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“Trident? We ain’t got no tridents. We don’t need no tridents.” – Adapted from “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and “Blazing Saddles

Ramos - Dossier


Benjamin Robinson Ramos claims to be a frogman. He made this claim publicly on a Facebook post honoring an original Navy frogman, who turned 91 y/0 in May 2016. [NOTE: The frogman being honored is legitimate, not to mentioin a legend in the SEAL community. The point here is that Ramos’ experiences piggy-backed onto this discussion.]

ramos-because you served-redacted

Ramos frequently wears a Navy SEAL emblem on his ball caps.

ramos-seal team cap


He solidifies his commitment with a Frogman tattoo…


ramos-sunglasses and tattoo

Ramos also proudly displays a shadow box associating him with SEAL Team Three…


NOTE: Although not the same exact photo in the shadowbox above, a similar photo shown below from a sequence of photos shows this is Ben Ramos’ shadow box.


Ramos touts his proficiency with weapons, no doubt gained from his experience as a Navy SEAL




Members of the SEAL community got wind of Ramos’ claims and a background check was initiated.

Benjamin Ramos’ official military records were ordered.

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In addition, Ramos’ name was not found in the BUD/S-SEAL database.

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Ramos appears to have served honorably in the US Navy having served aboard the USS Bryce Canyon (AD-36) and USS Rogers (DD-876). He even had a couple of years of sea duty.

He completed a full four (4) year commitment to the US Navy and his Reserve status afterward, most likely in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). The IRR is a non-drilling Reservist but are subject to recall if needed. Most enlistments reflect 4 years active duty and 2 years IRR for a 6 year commitment. Point is, Ramos fulfilled his obligation.

He was discharged as an E-3. Not terribly high in rank but respectable.

However, Ramos was not a SEAL.



The Bonefrog is strictly a SEAL thing (meaning if your NOT a Navy SEAL then YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ONE)… they get these when they lose one of their own in the line of duty. It goes back to when they used to be called frogmen.

[A Navy SEAL] sketched the original bone frog shortly after being assigned to SEAL TEAM 5. After [he] was killed in a training accident in 2008, his Fellow Frogmen began tattooing [his] drawing of the bone frog on them when ever a fellow Frog was killed in combat.




The listing of no medals seems odd. It would be a difficult feat to get through four years of a Navy enlistment and not earn anything. Oh well, I guess it makes for easier uniform inspections. No trident insignia, no medals, and no badges.

The bottom line is that Ramos’ military service records do not support his claims of being a Navy SEAL. Also, his name is not listed in the BUD/S-SEAL database.

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Edison High School 1976 Yearbook
Edison HS 1976 - Benjamin Ramosramos-dog



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15 thoughts on “Benjamin Robinson Ramos – US Navy SEAL, Frogman, Blog of Shame

  1. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on yet another fellow claiming to be a SEAL, Benjamin Robinson Ramos. […]

  2. Ben Ramos says:

    Just for no good reason..being a fool..

  3. Benjamin Ramos says:

    It doesn’t matter if it’s on or not ..already lost everything. It’s a relief…but at a high cost..

  4. Clyde says:

    No awards or ribbons during his service time period was not uncommon. Most of my fellow 1 enlistment shipmates were limited to a National Defense and Good Conduct medals. Also service between August 1974 and August 1990 did not qualify for a National Defense Service Medal. Just plain ole’ boring naval service (except my shipmates of my last 3 1/2 yrs & I wore dolphins).

  5. Robert Doane says:

    Did he serve. Then put your big girl panties on and for Clyde, sorry but many Naval ribbons were given. I have a silver star, expeditionary, several others. Lebanon, Grenada, pre-Somalia, Libya, and many more unknown scurmishes.

    • silver star, expeditionary, several others. Lebanon, Grenada, pre-Somalia, Libya, and many more unknown scurmishes.? Please tell us more Mr.Doane. What branch of service? Were you enlisted or OCS? What date/s did you deploy to Libya? pre-Somalia? Lebanon? Grenada? and all of the other unknown skirmishes (correct spelling)? Do you still live in Florida?

    • ptbh says:

      Robert Doane, How could you have served in Somalia if you got out in 1987? What am I missing?

  6. Robert Doane says:

    What’s your claim militaryphonies

    • ptbh says:

      Robert Doane,

      How could you have served in Somalia if you got out in 1987? What am I missing? Above you implied during a conflict but perhaps it was just a routine port of call during peacetime?

    • ptbh says:

      Robert Doane, Which conflict were you awarded your Silver Star for?

  7. SSG D says:

    Mr Doane,
    At this point, you are just gunning for a severe session in a smoke pit. These gentlemen do their homework, and your replies have been severely disjointed, with no clear definition.

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