John Gerald Fulton; phony Delta Force operator 


08/29/2016 by militaryphonies

John Gerald Fulton in Tucson, Arizona is a firearms instructor and the CEO of SFOD-1 Security Consultants. He claims to have served with Delta Force and comes complete with the special forces tattoo.

This steely eyed killer offers personal protection services.

We assume that he is implying the picture he uses on social media has him in it.

Imagine our dismay when the Army said they know nothing about all of his Special Forces experience.

It appears the CEO of SFOD-1 Security Consultants might have embellished his military service just a wee bit.  He had a perfectly honorable military career according to his official records.  We might be wrong but sitting on your ass in a control tower is not exactly the same as being a Delta Operator…unless of course you mean Delta Airlines.

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Source: John Gerald Fulton; phony Delta Force operator : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

5 thoughts on “John Gerald Fulton; phony Delta Force operator 

  1. Killerb says:

    LOl “Delta Air lines ” it is Freaking

  2. Mark Lauer says:

    Seems to me you have to be a pretty smart cookie to be an Air Controller.
    So, how come this guy is such a numbnuts?

    • arhauptiii says:

      Sadly, some of the smartest people I know are severely lacking in common sense. I suspect this is just another example

  3. sandmanin says:

    The Excuse:

    John Fulton says:
    December 30, 2016 at 3:32 pm
    Gentleman, this was brought to my attention today. I was appalled as all of you are. My record is exactly correct I do not go around claiming any kind of tier one status. Yes tattoos look bad, the pathfinder we got before going in and paid the price for it. The wings are from civilian jumps only it reads Mariana across them. The SF tattoo was for my father who passed in 92. After discussion with the owner of this site I realize not the best idea I did. The Facebook bs is just that it was done by a vindictive family member I was remiss in keeping tabs on the profiles and pictures posted. I used messenger only so that’s my fault. In August I was called out by a major Simpson former SOCOM member that’s when I saw the information and closed it. I am no Joseph Teti it’s late I know I apologize to those who were the real thing. As for comments some simply aren’t true with those that claim to have personally met me. I served honorably that’s it. I don’t claim anything else. As for the business name not my idea it was developed by the man who started it. I was with Az department of corrections on the tactical support unit trained by Mesa SWAT team. I was with Pima county Sheriff’s department as a CO then the courthouse I did get a broken neck taking down an inmate in a courtroom. I later worked for the Arizona state judiciary intensive probation and warrants unit. Yes we were after a fugitive things got out of hand again suffered more injuries to my neck. I wanted this cleared up and stand up and be straight. I was told these won’t be removed I can understand that and I’m taking all steps to ensure no one thinks I am something I’m not. I regret this and accept the ramifications of bad decisions. I have nothing but respect for veterans; especially those who earned the highest of qualifications and honor. I’ve tried to explain myself publicly as best I could some of the comments of personal contact are exaggerated since I wasn’t there to do those things. I just wanted the record to be straight and as for false claims it was my lack of diligence to stop this before it got out of control. I’m sure this will fall on some unforgiving ears. All I can do is apologize to the real heroes and bite the shit sandwich.

  4. BRIAN S GUILLEN says:

    No do not believe his bull crap apology! I went thru a CCW class last year with my daughter, and he was there to “help” and came up with some SF stories and did say he was am “operator” “sniper”, and that he was in fact in the infamous black hawk down I asked questions because I was stationed at Ft. Stewart and served with some rangers and soldiers who were there. Soon after he got “an emergency” phone call and left, he left in such a hurry he left all his finger printing gear there along with other personal gear. He is a liar and is guilty of stolen valor as to he tried to gain financial gain from his over exaggerated military record. What a turd bucket.

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