stolen valor and his unfortunately written name, I have more than a few now discusting shares as me and my wife we’re apart of experiencing, all I can say for now is fuck, I hope he crashes on that stolen bike btw, a fate I wish on no man but seams fitting as of this moment you sad piece of unhuman filth, I better not catch your ass around for I will laugh in your face instead of violence that I’m sure you will face and surly deserve soon, I hope it is a lonely one, god bless America

  9. Gary Lockwood says:

    He is still playing the veteran and is riding his bike, that he did not pay for, with an American flag on the back. He is still in Port Hadlock.

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