Rollie Matthew Abshire, Fake Navy SEAL


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Rollie is another person who has come to us by way of posting on social media. He ran in one of those races where you go through mud and over obstacles and then linked the pictures back to his Facebook. Rollie claims to have been a SEAL and also to have been alongside one of the most famous SEALs to have worn a Trident.



That’s a pretty famous picture Abshire. You are not in it.


Rollie has no clue what it’s really like. Some people started to think his story didn’t add up so they collected some information along the way. The following picture was received by us from two separate sources within an hour of each other. Both sources stopped believing Rollie’s story long ago but didn’t know what to do with the information.We have no reason to doubt them but his face is turned which gives Rollie the opportunity to deny it is him. If that’s not Abshire  it’s easy enough for him to prove he does not have a huge tattoo on his back. After sifting through dozens of photos of his races I did notice that whenever water was involved Abshire wore a black or dark brown shirt. Even when most of the other people racing were in light colors or shirtless. Black and brown shirts do not become transparent when wet. A problem for Abshire competing in events that are SEAL sponsored.


Rollie’s LinkedIn account says that he served 4 years 5 months.


The first thing we did was check the UDT/SEAL Database for Rollie’s name. He did not graduate from UDT/SEAL training so we ordered his records through an FOIA request.



What we learned from his records is pretty interesting. It shows only 2 years 2 months and 3 days active service. It also shows he got out as an E1. Looking at the list of commands he served with you can see one is blacked out. The Unit Identification Code is not blacked out so it was not that tough to find out what the command was.


Rollie Abshire joined the Navy as an MM, Machinist Mate. He went to a few submarine schools and was assigned to the USS Annapolis, SSN 760. During his time there he was transferred to the Navy Brig in Norfolk Virginia for just under 30 days. Upon his return to his submarine, it was only a short time (4 months) until he was discharged from the Navy as an MMFR, E1. The only medal awarded during his time in the Navy was the National Defense Service Medal.


The official military records for Rollie Abshire do not support his claim as having been a Navy SEAL. Abshire is also absent from the UDT/SEAL Database.  An incredibly large Trident tattoo does not make you a SEAL.

Abshire Facebook

Abshire LinkedIn

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  1. larrythecat5 says:

    Well, his Facebook is locked down. However, he made a Profile picture change in November 2016, and THAT is open for a comment. I wanted to post, but I did not serve in the armed forces so I think I will leave that first shot to one of this blog’s readers who served, so you can address this. He has posted recently, so his page has traffic. I have followed the attempts to stop Stolen Valor – through public commenting and shaming – for a couple years now. It all started with Senior Chief Shipley’s Buds131 channel 🙂 And now I subscribe to his site, supporting his efforts with his charity for wounded warriors. I appreciate what you do – holding these thieves accountable. Thanks again!

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