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“You can’t make fruit salad without having at least one fruit.” – Anonymous

“Ya can’t make ribbon salad with no ribbons”Any legit veteran

Qualls - Dossier 2


Jose Timoteo Qualls, whose nickname is “Kevin“,  claims that he was a Master Sergeant (MSgt / E-8) that served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

qualls - uniform

A witness claims he has also been spotted in a USMC Captain’s uniform, but since we have no pictures of that debacle we will stick with the fake SNCO thing he likes to sport about in.

Qualls claimed that he served from 1988 to 2011 on his LinkedIn page. Besides being in Force Recon Military Intelligence SATCOM, he was also responsible for “Kicking ASS”.

linkedin - usmc

On his Radaris resume, he claims that his service in the Marines was from 1988 – 2012. We are not sure of why there is a one year discrepancy.

He claims 15 years and two Purple Hearts on this tribute page to a fallen Marine.


In any case, he claims Force Recon, and the photo of him shows a “scuba bubble”, jump wings, a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) and a Purple Heart (claims two). He may have two Purple Hearts in the photo since he claims two, but the photo is too grainy to tell if there is a second award designated.


However, he clearly claims two (2)  Purple Hearts on his LinkedIn profile page. Having been awarded one in November 1992 and another in March 2003.

qualls-linkedin-purple hearts

Which conflict in 1992 would have earned him a Purple Heart?  Something didn’t seem right so Qualls’ official military records were ordered.

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According to the DoD Manpower Database, Qualls was not on active duty to be awarded a Purple Heart for either November 1992 or March 2003. His alternate name of “Kevin” was also searched and revealed no results.

Qualls was not in the USMC CAR database by evidence of “No search results”.   This database has been known not to be accurate or all inclusive, so it is just one reference tool.  However, which conflict would he have been involved with in 1988-1989 to earn a Combat Action Ribbon?


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NPRC FOIA dod-mdc

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Although Qualls could have been in the reserves since he claims 1988 – 2011 (2012 on one source), it is difficult to believe the Purple Heart claims since he was not on active duty on either of the dates claimed (i.e. 1992 and 2003). Where would he have been in November of 1992 to be in a position to receive a Purple Heart anyway? Nov 1992 was too early for Somalia.

These awards do not appear in his official military records, nor does the Combat Action Ribbon, nor is there any supportive qualification for a scuba bubble, jump wings or any assignment, training or MOS indicative of Force Recon.  He was trained as a radio wireman.


According to his official records Qualls does not have many medals, probably a result of his such short stay in the USMC. His time in service is odd, just over one year at 13 months. Certainly not the 23-24 years that he claimed either directly in a resume or indirectly by wearing a uniform with service stripes of at least 16 years.

The claims of the Combat Action Ribbon and two Purple Heart awards, as well as the unauthorized wearing of the uniform make these claims rise to the level of potential Stolen Valor. Since the claims are made on Qualls’ LinkedIn page as he solicits work in the computer industry, it makes the claims even more noteworthy from the aspect of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.

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qualls - collage

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14 thoughts on “Jose Timoteo Qualls – US Marine Corps Force Recon, Two (2) Purple Hearts, Combat Action Ribbon, Blog of Shame

  1. Lester Sutphin says:

    You shame those who went before you. You shame the Marine Corps. You shame yourself and your family !!!

    • Jose Qualls says:

      This person has given only some of the story along with lies. I have commented on this posting. Please read.

      • kbw83 says:

        Likewise, read my response to your comments. Please supply your DD-214 that shows your Recon training and qualifications, along with your two Purple Hearts. That will be more efficient than you ranting on these comment boards. Cowboy up and let’s get this done.

  2. KillerB says:

    Freaking wannabe. Time to face the piper turd sniffer.

    • Jose Qualls says:

      Stuck on stupid. You believe everything you hear. I served 23 years active and reserve. Yes I am a combat disabled veteran and this is what I get for serving my country.

      • kbw83 says:

        People read facts and come to an opinion based on those facts. You’ve presented nothing but a few rants. Read my response to your comments. Please supply your DD-214 that shows your Recon training and qualifications, along with your two Purple Hearts. That will be more efficient than you ranting on these comment boards. Cowboy up and let’s get this done.

  3. Dave Hardin says:

    He earned his EGA and then pissed all over it, I fucking hate that shit. Sorry son of a bitch had to embellish his career beyond recognition.

  4. Lockjaw says:

    You have not a shred of honor or credibility. You earned your EGA, but then you disgrace yourself by falsely claiming these commendations and rank you did not earn. You, sir, need to man up for your stolen valor and seek forgiveness from those you have insulted.

  5. […] again, the folks at Military Phony send us their hard work on this fellow, Jose Timoteo Qualls. He claims 24 years of service and, as […]

  6. Greg Jeppson says:

    What a loser, !!! from DOC

  7. Jose Qualls says:

    Hey, go fuck yourself. Lets get this straight. U have 23 years from 1988 to 2011 active and reserve. For you dum asses who believe everything you hear. You are stuck on stupid also. I see you only pulled up 1 part of my dd214 and not all. Show me who said they have seen me in a officers uniform and I will show you a lair. Since my retirement pension speaks for itself and my disability pension also. It is a shame people like you don’t have better things to do.

    • kbw83 says:

      The possibility that you were in the Reserves is addressed in the blog.

      All, let me repeat that, ALL of your active duty time would have shown up in several resources and there is no active duty beyond the 13 months. This would mean, if your version of the truth is correct, that you would have gotten both of your Purple Hearts while in a non-active duty status – Nov 1992 and Mar 2003. This is impossible. The only Purple Hearts that could have been awarded to people NOT on currently on active duty would have been the Pentagon attack on 9-11-2001.

      DD-214s are not issued for completion of Reserve service – only for completion of active duty.

      We stand behind what we’ve written. If you can show documentation to the contrary, we would be glad to consider it but the information and how we characterized that information was more than fair and gave you the benefit of the doubt.

      Please supply your DD-214 that shows that you were awarded two Purple Hearts and we will promptly make a correction.

  8. kbw83 says:

    Hey Jose, You got some more posts to counter over here:

  9. Marine1stSgt says:

    I would think a dumbass claiming that many years of service and the rank of M/Sgt would at least know how to put on his shooting badges…….Jose you are busted. Man up or is that asking to much of you?

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