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“Marine Corps doesn’t want me to live, because I know the truth.”  – Dan Wall

Wall - Dossier2


Daniel John Wall has been confined to his bed for the last 15-20 years due to his weight.  He is estimated to be over 900 pounds. He has to have nurses care for him. This is relevant in light of his claims.

Before Wall gained a lot of weight, he was wheelchair bound. This is a photo of him before he gained enough weight to be bedridden. He’s the one in the middle sitting in the wheelchair.


This is a more recent photo of Daniel Wall, after he gained weight.


Wall claims that he is a disabled veteran. He tells this to the nurses that care for him.

wall-disabled veteran

He has posted lots of veteran themed graphics to his Facebook page.


Specifically, a veteran of the US Marine Corps.  He also claims a “near death” experience in 1983.

wall-near death experience

He became specific about the near death experience on a tribute page for the Marine Barracks bombing on 23 Oct 1983.

5 days

When people asked him for clarification, Wall said he was with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines and was the supply officer.  He also implied there was a conspiracy theory and he was key to knowing the truth behind it.


Someone in the Beirut community friend-ed him on Facebook to seek clarification. He stated that he was wounded in battle.


On his Facebook timeline, Wall went further with the conspiracy story…


Even including the US senator for his state of New Hampshire…


Wall was asked about the difference between 3.5 days claimed in the Private Message and the 5 days that he posted on the site. He also claimed that he worked at Area 51.

wall- was it 3 or 5 days

As a side note – Wall’s claim that he was in 2/8 would mean he most likely participated in Grenada, since it was 2/8 that invaded Grenada in Operation Urgent Fury.  However, the US intervention in Grenada was on 25 Oct 1983 and the Marine Barracks bombing was on 23 Oct 1983.

If Wall was trapped under the rubble for 3.5 or 5 days, how could he have been in Grenada?

Also, recall Wall said he was the one that inspected the truck used in the bombing the next morning due to his billet as the Battalion Supply Officer.


How could Wall inspect the truck if he was trapped under the rubble the next day?

Due to these inconsistencies, Wall was called out via PM.


In addition, Daniel Wall has posted a honorable discharge certificate on his Facebook page. Oddly, the certificate spells “Lieutenant” incorrectly.


Recently, Dan Wall became sick and needed to go into the hospital. They had to cut the wall out of his home to get him out of the room he was in. The door was not wide enough. We do not know the circumstances, but he may now be forced out of his living situation. Perhaps this is why he is soliciting funds to buy a home and claims he has served his country for 32 years and implies he is a veteran of the military.


Source: https://myevent.com/Veteranneedshome  (now pulled)

Daniel Wall’s official military records were requested through the Freedom of Information Act.

. . . . . 



However, here is the FOIA results from HQ-USMC which in turn points back to NPRC…


wall-DoDMDC selected

. . . . .


NPRC FOIA dod-mdc

. . . . .



There is no military service listed for Daniel John Wall with either the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) or with the DoD Manpower Data Center. It should be noted that the NPRC referred us to the Commandant of the Marine Corps but they keep records for Marines discharged after the mid-1990s. So, the NPRC would be the appropriate place to request records for Wall based on his claims of being discharged in 1986.


As far as this certificate, besides the obvious fact that ‘Lieutenent’ should be spelled ‘Lieutenant’, the signature file is also interesting.  The Marine signing it – Brigadier General Leo V. Williams III USMCR – was indeed a real person and indeed a Brigadier General.  However, he did not achieve that rank until 01 Oct 1996.




It was not hard to identify the 2/8 Battalion Supply Officer and his name was not ‘Daniel John Wall”.

The US Marine Barracks Battalion Landing Team Headquarters building was bombed at 0622 on 23 Oct 1983. The last man pulled out alive was close to noon on the same day. Wall’s claim of being pulled out 3.5 days later and then 5 days later does not match the historical record.  A story like this would be legend with the military personnel in Beirut at that time.

Operation Urgent Fury, the US invasion of Grenada, was to occur 2 days later on 25 Oct 1983.  It involved the Marines of BLT 2/8.  How could Wall be in two places at the same time as he also stated he was trapped under the rubble for 5 days?

His wounds, or near death experience, or PTSD seem unlikely to have been from Beirut.  There is one known Beirut Veteran, a Captain at the time, who retired as a LtCol. from Berlin, New Hampshire.  Daniel Wall is not him.  There was also a real Marine Beirut veteran who was found, presumed dead and in a body bag, but still alive.  Again, Daniel Wall is not him.  

Also, how could he have inspected the truck the next morning if he was trapped in the BLT headquarter building’s rubble?


Ask yourself what is more likely – that the national security of the United States and all of its deepest secrets with Area 51 and Beirut, Lebanon rest with a bedridden Marine in Berlin NH?  The government of the United States and the military went to great lengths to remove all trace of Daniel Wall’s military records and wish to have his claims go silent because he knows “the truth”?

Or is it more likely that we have a man that made choices in his life and caused him to end up where he is?  Maybe he regrets some things and only imagines a life that he never had?  Maybe he has found that more people show him respect if they believe he is a war hero and suffers from wounds received in battle?

Who knows?  We cannot get inside his head.  We also cannot judge him. We can only look at what the paperwork shows and where the facts take us. We have presented those facts. It is now up to you to decide for yourself.


Daniel John Wall’s claims are not supported by official military records.  It appears Daniel Wall has a gift for reciting stories, stories in which he uses the horrors experienced by others to embellish his life.  By joining a private community of Beirut veterans and their families and making outrageous claims he has caused pain and suffering to others.  People who have already been asked to endure too much.     

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thisainthell-wallThis Ain’t Hell: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=67489


15 thoughts on “Daniel J. Wall – USMC 2nd Lt, Combat Wounded, Trapped in Rubble for 5 days in Beirut, Lebanon, Blog of Shame

  1. Kevin says:

    Fat worthless fuck

  2. This guy has probably never weighed under 2 bills since his 12th birthday. It’s obvious he has major health issues and self esteem lower than whale shit. He needs to make up some fantasy shit about middle earth and keep the Marine Corps out of his pathetic tales.

  3. Mark Lauer says:

    I remember another guy claiming he’d been “in the rubble” for about 5 days before being rescued. I think 5 days is about the limit anyone could go without water.
    But I also think that these guys don’t know that the history of that day is very well documented, and very well known to any Marine, or Sailor who was there. It’s something burned into their souls.

  4. Davis Schwartz says:

    I was a Radioman onboard the USS Virginia at the time and on duty at the time of the attack and worked the TGO circuit with all the other ships on station and remember it was not more than a day when it went from rescue and recovery to just recovery. It’s a shame people do this.

  5. John Pindelski says:

    There was no “Dead pile”. Each body was treated with reverence and respect, placed in a body bag …

    We weren’t supposed to go into the building, because they didn’t know if what was still standing might collapse, but on Sunday night a few of us slipped inside, thinking there might be survivors to be found, not wanting to leave them. I went into the lobby where the truck exploded. There was a huge crater where the truck had been. The only part of a truck we found anywhere was the bent up crankshaft which seemed to have blown right out the bottom of the motor. There was no truck to be inspected.

    I was there from Sunday morning until maybe late Wednesday morning. I don’t recall any survivors being found after Sunday …

  6. […] folks at Military Phonies send us their work on this fellow, Daniel Wall, pictured above at a svelte 600 pounds – about […]

  7. Dave Madaras says:

    This guy should have at least done a little research before making his wacky claims. If he inspected the truck he would be a member of Hezbolah not a U.S. Marine.

  8. JKEllis says:

    His V.A. nurses were there? Vapor Affairs? What the hell are you smoking Wall? I pity the nurses (if they really exist) that have to care for you, and not let you know you are full of shit. Oh and Marines are Proud men, they would never let themselves get morbidly obese, and make up fairy tails like you, because they don’t have to.

  9. Steve Hecknauer says:

    F’n wannabe pricks! Guys like that fat dickhead should be punished in a court of law and made to apologize to all Veterans

  10. danny says:

    Was on site of barracks bombing 36 hours later as part of air alert replacement. I also lived in those barracks 5 months before 1/8 relieved us. (I was with 2/6)
    This man is a very large sad and lonely soul, perhaps he belongs in Arkham Asylum or such place where they might tend to his fantasies.

  11. Thomas B. Vasko; Sergeant (Ret'd) says:

    The one thing nobody seemed to catch was when he referred to himself as a soldier. A Marine will NEVER refer to himself as a soldier – you ARE a “Marine!”

    I was with Golf Battery, 3/10, 24th MAU in Beirut from Oct ’82 – Mar ’83 (when we returned home). Having been thrown into the position as the battery clerk when our clerk returned home on emergency leave, I would go to the barracks 3-4 days a week to work on the SRBs until they eventually flew the SRBs out to the Inchon. One thing that perplexed me over the years…, I heard that the “Hey Joe” Lebanese guy didn’t show up that weekend. Do any of you know if that’s true? Or does anyone know if he ever came around again?

  12. Paul Yott says:

    I was with BLT 2/8, and our Supply Officer, was a First Lieutenant. Not a Second. Maybe I am wrong, but I do believe he did have Silver Bars. Anyway, the Officer was tall and lean. He definitely did not look like that piser. The Battalion that I was with, did not arrive in Beirut until November. No way could this poser be with our Battalion and serve in Beirut during the bombing. We were enroute to Grenada at that time. I remember reading names in the Stars and Stripes paper about the Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers that were killed in the bombing, including a Marine that my brother and I graduated with from Boot Camp. I was devastated, but relieved to find out that he did survive. However, like the rest of the Marines, Corpsmen, and Chaplains that were with the 8th Marines, we lost a lot of great Marines, and Corpsmen who we consider our friends, and brothers. It is a shame that we have these posers who want to disrespect, and dishonor our Fallen and Wounded Brothers. I have no respect for any posers like him at all.

  13. Tom Sawyer says:

    Now he claims to be alien. Check out Steve Olson channel on YouTube. He’s conning Christians for money

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