Jeffrey Belk; phony Special Forces, The Dating Delta Force Delinquent


02/11/2016 by militaryphonies Ladies, here is your chance to date one of these clowns.  He comes complete with countless hours of tall tales to tantalize and tease.  We wouldn’t wait too long because some lucky woman is going to snatch the guy right off the market.

We hear he is a Combat Hero too.  Scary stories about daring-do. Confirmed Kills. Delta Force Operator. Retired Master Sergeant. What a guy.

He is a real charmer.  It seems he is weight conscious, we are so glad he is upfront about that.  It would be traumatic for women everywhere if they thought he was the man of their dreams only to be rejected for having a few extra pounds.  When looking for your soulmate who will stand by you through thick and thin, this guy is serious about the thin part.

He comes with a little baggage.

Of course his stories about Military Service are nonsense. But, lets not have anyone pass up the opportunity to fall for this guy.  At least you will know he is a liar from the get go.


With an ego that bloated, it might be a good idea if he slimmed  down a bunch himself.  Maybe we can help with that.

Stop on over to for the rest of the story and some lively commentary.

Source: Jeffrey Belk; phony Special Forces : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

237 thoughts on “Jeffrey Belk; phony Special Forces, The Dating Delta Force Delinquent

  1. troy says:

    214 930 7304 this is the shit bags dallas phone number he is some where in farmers branch tx

    • Reb says:

      Late getting your information about Posuer pussy BELK…PRICELESS! A phone number I need. Owns Chris Kyles gun and was his shooting buddy…yup, sounds like the true…Threats against your family from TX, via phone or internet is a prosecutional FELONY! I’LL get a number for a detective in your me with your info.

  2. troy says:

    Of course he is hidding out he made all kind of threats against me and my family big mistake

    • Steph says:

      Troy you ought to contact his daughter’s mom. Since he’s on the run hiding out with her, I’m sure CPS would be interested in this entire situation…especially the pill popping week over Thanksgiving! 9314944702 is her number, I’ve heard she’s been trying to find him.

    • Karma says:

      This guy is on the verge of breaking from reality and with his guns and chemical addictions anything could happen. His erratic antisocial behavior makes me agree with others who’ve said he could be the next disturbed mass shooter. I would go to the authorities ASAP to protect your family. Jeffrey Belk needs to be locked up to protect the general pubic and himself.

      • Steph says:

        Karna.. this guy hasn’t even been in the same universe as reality in DECADES!

      • Reb says:

        If your truly afraid of the prick, file charges ASAP. Get a case number as proof that its been reported. When he does flip out…you did your duty as a citizen by reporting his threats. Video of drug abuse and flip outs are priceless to a detective… Stay the hell SAFE…

  3. Karma says:

    He took the shooting videos down but I’m sure if Troy wanted a copy to take to the cops all he needs to do is ask. There were several cases cited where the DAs in cities brought charges on people just based on social media post showing gun possession alone. This guy has several shooting vids out there.

    Cheese dick Teaser

    • troy says:

      If interested here is what i can find on this military posing dead beat dad with multible felonies who is 2149307617 2149307304 8189183819 his mailing 417 San Jose St. Irving, Tx. 75062

  4. troy says:

    Oh here is another number he is using 8189183819

  5. troy says:

    Karma i will do everything i can he amd his other personaliyies he post as and hides behind because is no man how can anyone call them selves a man when they mistreat thier disabled mother who the courts took custody away or a dead beat dad who claims his kids colleges are paid for by him bjt skips thestate ecause heis so far behind on child support and has multible fellonies and then attacks the only family that would have him visit over the thanks giving holiday. Rhis pos should have left me, my family and the real veterian fighting to recover from thier real i juries they have incurred fighting for this country. This is his mailing address and phone nu.bers i have for him so far 417 San Jose St. Irving, Tx. 75062 2149307304 2149307617 8189183819

    • Reb says:


      Thanks for the information. We’ll be contacting law enforcement in our great STATE OF TEXAS to do a welfare check. Pouser is now in a CARRY A WEAPON state and that really scares me because of his mental state….

      • Troy arrington says:

        Well he is carring a glock 43 45 caliber despite having been denied gun ownership poession or handling by the florida clemency board. He is abusing alchol with xanax and is very erractic and using his daughter fallon as his personal slave it is a very traggic situation for that little girl.

    • Karma says:

      This is the way he operates… poor me ,single father, everyone is out to get me, crying like a bitch, blah blah blah. Then do something he doesn’t like and he goes Psychotic and claims you touched his daughter or something else outrageous. He has fucked over almost everyone he’s ever known. He probably turned to you with some sob story now that his family will have nothing to do with him.
      Wait a couple of weeks and he’ll call you like nothing ever happened.

      The 417 address is for his step father. There was an assault with a deadly weapon for that address around the time Jeff moved back to Tx. Not sure if he was involved or not but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • troy arrington says:

        I here that it was jeff assulting his step dad John. Are there others that he made false accusations with Child Protective Services That would help. We have been advised to file charges with the sheriff office and just so happens the sheriff and his wife know my wifes family very well my wife went to school with his wife from grade school through high school. Once the Child Protective Services has cleared the complain jeff made anomalously because he is a criminal on the run and just a plain yellow belly scuzz bag of shit to be a man and own up to his lies. Unlike jeff i post using my real name and do not make up any lie the reports and charges to be files will be using my real self . If life has thought me one thing the truth does hurt sometimes but lies will leave you alone and on the run from life and reality. and said to say i have known this dirt bag posser since 1989 and never liked him. His wounderful mother and step dad were like parrents to me and i only put up with occassional contact with jeff out of respect for his mother and that and because his daughter Is Karen’s granddaught and only because of this is why my wife and i agreed to let his come for thanksgiving. And you nailed it he claimed that hit brother andd his wife was the ones in control of her medications and would not give them to her daily which is why she had the 2nd stroke last year. What little time he was not drunk while poping xanax thats all he didd is complain that everyone was out to get him for no reason especially these blogs which he has prosecutied and 2 of yall are already in jail. like i said you nailed him to a t.

  6. BATMAN says:

    Wow! I know this guy. What rock have I been under. I have heard all sorts of lies out of his mouth. He told me he was special forces to. This guy is a real BUTTHOLE!!!!

    • Troy arrington says:

      Yea he is a real piece. I have his text to me braging his has kris kyles 50 bmg snipper riffle whrn kris kyle used a 308 custom. That should have been my first clue so how are you so unlucky to know him batman

  7. 2fast says:

    This cat would show up @ my rc track telling everyone he owned it. Ive heard it all now. My buddy was right. I cant wait to tell everyone about this. Yes he claims to be miilitary. Should have known it was a lie after customers started talking to me like i worked for him. What a sack of shit.

    • The truth says:

      You own glory road ministrys race track… Is your name tony Ashley???

      • Karma says:

        If you’ve rubbed elbows with this bipolar psychopath you had better be on guard. He likes to try to get involved with charitable organizations and pretend to help and play the good guy. Mr….I can get you a free roof and your insurance will never go up….all lies. What he is really looking for is cover for his bullshit, praying no one will look into his background.

        Again, if you run across Jeffrey Belk do and extensive background check and read thru all the charges listed on this site and thisainthell. He a very unstable person with an extensive criminal history. He usually only stays on one place for a short time before his cover is blown.

        If he is involved your organization in anyway alert the people in charge..protect yourself !!!!

      • Reb says:

        The punk bitch is a disaster in the making….when he takes out innocent people after a mental breakdown, everyone of us needs to remember who they contacted about the punks bullshit.

        My file is tight with proven dumbass little adventures with pictures and videos…. I sent copies to each law enforcement agencies….

  8. Troy arrington says:

    Yeah as soon as we are cleared from cps from all the lies we are going to the country sheriff department to press charges anyone with pictures and video of jeff with guns you can email them to me at like i said im not going to be his victum ever again. I offered to help this pos so he could go into rehab to get help healthy with no judging only because fallon is karens granddaughter. His rain of terror and keeping fallon in hiding and using her as his personal slave and care giver. I tried reaching out to his brother and step brother but no luck. I tried to call and text the mothers numbrr give by steph but no luck. Amazingly having hard time getting to anyone who really cares for fallon. Seems everyone is either ignoring the issue or are scared of his bull shit. Me like i said i just getting started at putting things right. I putting together a complaint to file with the florida clemency board that his continues to violet the terms of thier order and is unlawfully carrying hand gun while on the run with his daughter putting her health and wellbeing in danager.

    • Karma says:

      I think awhile back he lied about a preacher grabbing the girl and he tried to take a restraining order out on him. From what I hear the preacher was telling everyone Jeff was a fraud and Jeff was trying to shut him up. He lost in court and then lied about it, naturally. Then continued to harass the preachers family. He’s called others from fake numbers and made threats or he’ll have one of his nut swingers try to intimate you. This guy is a true bottom feeder as you are finding out.

      • Reb says:

        My email address is on one of the posts. Everything you have on the TURD, please email to me. Time to shut the asshole up..

    • Karma says:

      While your writing letters to the clemency office in Florida make another copy for NC.
      I’m sure he will petition for it in NC and we need to be sure they have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Below is the paper and email contact info.

      Governor’s Clemency Office
      4294 Mail Service Center
      Raleigh, N.C. 27699-4294
      Phone: 919-715-1695
      Fax: 919-715-8623

  9. Edward says:

    Just got off the phone, and found out about this cozy place. Jeffery at it again. I had to call the police after asking him politely not to dump garbage behind our store. I was very nice about it. He flipped out in the store in front of customers. I asked him to leave several times. No reasoning with this man He was sneaking in on weekends feeling our dumpster up. I have a video of the two fat boys at work. Its nice to see people coming togather to deal with this bully.

    • Karma says:

      The thing that people need to realize about Jeff is that he’s been doing this for a long time and thinks everyone else is stupid. He’s always hug around with criminals and perverts.

      A co-defendant in one of his Florida convictions was his best bud Jesse Mullen (convicted pervert) I can only imagine the type of twisted crap these two would get into. It looks like his bud had a psych eval done after exposing himself and getting 1yr probation.

      Jesse Mullen Case: 90-CM-023235-A Hillsborough County Fl



      • Yolanda van der Puijl says:

        Love to get everything in writing to nail the bitch..

        BUDDHA says Anger in your heart must be replaced by Forgiveness🙇

  10. Karly says:

    Wow, he likes to hang around with perverts and seems to be fond of playing with RC cars.
    That sounds a lot like pedophiles hanging around a playground. Wonder how many RC tracks and hobby shops are in his new area.

    If anyones looking to collect debts from this psychopath the Texas Secretary of State has a business register on 8-01-16. I think he has some people looking for him in NC. Go get’m
    The RP is for his father no doubt (Robert Patrick).

    Jeffrey Belk
    RP Belk Enterprises LLC
    State ID 802511376
    Tax ID 32061179209

    • Reb says:

      Thanks for the info….

    • TC says:

      Jeffrey Belk
      Ahh yes, It’s the fake special forces multi state convicted felon con artist bipolar extraordinaire.
      Sources say he’s near Dallas TX still lying thru his sux hole, staying up to the wee hours on Xanax and cocaine. I image it’s tough to sleep trying to figure out who to scam next.
      He wasn’t able to rip his poor mother out of the nursing home so he could steal her social security checks so he’s still on the prowl for the next victim. Still hiding child support money from his ex for their two kids. I can’t image the damage this guy would do to a young mind. I guess you could say two escaped but one not so lucky.

      • Reb says:

        Does the SUPER ASSHOLE still have custody of the child?

      • Karly says:

        From what I hear unfortunately the answer is yes.

        I got a feeling someone will come forward with more dirt on this guy shortly.
        Once a lying coward piece of shit dirt bag always a dirt bag. I’ve heard a few people are still
        looking for their pound of flesh from this guys fat ass.

        Jeffrey Belk #keephidingfelon

  11. The truth says:

    He told me that he likes having a fan club. Especially from a bunch of uneducated trolls. Hell even TAH shut you monkeys down

    • Karly says:

      The fact that he thinks this is a joke just proves how disconnected he is. Nothing new about that though.

      If you are hanging around this antisocial psychopath let us give you a little history and advise. He was diagnosed along time ago as bipolar, according to sources close to him. He is usually under the influence of anti-psychotics, alcohol and other drugs. He is know to threaten to shot and or harm people. He is a felon who openly posted videos of himself shooting assault style weapons as fast as he can. Sounds a lot like another psychopath in the news lately ….Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas shooter. Paddock was also just discovered to have been prescribed an anti-psychotic drug.

      Jeffrey Belk shares a lot of the same markers as previous mass shooters. You should take steps to protect yourself and your family. If you have knowledge of any of his plans we suggest you goto the authorities. You could be charged with aiding and abetting or an accessory to what ever he is planning.

      Be safe!

      • Duh? says:

        Why isn’t he in jail and who the hell has the little girl? Everything you have needs to be printed up ASAP..when you have everything (work as a team and one person gather) post you have it and I’ll give a email address to send it to…he’s beyond dangerous…

      • Karly says:

        Most of the information is on the blogs already I believe. TAH still has the video up of him shooting the assault rifle, but there are others floating around. I believe Reb and others have copies of his court records and shooting videos. When he was popped for cocaine he was also in possession of another controller substance which he was able to explain away. I believe it was his prescription Xanax. He used to say it was for his PTSD so people would give him a pass on his erratic self-destructive behavior. We found out later is was all bull and just part of his fake military con. You would think that the police would pick him up just based on the felon with a gun video or for the mountain of back child support.

      • Reb says:

        I spent two years tracking and stacking his bullshit, sent it off and the asshole disappears again. Now in TX and sent it there. If I remember right STOLEN VALOR was done by a Senator there. I’m searching and than sending to that Senator. Maybe it’ll piss him off and something will be done. FALLON is my only concern she needs to be with KRICKETT SAFE!

  12. Karletta says:

    Jeff is at it again in Dallas, Texas, with his daughter. Everyone in the neighborhood is on to him, and so is his daughter’s school. How is this guy not in jail and how does CPS allow him to have custody. What’s up with his ex Kricket? Is she just as big as a POS as he is? He’s raising his daughter to be a grifter like him and it’s so sad.

    • Karly says:

      So what neighborhood is he terrorizing now? What school issues?

      I’m pretty sure Kricket is far and away a better person and parent than the multi-state felon.
      Anyone that meets Jeff instantly feels sorry for the little girl.
      Jeffrey isn’t going to give up the kid for anything. First, its a source of income which he desperately needs. Second, it’s his personal human shield as others have stated before. Using the child to disarm people is probably his goto now that he has been exposed for being a military fraud. Teaching his daughter to be a grifter is putting it mildly.

  13. CROSS says:

    Perhaps everyone in the neighborhood should get with cricket and help get the kid back woth her mom?

    • Karly says:

      I totally agree, someone should pass this around his neighborhood

      If anyone wants his full plea transcript for this case it’s 13CRS 51632 Union County NC
      I believe the final sentence was 12 months probation on 6-4-15.

      NC Statute 90-95(D) (2) Felony

    • Reb says:

      Read below😘

      • Karly says:

        I hear ya

      • Karly says:

        We just found a police reports from the Farmers Branch TX police department.

        IR Number 1600213504 Burglary of Habitation 11/06/16

        The report basically says that he was robbed of about $10K but there was no sign of forced entry. It’s sounds like he is up to his old tricks, scamming the insurance company yet again.
        Best of all, he claimed a Special Coin was taken as part of the fake heist.
        I’m sure he was trying to bond with the police over his fake SF coins and military service.
        More of the same from this dirt bag.

        If you want the full report Farmers Branch PD has an on line form on their website.
        It’s super easy.

  14. Chris bragg says:

    Tami Crawford poincia fl. 2 years behind on child support of 308 dollar’s a month. I don’t think she is providing to much financial security to the child’s future. Plus the fact that there was an emergency custody pick up order granted to the father this summer by the state of Florida proves it. Do your research trolls

    • Karly says:

      Jeff, no one believes that shit about Tami just like no one believes Chis Bragg is really on here defending you. Just concentrate on hiding from child support services.

      • CROSS says:

        Hmmm angry the sure income isn’t delivering? Hypocrisy

      • CROSS says:

        Records indixate the removal order was based solely on the custody order… try harder to make yourself into a martyr.

      • Karly says:

        A little birdy sent me a copy of his Arrest Order. Jeffrey Belk is this why you move so often?
        Fingers crossed we will get a new mugshot before Christmas.

      • Karly says:

        Running from child support

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Bell aka Bragg,

      You’re so full of shit the doctor refilled your prescription for “diarrhea of the mouth”

      FRAMERS BRANCH, TX is now investigating your ass for “insurance fraud”. Filing a fake “Someone broke into your house and ripped you off” is a felony asshole.
      Yup! You can thank me shithead. I sent them your whole file.
      Payback is a bitch and your the the biggest fake lying bitch I have yet to meet.


      • Karly says:

        There are two police reports where he claimed to be an Army vet and a mugshot where he was arrested for filing a false report about a stolen vehicle. I thinks it’s all been documented on the 2 blogs. He’s been doing this for years.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        Detectives have everything unless I missed something..I absolutely hate the asshole

  15. R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

    Belk…in the hot seat? How’s it feel being I investigated for INSURANCE FRAUD? ROLMAO..

    • karlywang says:

      Jeffrey Belk, adding more accolades. This is going to be a great 2018!
      Maybe he’ll show up on a few deadbeat dad websites as well, apparently
      he just loves all the attention…lol
      I’m sure his insurance company is upside down on him with all his false claims.

  16. Karly says:

    He was over due for more trouble…Eviction filed 11-28-17
    It sounds like Jeffrey Belk is being evicted as we speak or is already kicked out.
    Would love to know the details if anyone knows more!!

    Case JE1702729A in district 3-1 Dallas county Texas

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Can’t pay the rent with all the insurance claims the asswipe filed for fake “I got ripped off” without signs of break in must mean he’s spending bucks on drugs…
      Where is FALLON? Anyone have her 20?

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        Guess I should call the detective investigating the FRAUD case…love to see his ass arrested..

      • Karly says:

        I imagine he still has her in tow, she’s the only trump card he has left to play.
        He’s a sad sack of shit to be sure.

      • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

        Thanks for the info. CPS and NC officials are morons. The Assclown hopefully gets his soon.

  17. Karly says:

    Anyone looking to employ this guy should think twice. Jeffrey Belk sued a previous employer
    in Charleston SC for over $100,000. The car dealership where he was painting was able to get a lawyer and fight him off fortunately. Roofing insurance, false police reports for renters insurance and auto body shops have all felt his sting. Protect yourself from this predator.

    A quick search of the Charleston SC public index (clerk of court)
    Case 2009CP1007369

    • R Grace MEIHUIZEN says:

      Thanks for the information. We’ll check it out but I think we have it…

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