Caleb McGee – I lied, I’m sorry. Now for my next song.


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Caleb Andrew McGee is a musician that served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Apparently he has been telling friends and fans that he fought overseas in the desert for some time now.

In a personal interview, McGee, no stranger to guns as a former marine and desert war veteran, told Red Dirt Report that he has no problem with people who legally have or carry guns, but worries the court’s decision may have a negative impact on festival attendance.

The walls seemed to be closing in on his lies as he got indications that people were looking into his military background.  So McGee decided to make a confession. Well, sort of.

First of all, it was in between songs…

Here is the transcript in case it is difficult to hear what McGee was saying on stage.


As indicated, the hourglass may have been running out of sand.  Military Phony had ordered his records long before his confession. But to what exactly did he make a confession?

Then, an article appeared talking about his confession.

So, was he confessing to an embellishment that he fought in the desert or that he did a full enlistment in the US Marine Corps? Finally, his records came back.

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McGee-04. . . . .


NPRC FOIA dod-mdc

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McGee went to boot camp in San Diego CA, then School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton CA, then to his service school in Meridian MS for Marine Aviation Supply Clerk. He seemed to run into problems while in school. He had an Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP) while there. He was reduced to a Private (E-1) in Feb 2004.

What is strange is that he doesn’t appear to have graduated from school but yet his DD-214 says that he did and received the MOS.  We believe he had additional legal issues after his NJP.  Some sort of legal hold prevented him from being transferred to his first real command.  

In any case, he was kicked out of the Marine Corps and never deployed overseas.

He is a Marine, so he earned the title, but things went downhill quickly after he earned his EGA.

in USMC blues

He came clean but it is uncertain what he came clean about – serving in the desert in combat, completing his obligated enlistment or both?

How much is enough? Some think his apology between songs, or the “I lied, I’m sorry. Now for my next song”, was not specific, quite rushed and did not give the opportunity for friends and fans to react. It also struck some as out of place.

It seems apparent that he is sorry his lies have cost him a relationship.  He seems unconcerned about his fellow veterans. 

We would think that if he was honestly sorry and wanted to correct the lies he has been publicly announcing for years, he would at least post one to his Facebook page.  You known, pin it to the top for a while for all the people who heard his nonsense to read.  I guess we here at militaryphony are not too impressed with half measures.

Others may feel like he came clean and that was the important thing.

What do you think?

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headshot - comparison

mcgee-USMC tattooface pic





5 thoughts on “Caleb McGee – I lied, I’m sorry. Now for my next song.

  1. He fessed up, much more than most do. We’ll see where it goes from here.

  2. Dave Hardin says:

    Nice to see he has cleaned up his act since the Corps shit canned him. Real go getter here. Sounds like his girlfriend had bigger balls than him, I guess he likes it that way. Best regards to the girlfriend, hope she finds a man that knows how to keep her happy. He seemed real torn up about it all. I didn’t notice any apology on his facebook page either.

  3. Mike P says:

    Caleb who?

  4. Kevin Winters says:

    When did they start redacting marksmanship quals? None of the records I’ve requested have ever had that redacted.

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