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“I’m a Veteran, having served where I did fucked with me pretty bad.  It’s not something I talk about much.  It’s a part of the reason I airsoft too.  It’s therapy… Fireworks though, they fuck with me BAD!” – William R. Mayor Jr.

Mayor - Dossier copy


William R. Mayor Jr., who has sometimes used the name “William R. Hanzo”, is a veteran fixture around Malvern, Ohio.  Displaying a sign, he lets everyone know that he is a combat veteran that has PTSD and is troubled by fireworks.


Mayor implies he was a Navy SEAL evidenced by the trident on his uniform.

Mayor - Navy SEAL





mayor - seal uniform

He even showed his commitment with a SEAL Bone Frog tattoo…

mayor - bones tattoo

He hinted at PTSD and implied serving in Columbia with a reference to the “Land of Coffee and Drugs”. He spoke about brown water Navy, SBU’s (Special Boat Units) and SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen).

mayor - pms 2

Mayor was involved with some charity work and hosted a charity event in June 2013. Mayor had said that donated money would be split between “Wags 4 Warriors” and “Ghost Rider Foundation“.  Some people checked with these organizations and Wags 4 Warriors said they did not attend the event and did not get donations from Mayor but suggested that donations could have come in under a different name.

mayor-wags 4 warriors


mayor-wags 4 warriors-no permission

Ghost Rider Foundation was consulted and they said that they were not familiar with this event.mayor-ghostrider2

Although the results were inconclusive about Mayor’s charity work, suspicions were raised.  People in the community as well as some Ex-Army Special Forces, ex-Army Rangers and ex-SO gathered info on Mayor.

William Mayor’s official military records were ordered.

. . . . .


Mayor - USMCR-selected
Mayor -US Navy-selected

mayor - dd214. . . . .


In addition, Mayor’s name was not found in the BUD/S-SEAL database. Although he has used the last name ‘Hanzo’, he served in the military under ‘Mayor’.

. . . . .


USMC Reservenprc USN Active Duty – Datesdod-mdc USN Active Duty – All

. . . . .


Mayor only spent six (6) months on active duty. Besides his official military records listing no training or qualification that would indicate that he was a SEAL, he had no service listed that would indicate combat.

He spent a few months on the USS Portland (LSD-37) but was discharged early for some reason. He was discharged as a Seaman Recruit (SR) at the rank of E-1. He had passed the six month point of his Navy career and should have picked up E-2 automatically, so there may have been issues that precluded him from making rank and staying in the Navy. There is always a possibility of a hardship discharge related to family issues back home and no fault of his own, but that is not consistent with the lack of promotion to E-2.

MilitaryPhony can’t comment much on Mayor’s PTSD or his charity work with PSTD. However, there was a very small window during Mayor’s enlistment for something to even happen to him, so perhaps his PTSD is not service related?  We can’t really say for sure but the Combat Veteran sign that Mayor displays indicates that his PTSD has some relation to explosions or loud noises.

The bottom line is that Mayor’s military service records do not support his claims of being a combat veteran, a Navy SEAL, or service with SBU or SWCC.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wm.r.mayor.jr

PaganSpace: http://www.paganspace.net/profile/WilliamRMayorJr

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thisainthell-mayorThis Ain’t Hell: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=66518

24 thoughts on “William R. Mayor Jr. – US Navy SEAL, Combat Veteran, Blog of Shame

  1. Mark Lauer says:

    I will go straight out on a limb and say that he does NOT have a case of PTSD. He is playing it up too much. Those I know who do suffer from it do NOT advertise the fact, and don’t put signs up in their yards to let people know. In fact, given the climate in the country, and the way the VA wants to keep guns out of the hands of Veterans these days, it doesn’t help any veteran to admit they have the disease.
    Also; considering that the charities that were contacted either didn’t know anything about the event this guy was at, or didn’t receive any of the money he raised, I would go even further out on that limb and say that he is using the old “i caught the PTSD” card to raise a little capital for himself.
    Now remember, all of y’all reading this; the views expressed by ME are MY opinions alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of the people who run this site. So, there.

  2. […] folks at Military Phony send us their work on this William R. Mayor fellow. He claims that he was Naval Special Warfare and […]

  3. LebbenB says:

    In the photos with him in camouflage, it looks like he’s rocking an EIB along with the trident.

    • GDContractor says:

      LebbenB! Was worried about you for the past couple of years! Glad to see you back on the interwebs!


    his FB page is https://www.facebook.com/wm.r.mayor.jr
    I know this peice of shit and we all saw through his bullshit from day one but couldn’t prove it… Well done and thank you for calling this worthless fucker out!!!!!!

    • kbw83 says:

      The link you posted to his Facebook page is correct. Looks like Mayor has taken down his Facebook page now.

    • Lynn says:

      This idiot never made it through BOOT CAMP. He couldnt take the pressure and went AWOL. He has NEVER seen a day of combat in his LIFE. I KNOW ALL of this to be 100% TRUE. ANYONE can message me and I will gladly inform them of this SCAMMER. I will tell you the TRUTH about him. HES A FAKE!!!

  5. Matt says:

    The gods will put you in hel for this. You shit bag.

  6. Shana Price says:

    This piece of shit I know personally. His gf and her kids evidently believes his crap too. I’d suggest someone warn her but I doubt she will believe reality at this point.

    • burn_him_at_the_stake says:

      She believes EVERY word he says and even sent him on a “Military Training” thing he told her he HAD to go to as part of his Military training. She paid for him to go. I didnt know the military required you to pay for your own training? She ALSO believes the 2 of them ARE married, because they got dressed up, had some FAT SLOB lay a sword in the grass at the park. He told them:express your love for each other. OK, JUMP across the sword, YOUR MARRIED!!! lol SO, she IS committing welfare fraud on top of HIS LIES of being in the military. I HOPE that welfare realizes they ARENT MARRIED, they NEVER WERE MARRIED. Anyhow, HOW can SHE get married when she is STILL legally married to her ex? William has her wrapped SO TIGHT around his finger, she THINKS his word is “THE WORD” I mean come on, HE told her the kids NEED home schooled, so she pulled the kids out of school and has them doing cyber school. She NEEDS away from him before he ruins her life and the kids life also.

  7. Skippy says:

    Another one bites the dust. I Bet the Hair is going to have a Field day with this one 😂😂

  8. YouBigDumbass says:

    The only people w PTSD are likely the women that he has been violent with. Check out his criminal records. Machining County appeals shows him taking a plea bargain for hitting a woman in the face w a brick and stabbing her. There is stuff on him all over NE Ohio. He’s a violent lying douchebag and anyone who believes his BS should really have their head examined. This family has multiple fundraising accounts all over social media. They have had several Go Fund Me accounts for themselves and then they have started many for other “causes.” This dude can’t even hack a 9-5, let alone 6 months in the military. Jail time, though, he can do bc you can’t pussy your way out of that! I’m sure he cried like a baby every day he was in there.

  9. I noticed that someone suggested that his gf and her kids be told the truth. They have been told by multiple sources, including her parents, but she won’t listen. I would have to think back on his record, but I doubt he even came close to six months service, and that includes his time at Great Lakes Medical for mental health treatment and his 29 days of AWOL. I am just glad that someone has exposed him, now if the authorities would go after him for some of his questionable fundraising or investigate whether he and his gf, or wife as she claims, are actually married or are they scamming welfare. And by the way, his use of violence and lying behavior goes back to juvie days. He got in trouble for assaulting a teacher in Junior high.

  10. eliadefollower says:

    I noticed that someone suggested that his girlfriend and her children be told the truth about Wii, Jr. They have been multiple times, but she refuses to believe it. I cannot say if the children believe him or not. I can also assure people that he did not make a full six months service. He made boot and one brief cruise out of Little Creek before he went AWOL for 29 days, being returned to Great Lakes on the 30th day, and then spent time in the mental unit at Great Lakes until he was told that he could take a DD and get out, which he did.

  11. eliadefollower says:

    A new heads up, a friend just suggested that I check out William, Jr’.s ZERE Survival School site. It is still up and available. It claims an H.I. Wolf as being involved, but that is just another of Junior’s aliases.

  12. eliadefollower says:

    It has been suggested to me that I support Will, Jr, so I guess I should. If any of you who claim to know him also know how to contact him, please have him get in touch with his biological family. He has often stated that he supports both law enforcement and the military, so we want to support him in this by having his current address available should any MP’s come around looking for it.

  13. LibertyFreak says:

    He also has, or had at one time, a PTSD service dog.

    • Liberty, he has claimed to have a PTSD service dog. However, such dogs are always large breeds, and what he had was a small breed. I doubt he still has the dog, but when he changed his Facebook page, or more likely started a new one, he did not invite blood family to be friends, so our current knowledge is limited, and soon to be three years since we directly heard from him.

  14. Jim Grindstaff says:

    This guy is a total POS.

    • Jim, thank you for the link to “dating psychos”. It gives me new knowledge about what the POS has been up to recently, with only a couple surprises (only 18 days in jail? he got off easy). I also see no reason to doubt the posting as certain details tell me precisely who made the post.

  15. eliadefollower says:

    Lynn, on 3-16-2017 you stated that this POS never made it through boot camp. I must differ. He did make it through boot and was assigned to the Portland. He had one SHORT cruise, less than 1 week if I remember correctly, then went AWOL. A deal was struck whereby he turned himself in rather than be declared a deserter, and was transported to Great Lakes. There he underwent a psych eval and was in mental health care until someone told him that if he accepted a DD he could get out. He could not sign the papers fast enough.

  16. Marie says:

    This POS took money from me back in 2005. 1500 bucks to help him buy a car. I thought I was helping him out until he could get a job. Then he disappeared. We were good friends then he tells me he went to the hospital for his bipolar and they don’t allow phone calls which I know is a lie since I work in that field.then he poofs again… Probably a good thing.

    • eliadefollower says:

      Marie. it was a very good thing that you lost contact with him. He would have taken you for every cent he could. However, I think the reason that you lost contact with him was that he was in the pokey for a while around that time. I do not remember the exact dates. After he got out he took another woman for a few thousand dollars before she wised up. He then borrowed a thousand to fifteen hundred from another “friend”, but actually got forced to work to pay that off. He then found his current squeeze, supposed wife, and mooched off her and her family until her family booted them both as she would not cut him loose. Whether or not they are still together in the Akron area I am not certain. Some comments make me think that she might have finally booted him but I do not know.

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