Girard David Pugsley III aka JJ Pugsley, Fake Navy SEAL


01/29/2017 by hombrerana1221

Girard David Pugsley III aka ‘JJ Pugsley’ came to Military Phony’s attention by numerous Government and Civilian Agencies inquiring about Girard’s status as a Navy SEAL. We have reports that Girard has applied to varies security occupations claiming that he was a Navy SEAL.  After reviewing the UDT/SEAL database, there is no record of ‘Girard David Pugsley III’ aka ‘JJ Pugsley’ ever completing the UDT/SEAL training.  Girard lists himself as attending BUD/s class 238 while stating he’s a SEAL.  Girard did attend BUD/s with class 237 but was rolled back to class 238 at which time he was DROPPED from SEAL training.  Girard is currently an MMA fighter that has many in the MMA world and his family believing that he was a Navy SEAL.



One of Girard’s friends posts:  “Following JJ’s career in the U.S. Navy, completing Navy Seal training and a deployment to Iraq”


The MMA world has him listed as a Former Navy SEAL.


For all the information we needed, a Freedom of Information Act Request was sent to obtain his records.


Girard did serve in the Navy as a QuarterMaster and became a Marine Mammal Systems Operator.  Serving 3 years, 11 months, 29 days in the Navy but NEVER as a Navy SEAL.

Girard felt it was necessary to remove Navy SEAL from his resume but then decided to add US Navy Combat Diver.  The Navy does NOT have Combat Divers, there is no rate or schooling for Combat Diver.  SEALs are Combat Swimmers which includes diving.


Based on his military records, it appears that Girard David Pugsley III aka ‘JJ Pugsley’ is not being truthful about his claim of being a Navy SEAL. Girard did attend training but NEVER completed the basic course required to earn a Trident and the title U. S. Navy SEAL.  Also, his records do not support many of the claims he made on social media, with his friends and with agencies that he has provided applications.


14 thoughts on “Girard David Pugsley III aka JJ Pugsley, Fake Navy SEAL

  1. tangomike147 says:

    He is starting the damage control but there are a couple things that can’t be explained away. The girlfriend and family refer to him as being a SEAL in public posts. I refuse to believe that all these organizations just made up the story about his SEAL background and that of being a “Combat Diver”. They even managed to guess the BUD/S class he were dropped from. A simple apology would probably work

    • JJ says:

      Yes and I am certainly sorry if I misled anyone. As I said on FB there have been such claims made on various sites I am not the author of those sites or articles. If you read my bio on MY website or listen to the podcast it states clearly that I was with the NSCT MMS and EOD MMS. Where I have seen that written I have attempted to have it corrected by email or text to the person personally. The website for ESS security was contacted (as I have never worked for them) to remove the reference and the personal references have been changed wherever possible. Again, if you read or listen to anything I actually authored it states no such claim. Yes I talk about BUD/S and my class it was, for so many reasons a big part of my life, and yes I do “damage control” whenever I hear or see reference to me and SEAL online because it’s not correct and I have rectified it whenever possible. In my podcast I talk about being dropped from the program, on my website and anything actually written by me I clearly list my experience. If someone thinks otherwise because I talk about BUD/s or TG buddies or any other reason I am quick to correct them and have been especially careful to make the distinction in the last few years. The websites you posted are also largely old, before I asked the authors to correct them. If you type the web address in now you will see the corrected version.

      • tangomike147 says:

        OK, so for the record. You NEVER applied for employment or a position where you claimed to be a SEAL in the application process.

  2. ConcernedVeteran says:

    JJ then did your girlfriend have a FB post with a picture stating “I ❤ my frogman” I guess she assumed that just like your friends/family and the BJJ world.

    • JJ says:

      She did when we first started dating years ago. The difference was explained to her as well.

      • ConcernedVeteran says:

        Amazing how everyone thought you were a SEAL for years. I don’t know how they got that idea. You might as well come clean. You might have fooled the BJJ world and your family but the paper trail is clear. You told people you were a SEAL and now your caught. What about you applying to varies Executive Protection jobs saying you were a SEAL.

    • JJ says:

      And when I said I am sorry if I ever misled anyone that is is my onus of the times I should have been much clearer. I don’t intend to put all the blame on others for thinking that I am much more distcint now as a result of having to ever make those corrections. In other words I was obviously not specific enough and own some if not most of that blame for not being as diligent as I am now.

      • ConcernedVeteran says:

        Misled is political speak, in the real world and the military it’s called lying

  3. Johnathan mathes says:

    As a ex paratrooper.. 23yrs army.. i have family members in the special ops community… now i woulfnt run around saying to anyone that im a seal nor mislead anyone.. they know what ive done.. however…… the only way a civilian knows much about the military is what they are told…soooo… you and only you told your family and friends that you were a seal… and even if it was a presumption on their part you let ot persist … and applying for a job by inflating a military record is truly sorry… soo i dont think of much of a aplogy.. because like like most veteran/seal imposters.. your only sorry you got caught…

  4. Adam Webber says:

    You are what you are and you’re not what you’re not or have never been. People who ‘mislead’ often backpeddle or try to argue the point – no matter what the official database shows…and it shows ALL. No ‘Combat Diver’ course exists in the USN. EOD is EOD, Mammal Handler is a Mammal Handler. Took me 2 times to make it through BUD/s and then an additional 8 year as a SEAL. I don’t think for a moment that I’m ‘EOD’. You couldn’t pay me to keep things from blowing up. Blowing up things? Now, that’s a different thing all together – I’ll do that for cheap. 🙂

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  6. KillerB says:

    Yeah.. this ain’t looking to good there J.J….

  7. Marine says:

    What a fool bag!

  8. jbar96599 says:

    How about those M9 and M4 expert claims? Your record states that you just received a basic qualification for the M16 and sharpshooter for the M9. I guess that is not your fault either.

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