Jeffrey Belk; phony Special Forces, The Dating Delta Force Delinquent


02/11/2016 by militaryphonies Ladies, here is your chance to date one of these clowns.  He comes complete with countless hours of tall tales to tantalize and tease.  We wouldn’t wait too long because some lucky woman is going to snatch the guy right off the market.

We hear he is a Combat Hero too.  Scary stories about daring-do. Confirmed Kills. Delta Force Operator. Retired Master Sergeant. What a guy.

He is a real charmer.  It seems he is weight conscious, we are so glad he is upfront about that.  It would be traumatic for women everywhere if they thought he was the man of their dreams only to be rejected for having a few extra pounds.  When looking for your soulmate who will stand by you through thick and thin, this guy is serious about the thin part.

He comes with a little baggage.

Of course his stories about Military Service are nonsense. But, lets not have anyone pass up the opportunity to fall for this guy.  At least you will know he is a liar from the get go.


With an ego that bloated, it might be a good idea if he slimmed  down a bunch himself.  Maybe we can help with that.

Stop on over to for the rest of the story and some lively commentary.

Source: Jeffrey Belk; phony Special Forces : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

237 thoughts on “Jeffrey Belk; phony Special Forces, The Dating Delta Force Delinquent

  1. Reb says:

    This guy just pissed me off way beyond normal angry. I screen shot his mugshots, added website addresses and emailed his employer. I figured if he got the job via outstanding bullshit that’s under the title STOLE VALOR. Told employer there’s a long list if veterans who served with honor looking for a job in his area to support their families.
    Updated his Facebook page. Bye, Poser Jeffy

    • Zachary cohen says:

      I don’t know who you are. I know that you are a coward to slander someone and not talk to them face to face. Why don’t you post your real name and there will be an even playing feild. This person you accused and set up ones there own company and employees only veterans. So who did you call?

      • Reb says:

        I didn’t call anyone. Go to and see who wrote it. It’s on the top left. His name is SFC JONN LILYEA. RETIRED.. do you copy or do you understand? I did not write it. Every thing is verified through the FOIA. Did you not see his service record or his story about being a MS in six months? If you still don’t understand TUFF SHIT 💩

      • Reb says:

        Your sentence “the person you set up ones their own company…” doesn’t make sense, could you fix it so we understand?

        Also EMPLOYEES ONLY VETERANS, is discrimination against non veterans, a FEDERAL FELONY.

        I thought sending this to FAIR EMPLOYMENT, they’ll investigate the statement and check applications of everyone who filled out a job application.

        DON’T TRY TO DESTROY PAST APPLICATIONS, because the business has to keep them for several years.

        By opening your big mouth, you gave us lots of information that can be used against Belk in a lawsuit. Really, thanks, appreciate your information.

      • Gotcha says:

        So Zachary Cohen, how tight are you with this guy, sounds like you are besties..interesting.
        Does he run all new hires thru your law office? Maybe that’s what it takes to make sure their all veterans. And by veterans you must mean of military’s south of the border.

        If Jeffery wanted this to die quietly he should have just owned his mistakes and taken his medicine like a big boy. Predictably, he chose to try to lie and intimidate his way out. Pappy always said if youv’ve got to eat shit it’s best not to nibble.

        Enjoy your shit sandwich or cut it in half….sounds like Zachary wants a piece.

      • Reb says:

        Its like trying to explain potty training to a child. Belk and the other names he uses, thinks this is OVER! Stolen Valor is a crime and he’s broken several sub sections, so, until he’s in prison, ITS NOT OVER JEFFY

      • Truth says:

        I am sure Mr. Cohen would not appreciate this bozo using his name and posing as a lawyer.

      • Braun says:

        How about the man who has worked with him the longest from what my research has shown, he goes by the nickname “JP” Juan Preston perhaps? He is not a “veteran ” Mr.Cohen. and from what sources tell me when he talks about his employees, he calls the basically just “Mexicans ” though it is unclear if these are even legal citizens, his comments make it sound as if they are not.

      • Reb says:


        POSERS DD14 doesn’t lie. Put up or STFU!

      • Braun says:

        I’m talking about his bullshit claim that he only hires veterans, from what I hear he only hires immigrants and buddies. It’s probably what keeps his coke habit up

      • Reb says:

        HMSC, TRUTH, ET AL,

        Although I don’t know you, your information on the SHITLOAD POSER just might speed up getting him arrested for several Federal Stolen Valor charges SO, I’m giving you the email address I use for information, good citizens like you provide. Whether your a veteran or not doesn’t matter. What matters is “you also believe Posers should be behind bars for claiming bullshit” and Jeffrey has plenty

        Thanks for joining a GREAT CAUSE.


      • Gotcha says:

        Looks like JP jumped ship to another roofing company shortly after the shit storm started.
        Apparently he’s smart enough not to go stand by the flag pole with Jeffrey Belk. He’s no angel buy probably a saint compared to our master con artist Belk. You see Jeffrey I got your rank correct and your profession.

        Have a Blessed Day

    • Cross says:

      You seem to be very well informed. ..perhaps you know him personally?
      Isn’t it true he’s run from Monroe and is now living in an outlying city?
      Do you know the name of the city?
      Perhaps we should talk.. 😉

  2. DS Crawford says:

    I served with this man for 7 years. We have all teamed up to find out who you are… possibly the person that set up the dating website. The thing that we are finding is that you get paid to set people up, then demand money 5000 dollars in this case to remove the fraud. Shame on you reb.

    • Reb says:

      Maybe you set it up? I didn’t post this. Verified through the FOIA AND WE DON’T ASK FOR MONEY. ONCE IT UP, IT STAYS FOREVER…. POSERS will try anything to clear their names. JEFFREY BELK outted your lying ass. Bye, bye

    • sandmanin says:

      We are not hard to find, our email contact is posted, if you have proof of your claims of serving with him send it to us, as far as charging to remove, yeah, no, our Valor has no price, you could offer a million, you would still be on this Blog of Shame.

    • Reb says:

      Zac and Frac,
      Below you see what WEB shared. That ya boy? I gave the poser INFO on how to vindicate himself, but he wants me to clean up his mess.
      I don’t clean up poser bullshit. FRAC, you went to TAH and you still don’t get it? Send your MOS, CUZ, I don’t think you served. Don’t try playing with the big boys until your off the tit. Cry babies

    • Reb says:

      And I quote “We have all teamed up to find out who you are”. Your team of two, add the POSER, makes three. Where’s the rest of your team? Jail, prison, detox? You run your mouth, but don’t back up your babbling.
      Emailing me with threats, accusations, guessing and other bullshit, just adds to the list of bullshit. Put up or SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      Disrespecting an honorable veteran on his website for all the other veterans and Military personnel still serving to see, is beyond DISGRACEFUL. Had you read everything on TAH, you would of seen that Jonn gives his contact information. The address you posted is years ago but as we know between the three of you, there’s still not enough cells for a full brain.

      Still no DD214 from the other two turds, phone calls or emails from the Mayor or Judge PROVES WITHOUT A IOTA OF DOUBT that everything BELKS accused of is 100% TRUE. AIN’T it great that everyone knows that your a turd too?

      • Braun says:

        There IS no team of 3. The spelling and word phrasing alone should be a clear indication that all of the “team members ” are nothing more than belks other personalities. Could you perhaps publish a phone number to call?

    • Reb says:

      Well, well. After using my skills as a investigation specialist I found more information.
      1. There is no license for GO GREEN OR JEFFREY BELK as owner of a roofing company. Also no bond that’s a absolute before a contractors license.

      WHAT A TURD….

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Yeah, I have the real Crawford on the line. Nice try, Junior.

    • Steph says:

      Did the person who set up the dating site also set up his you tube account? And various other accounts?
      Because I think it WAS the same person, HIMSELF, wasn’t his YouTube channel gsxrsomething as well? And isn’t that a gsxrsomething motorcycle he’s sitting on in one of the photos on the POF profile? I mean, what do I know but he DOES seem to be a creature of habit.. and that fits just too nicely to be a fake POF, especially since it certainly does sound just like him in every way.We’ll, like the stories he’s constantly stroking his own ego with at least. God is watching Jeffrey, and he knows your soul, you need to get right with the Lord soon, don’t just put God on 911 and expect him to rescue you. It’s time you start asking forgiveness for your sins!

      • Reb says:

        I thought wimp was a proper name but now I think crybaby 😢is more fitting. Cried to his ex that I’m coming to interview her about the turd. Ex canceled the appointment via text. I had to tell her that I would wait until her handsome military husband came home. Jeffy stop and think? Do you really think I give a ratsass what you think or threaten me with? I’m not sure you understand that YOUR SO DEEP IN SHIT, every prisoner is gonna make you their bitch. STOLEN VALOR IS A FEDERAL CRIME..

  3. Reb says:


    This clown has emailed me a few dozen times to clean up his mess. Said I wrote the article and MP TAH charges $5,000 to erase all. He’s nuts. His brother is the Mayor and godfather a SUPREME COURT JUDGE. If he’s innocent I’d be calling them.
    Two hundred friends are searching for me to pounce on. Yup, a lying poser…

    • Steph says:

      Personally I would LOVE to read those emails!.. I’m sure the jenga stack of lies is immensely entertaining!

  4. Merriam Web says:

    So let me get this straight, he’s go 200 friends looking for you and the only ones willing to tote his water on here are Scott and Zachary. Or as I prefer to call them Notscott and Notzachary.

    Times like this I find it soothing to close my eyes and imagine Sr. Anthony Hopkins reciting numerous fraud synonyms

    deception, fraud, double-dealing, subterfuge, trickery mean the acts or practices of one who deliberately deceives. deception may or may not imply blameworthiness, since it may suggest cheating or merely tactical resource . fraud always implies guilt and often criminality in act or practice . double-dealing suggests treachery or at least action contrary to a professed attitude . subterfuge suggests the adoption of a stratagem or the telling of a lie in order to escape guilt or to gain an end . trickery implies ingenious acts intended to dupe or cheat .

    imposture, fraud, sham, fake, humbug, counterfeit mean a thing made to seem other than it is. imposture applies to any situation in which a spurious object or performance is passed off as genuine . fraud usually implies a deliberate perversion of the truth . sham applies to fraudulent imitation of a real thing or action . fake implies an imitation of or substitution for the genuine but does not necessarily imply dishonesty . humbug suggests elaborate pretense usually so flagrant as to be transparent . counterfeit applies especially to the close imitation of something valuable .

    Jeffrey Belk, please refer to the above until it sinks in to that thick melon.

    • Reb says:

      Honest to BUDDHA, I gave the turds, especially JEFFREY, info to contact both PHONY SITES to prove his innocence. Boys, I’m a female who has been BO fighting since 13, let’s add another 30 years. I’ll be waiting for y’all😉

    • Cross says:

      Lol he could read it a million times with a dictionary at his side and he wouldn’t get it.
      Haven’t you noticed his pre 5th grade grammar, 3rd grade spelling and kindergarten vocabulary?
      Such eloquent writing is far beyond his mental capacity.

  5. Merriam Web says:

    The wonderful world wide web

    Body Shop Shenanigans……..looks like he made a 125K attempt on these guys in Charleston SC

    • Reb says:

      SOB, phony bags of crap

      • Trojan Man says:


        Apparently Jeffrey Belk is still on probation, see Family Guys post/link on thisainthell.

        From Search North Carolina
        Custody Status: Supervised
        Date: 06/15/2015
        Reason:Division of Community Corrections

        Not too bright are you Jeffrey Belk?

        I wonder if he has 6 anckle monitors, one for each his little cocroach legs.

        #jeffrey belk probation

      • Reb says:

        TROJAN MAN…
        😂 Giving cockroaches a bad name, but I couldn’t think of anything lower😡

  6. Sampson says:

    If this guy is threatening you.. the guys over on his thisainthell blog are saying that he’s probably on probations for a few more months. A quick phone call to his PO will straighten him out.

    • Reb says:


      Had my non biological brother give him a call…I’M 100% POSTIVE HE’S HIDING IN SOME HOLE…

      • Cross says:

        Oh, I’m sure that finding the address of a fuckbag who obviously has an insatiable craving for attention, adoration, and power over others. That type never stays hidden for long, not enough attention for them.

  7. Karma says:

    This is too funny.. This guys has been going around Monroe for years thumpin his chest and pretending to be a Special Forces badass and someone finally called his bluff. He usually only gets into it with girls or guys that are smaller than him…lol. The story goes that his brother did or does IT work for the local Lawyer ,Zachary Cohen, so whenever Jeffrey gets in trouble he goes and hops on his brothers coat tails for a free legal ride. He was run out of Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Colorado and I think NC might be next. At this point his family is probably taking up contributions to help him relocate….far far away…..from them.

    I always heard Karma was a bitch….Jeffrey Belk #Blacksheep #Dumbass

    As I spread the word, there will be howls of laughter heard across Monroe today…OMG!

    • Reb says:

      Punk threatened to take me down with 200 of his vet buddies….gave him my address and said “I got 13 friends and give on my ankle bitch, threaten a women and now my kids are packing” cry baby! My godfather is a Supreme Court judge and my brother is the Mayor.
      I called and they said “WHO?” Little puke is silent now LMAO

  8. Karma says:

    Jeffrey Belk Monroe NC
    So you took down the videos. What else will we do for entertainment? We will miss hearing you squeal phony pastor, phony pastor.. like a 5 year old.
    Cracks me up, we call you phony SF then you jump on the phony bandwagon and pretend to be a champion of religion. I say, get thee behind me Satan.

    What’s next? You plan on hiding out in church for awhile and retool your con? You did amazing things after just 6 months in the Airforce.
    I’ll bet after 6 months in church you’ll come out speaking in tongues with claims of blindness having seen the burning bush.
    We’ll probably find you down in Fort Mill circling a group of elderly, trying to figure out which 80 year old looks weak enough to take down.
    You can con your way into one of Jim Bakker’s old PTL homes and pick up where he left off. You know, try on man’s oldest hustle for a while if your roofing scam isn’t working out.

    For those who don’t get the Jim Bakker PTL reference, he’s been called “the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,000 years of church history”.
    You picked some big shoes to fill, but we are confident you’ll do your best. You already have the crocodile tears thing mastered.
    Go for it Jeffrey, think you’re in hot water now wait until you cross some of these Southern Christians down in redneckville. We gonna keep an eye on you boy.
    See you soon …phony roofer! phony roofer!

    • Reb says:


      Yup, his roofing company is DONE with and his reputation “LYING STOLEN VALOR WIMP” IS STREAD EVERYWHERE. Now we call in the big DOGS….

      • Truth says:

        Wow!!! this guy is something else. I thought maybe guys like this would just go and hide after being exposed. But no, this idiot doubles down and continues his lies and goes after people that call him out. I started doing some digging on this guy (I did not have to dig very far) and it looks like secretary of state might want to talk this guy since he is obviously doing business as Go Green Roofing LLC which has been nullified by the state for not doing his yearly report back in 2014. Obviously this guy does not care about the truth and his whole entire life is made up of lies. Crazy!!!! I wonder if the BBB knows this.

      • Reb says:

        Thanks..been there, done that and CNN is already doing a series. The dig like gophers on a mission and their up to HIS JOINING THE AIR FORCE.
        When communicating with them, I love the WTF? NO WAY! NUTCASE! LOSER! MY FAVORITE, NO WHERE TO HIDE, JEFFRY

  9. Teddy Starnes says:

    Boy that Baptist PREACHER went down in flames, contempt of court, perjury and assault what a douchebag

    • Watcher says:

      Really?? The case was delayed until April 1, so why are you lying and using Ted’s name?? You troll!

    • HMCS(FMF) ret. says:

      Let’s see there Jeffy-boi… a continuance is NOT a victory. You are probably just delaying the inevitable. BTW, what’s up with case # 2013051632 CRS (FELONY POSSESSION OF COCAINE) for one BELK, JEFFERY BENJAMIN? Looks like you have another court date on June 15th of this year… looking forward to our reunion with Thor, Bubba, Julio and Mr. “Tiny”?

      • Steph says:

        Wait wait, The comments over on TAH mentioned a daughter, I know that his dating thing said widowed but it’s as likely as every other lie that falls out of his fat mouth, but another comment mentioned the mother being active duty military, and one said she’s a disabled vet and the DS Crawford person is actually her husband, being impersonated by this nutcase…if this tool is a felon, beating up on women, drinking and driving AND snorting up his little hearts desire worth of blow.. has anyone contacted that poor child’s mother? And how did he even GET the child in the first place? That kid needs to be gotten away from that menace and put with the mother who unlike mr.romantic’s version of “a stable place in life” sounds, from the little bit I’ve seen in the comments WAAAAAAAY more on this actual planet and “in a stable place”. God that poor child!

      • Gotcha says:

        He was hoping that the preacher wouldn’t show up so he could get an easy win.

        Jeffrey Belk you may want to get your affairs in order before the next time you show up at court. I heard that the preacher is getting some of your nifty shooting videos. He may decide to contact your PO or the DA. They may take an interest considering your a felon since 1990. I heard your PO thinks your full of shit, BTW….haha

        Next time you want to take down vids of you doing something illegal, try more coke and less Xanax…might help with you speed things up ….dumbass.

        Grabs popcorn….

      • Reb says:

        What a waste of good air and space! In the summer you say…nice letter to the DA along with the STOLEN VALOR crap he pulled. Should impress the Judge and I will give them my real name…

      • CROSS says:

        The weak sauce north Carolina laws are letting him get away with all of this shit. Can no one get the DA or someone to do SOMETHING about this piece of shit?

    • Reb says:

      Thanks for the information.. Left me email address below

      • CROSS says:

        SOMEONE sure needs to contact the DA with all the collected evidence!

    • The real Ted says:

      I’m the real Ted Starnes . I was ready for court That day . You fat boy Jeff “that ask for a deputy to walk you out of the courthouse because you were scared ” had it postponed so that you can have yourself , I mean “your Attorny ” and witnesses to be there ..

    • Preacher says:

      Good try punk .. Why not trying to use your own name , if you even know your real name anymore … I’m the real Ted . The man you wish you were 🙂

  10. Steph says:

    Oh I just found a little treasure trove.. lol his instagram,
    The felon with firearms, photos of his firearms, a few photos that show off mister no few extra pounds man boobs and gut, and the cherry on the shit sundae..
    Him flexing with another dude captioned “Army vs. Marine” and one of loser boy in a timely shirt tucked into damn acus.. excuse me while I go wash my eyes out with ajax

  11. Ted the Preacher says:

    I need all the help that o can get to shut this phonie down .. “The Preacher”

  12. Reb says:

    To everyone,

    I save the ratfaced Posers emails where he threatened to do something to use that goes beyond the word THREAT.


    • Preacher says:

      Her name is Kricket Crawfiord in Ft. Campbell KY.

      • CROSS says:

        Are you sure about that information preacher? Do you have a phone number or email for her?
        There’s many of us I think that would be interested in contacting her!

      • Reb says:

        When your good, your badass, when your stupid, your Jeffrey Belk moved out of Monroe. Looks the the annulment was not done with the ex wives permission. You signed her name. No more dunce cap. I did Belk is the reply for my bad😆

      • Steph says:

        Close, but I heard that it’s spelled Krickett..with 2.t’s… maybe someone can fire up their Google, I’m on my way to visit my daughter right now.

      • Reb says:


        Email me…yup that’s the right spelling and 20…

    • The Preacher says:

      Go get m Reb!

      • CROSS says:

        That’s not even legally possible. Especially if custody is involved. A lawyer has to witness and it has to be notarized.

      • Steph says:

        It’s her nickname, but she hasn’t gone by her real first name since childhood.

  13. Richard says:

    Glad to see this blog back open again. Incase some don’t realized, the TAH blog has been updated sine the phony court case with the preacher was kicked out. Looks like he showed up with three different people but couldn’t make his lies stick in the judges mind. I guess the word is getting out on this lying parasite.


    Restraining order thrown out against the preacher
    Someone commissioned some artwork in honor of the victory

    Jeffrey has a new FBF, felony best friend. Andrew Baker . I think these guys must have a competition to see who can get the most mug shots. A brief check revealed 4 or 5 in Union county for Andrew.

    Jeffrey is attacking his ex again probably over a renewed custody battle.
    I suspect she has issue with his drug activity, psychotic behavior and the endless parade of felony’s he allows around her daughter…… go figure

    • Reb says:

      Richard….contact me ASAP… I tracked the prick out of NC and figured going to ex. Chartered a heli and beat him there. Set up video from outside and have him coming and going. Anyone got the assholes GO FUND SCAM…EMAIL ME

      I WON’T CONTACT EX A ARMY DISABLED, we don’t upset our veterans. She’s beautiful and so’s the kid..see was probably blind and got her sight back in the Army. He’s a fat slob…

  14. Reb says:

    MONROE DA A MARINE VETERAN… ah, ya think? Of course I can only ask..politely, SM BELK 😴

  15. Reb says:

    Jeffy boi,

    Why would the ex wife hang up on me? Everything people wrote are true? I’ll get my interview because I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU, but why is she?????

  16. Jon says:

    I heard someone say he did a PSA for the jail as part of the plea deal for the Cocaine charges.
    Anyone got any info on that?

  17. Steph says:

    My brain interprets PSA as public service announcement..what does it stand for in this instance?

    • Reb says:


      ROLMSS= ROLLING OVER LAUGHING MY SELF SILLY! What can he possibly say to the public? IF AND THATS A BIG IF..I’d love a copy ROLMSS

      • Steph says:

        Lol oh lord no one would want to have to listen to him speak! We’ve all had to listen to him more than enough!
        I was asking what PSA stood for!

  18. Robert says:

    This warms my heart…he’s always trying to help others.

    • CROSS says:

      Hah! He wishes he was that thin!

      • Reb says:

        Actually, it looks like he’s learning to curtsey and if you add a maid uniform, he’s ready for prison. I haven’t heard a thing from the Pose, and damn if a commercial comes on with a ostrich with his head in a hole with his butt in Posers new position. We looked at each other and busted out laughing…..

  19. Deb says:

    Here’s Jethros new buddy and eventual fall guy, Andrew Baker. He came to court to try and help Jethro frame up the preacher. I guess not associating with criminals while on probation is not a thing.

    • Cross says:

      Did you mean to attatch a picture to that comment? Is it true that this Andrew person is ALSO a felon? I noticed others mentioning that two felons hanging out together is a no would assume that it would be some sort of probation violation since is highly stinks of 2 cons getting together to commit more crime.. but I don’t know about these things I’ve never even known anyone on probation before. Just using common sense that God gave me.

  20. CROSS says:

    Re-reading through all comments I couldn’t help but notice on THIS board that everyone who posts has their own color, and ironically enough EVERY SINGLE POST suspected of being Jethro himself posing as someone else ALWAYS has a HOT PINK AVATAR, she shapes vary but it’s always hot pink, Reb is always a shade of gold, mine shows as dark blue, Steph has a purple one..
    But the important thing here is that every post by the poser using one of his alternate personalities, has a HOT PINK AVATAR!
    Just something to think about.

  21. CROSS says:

    Corrections- (not enough coffee yet)
    First corrections is that *THE* image may change but the color is hot pink

    Second correction, Rebs avatar is either gold, green or a greenish gold.
    Like I said something to think about.

  22. Deb says:

    Sorry, still trying to get the hang of this stuff

  23. Chrissy says:

    Looks like his instagram account was the same name as his dating website GSXR1650
    He thinks everyone is stupid for some reason.

    Check out the caption he put by the photo Army vs Marine
    The pic was uploaded Dec 2013 so he’s been telling people he was in the military for years.

    • CROSS says:

      Yeah, that’s been brought up before, I think it’s hilarious that the half pint Marine isn’t flexing half as hard as he is and yet his muscles put the posers pathetic biceps to shame!

      • CROSS says:

        Also,LinkedIn says that the ex Joined the Army in 2008, I would bet money that he’s been claiming military service since then, since he (is assume based on all the information between the two boards about the situation with the 2nd ex) was a spouse/dependant when she first joined and I’m sure he had no idea that a spouse ID is far different from the active duty and retired ID cards… just a theory but I find it completely plausible based on his behavioral patterns.

    • Chrissy says:

      On his instagram “18F if you don’t know then”
      Jeffrey, I took your advice and Googled it …. 18F is a type of special forces
      exactly what your are accused of pretending to be.

      • Reb says:

        I’m sick of NC LAWS that pieces of shit run the state. It’s really going to piss me off if I have to fly there and explain the FEDERAL LAWS to a bunch of children. I will not quit, lying poser chickenshit..

      • troy says:

        Quote from master sargent belk trying to sell his dpms ar10 “I own chris kyles m107 barret 50 cal sucker😗😗” i have known known him for almost 30 years and he was never in any active military much less special forces. After he spent a drunken pill poppin week at my house over thankgiving he left and went completly pyscho to the point we are meeting with the police today because of his threats against me and my family. Anyone missing an ar10 dpms serial # 11656 he monitors these blogs which started the esclaid of his attacks against my family

      • Zip tie says:


        I’ve been trying to get the BASTARD of all BITCHS arrested since last year. The only way he’s getting away with his bullshit, threats and hiding a child who shouldn’t be within 5,000 miles of him is because he’s either good at giving blowjobs or on his hands and knees.

        One day something is going to happen and law enforcement and CPS will say “gosh nobody informed us of his history.

        I’m sick of the punk…pray Karma comes soon….

      • Reb says:

        Report the gun bullshit to ATF or local yokels if your in SC. In TX, file with TEXAS RANGERS not the Sheriffs department. They’ll track the serial number for the gun. Hopefully the prick stole it. Felon in possession of a stolen gun…..

      • Steph says:

        Well he certainly didn’t buy it registered! Felons can’t do that!

      • CROSS says:

        Also, Ziptie: I have it on good authority that both the Dallas Police AND CPS were notified of his history (all the way back in September apparently). Neither did ANYTHING. It’s Monroe all over again.

        Troy: doesn’t shitbird have a brother named Troy? Maybe I shouldn’t even ask since it could be a pseudonym but, I felt like I needed to, you need someone on your side, I know a few people that could be integral to your case, that could possibly help get this bastard put behind bars where he belongs FINALLY. Texas isn’t known for being so blase about the law as NC.

  24. Chrissy says:

    Body of a 45yr old…mind of a child.

  25. WATCHER2 says:

    What a delusional POS!!!

  26. WATCHER2 says:

    Pussy POS Special Forces Wannabe Jeffrey Belk Talking shit from inside of his car….What a coward. At least the Preacher has the balls to confront these two dick sucking faggots!!!!

    Jeffrey. One, two they are coming for you. Three, four you both will take it up the back door. Five, six you like to suck your buddies dick. Seven, eight you better be afraid.

    • Reb says:

      AWESOME, AWESOME UNREAL! LOUD behind a computer, cell phone and in his truck. Kick his ass Preacher

  27. Karma says:

    Andrew, several people tried to warn you about Jethro and you didn’t listen.
    Now your complaining about your criminal info being posted on the blog.

    For what ever reason you thought it was a good idea to lie in court about what happened at the Village Grill. Not sure if he blackmail, paid off or just convenience you this was a joke, your probably figuring out it’s not by now. There was even a debate as to whether your mugs should be taken down….that was until this last video. You want to be tied to him….your choice.

    Watching the video, one word comes to mind.. “pawn”. Jeff is using you to fight his battles and you will be lucky to get away from him without catching more charges. He will turn on you at some point and in the back of your mind you know it’s true…just observed the way he treats people. Where’s the rest of his family? If your own family exiles you, good chance your a piece of shit.

    Hot Tip
    If you hear him talking shit about someone, talk to them when he’s not around and make up your own mind.

    Good luck with your new friend

  28. Karma says:

    Deb found this over on TAH!!
    Nice hair, I can’t help but wonder if the inmates made him put it in pony tails.

  29. WATCHER2 says:

    This is how a few extra pounds Jeffrey Belk gets his stories to tell all his idiot friends.

    • Reb says:

      Sucks PURGE isn’t legal. He’d be the first son of a bitch with a Axe in his head. Lying Poser! See his new house on Facebook…. IN YOUR FUCKING DREAMS..

      • WATCHER2 says:

        Yep. Goes with his Phony Lake House, Phony Sister on POF, Phony Cars, Phony made up friends commenting here, Stole Valor and the list goes on…So many likes on his Facebook page too. I wonder if he post then changes profiles to single like his post. Crazy that this idiot has made it this far.

      • Reb says:

        Getting a hold of FB and send them his bullshit. Fake Fraud, liar, poser, next he’ll be the next President by a landslide of BULLSHIT..

  30. Karma says:

    Don’t forget about the phony motorcycles and girl friends. The only thing real about this guy is the stench he leaves on everything. You know how some people have a green thumb. Well, Jeffrey has a poo finger. Everything he touches turns to shit.

  31. Steph says:

    What a worthless piece of fat nasty shit!

    • Reb says:

      Before I go, his ass will be in jail for all the inmate’s to enjoy…FBI, has a caseload I hope I never get on my desk. ALTHOUGH BELK IS A GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING,COCK SUCKING, BALL LICKING PIECE IF SHIT AND WE HATE HIS EXISTENCE, there are murders and others that top the list.
      If you truly believe in your God, HE WILL GET HIS..

      • CROSS says:

        All my life I’ve strongly believed in Karma, I believed that good people who put positive Karma into the world get good karma back, and fat fucking slob pieces of shit that pump out bad karma like they pump out sweat, would sooner or later get that bad karma back in triplicate, but this fucker … he’s been at it since he was a kid, and he’s still getting away with his bullshit scams and weaseling out of everything he gets busted for. For decades.. it’s enough to make me think I need to look into a new belief system.

  32. Reb says:

    Look Jeffy, just because I took you down with two hits with my BO, knocked you off your feet, making flip over head over heels on you ass and made you say “I’M A LYING PIECE OF SHIT”, with my BO ON YOUR NECK held by my knees as I bitch slapped you for crying don’t hide behind closed curtains.

    Do you think I’m stupid enough to post a obviously planned attack my pal videotaped, your crazy.

    So we’ll do a bit of facial and other reconstruction and post it when a 6’4 200 lbs SM got his ass beat by a 5’1 89 lb TINKER BELL. YOU CAN’T ERASE OR HAVE IT TAKEN OFF THE PLACES WE POST. SOON PORKY, SOON

  33. Gotcha says:

    Holy crap this guy really gets people going, I wonder how many you have to screwed over before you get this much attention, almost 450 posts now. He has to be text book soup sandwich.

    • Steph says:

      He’s screwed over more people in more ways than you know….

      • Reb says:

        The numbers keep growing and the Pose thinks its a fucking game. I’m waiting for the day he posts something about a person who isn’t going to take the crap anymore.
        He doesn’t understand that their are real veterans suffering from injuries and PTSD, and one wrong post is going to make Pose a victim by his own mouth…

  34. Deb says:

    In between South Park shopping and taking care of the kids I managed to find some more poop on Jeffrey Belk. looks like he was claiming to be in the Army back in 8-24-12 when he filed another complaint for harassing phone calls. Looks like someone else got tired of his shit.

    • WATCHER2 says:

      What a POS. Always running to the cops lying about charges and his Stolen Valor. Really tough for a Posing Special Forces Delta. When does it ever stop for this guy. I hope to see a mugshot picture in the near future for this guy. He sure does deserve it. The laws out there in North Carolina sure make you want fly out there and kick some ass!!

      • Reb says:

        WATCHER 2,
        I agree that the laws in NC suck. With all the election bullshit going on, I haven’t heard from NC Senators, etc. I have no clue who some of the other poser exposers are, but the information that you all supply just adds another charge to DELTA FORCE, after elections are over.

        I absolutely love his recorded message to my private line “I’ll blow your head off”. Recorded, time and day. Slurred speech but very understandable. I’m saving that one for my Prosecutor. Does Jeffy Boi drink? Stupid question, booze and drugs go together like salt and pepper.

      • Chrissy says:

        Save your air miles, this guy is hell bent on self destruction.
        Every few weeks you hear about him dodging another charge or falling out with someone new. It’s just a matter of time, he can’t hide his lies in Monroe anymore.

      • Reb says:

        I’m worried about the not the Pos, his daughter Fallon. The Pos is mental and I think it was necessary to inform Children’s Protection Services and email them his file. Better safe than sorry. I’m glad your team of exposers are keeping eyes on him….

      • Steph says:

        You are absolutely right Reb, that is no environment for a child, and he’s certainly not a role model. That poor little girl being surrounded by immoral felons and con makes my skin crawl… and I’m sure that most women remember being an innocent little girl and being around just ONE unsavory and unsafe character and what can happen.. it brings tears to my eyes just considering the awful things that some of us have gone through that she could be in danger of being exposed to. God help that precious child and keep her safe from those predators.

  35. Chrissy says:

    3 Police reports with claims of Army Honorable
    1 Dating Website claims Master Sergeant
    1 Vet Friends Profile claim Master Sergeant
    1 Instagram profile “18F if you don’t know then” 18F is Special Forces
    1 Instagram Photo Army vs Marine
    More to come

    All this and he stills acts like this is some kind of conspiracy against him.
    You’ve been lying for years in your small little town, now it’s time for everyone to know the truth.

    Jeffrey Belk = Felon, Military fraud, liar, addict, bully, thief.

    • Reb says:

      Most of things you posted I have. Missing are his Go Green Veteran run business, Facebook fairy tale. All I get my info from NCIC where ALL criminal files are supposed to be kept, smaller towns either don’t have the system or lazy people just don’t use it.
      Everything is you can get, please email it to me. I’m so tried of this sick fucker, I wish the dog pound would put him down. He’s not just sick, but a goddamn threat to humans and animals… Your all to awesome for words…

    • Steph says:

      Don’t you know him +Chrissy? Nothing is ever HIS fault, he’s always innocent, he’s always the victim and he’s only ever gotten in trouble when other people tell lies about him for no reason, because he never mistreated people, he treats everyone like royalty and for some reason he can’t understand, everyone is always turning on him. I sometimes wonder of he has major schizophrenia and truly believs all these lies he spews. Hosted own petty party rages 24/7/365.. he’s own family won’t have anything to do with him . Can’t sayou I blame them,he’s been this way forever. I feed sorry for people who accidentally get into his way of the pity party spotlight,because he will do and say anything to get them out of the way. He’s been such an attention whore his whole life he thrives on being the center of attention and is miserable and lonely and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get exactly his way.

      • Caroline says:

        I am posting under a alias that only my closest friends know because of ongoing threats by such a pathetic ball less prick. My family, and I laugh as I type, hired two gaurds to escort me whenever I leave home. I understand the concern of my loved ones and they know I carry, but as they explained that BELK, IS A CHICKENSHIT AND WOULD EITHER HIRE OR DO A ATTACK FRIM AFAR. He’s afraid of face to face altercations because he has no training in self defense.

        I noticed that he always has a hanger on with him, in videos and pictures. If the wimp will bring a child into court instead of her being in school and then ask to be escorted out for his safety he’ll do anything off the wall.

        The child via a very experienced profiler is in constant danger and I urge everyone, children or not to report him to the North Carolina Children Services. They have a toll free number and you remain anonymous. I had each member of my family make a call with their real identity only because we deal with situations like this.

        You need to stress his criminal history, lies, harassment and anything else you know that others may not. I understand that eyes on him via the posts I see.

        I spoke to Reb and she’s trying a different avenue of getting Belk arrested for a phone threat. That’s a way to put him in, high bail, and his parole officer has to revoke him. I don’t have any attachments (like, respect) for our states judicial system and I hope she does get through the heads of State that our laws need to be changed and quick. Not just for the child, but the citizens of North Carolina.

        I wish there was a way that the posters could ban together as a Team, instead of alone. I’m sure everyone is afraid but as Reb said and I quote “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL…and if we should ever be against the wall, together we stand YOU AND I”. I may of got some of her words wrong but she said it’s from a song… Belk will go after one person at a time, and she said if we attack him through the legal system as a group, eyes and ears open.I have her contact information, but I’m sure you all have it already.
        Better get some sleep, my guests like their breakfast hit and coffee strong.

      • troy says:

        He has terriorizing my family for trying to help him get into rehab and off the booze and pills. After making a false report to child protective services spewing all kinds of lies was bad enough and like he said i asked then begged for him to stop trying to hirt me by hurting my family. So after his continued treats lies and posting i will not take it any more and will not sit by while he continue to try and hurt my family or move on to his next victum. I post as troy because that is who i am. I live in dale tx and am not in hiding and will not let this criminal continue to attack my family and will do anything to hrlp find this dead beat dad woman beating moma assulting multiple fellon trying to hide out in texas. Im not his brother his mother is my daughter god mother and its not fault he turned out to be a huge pos posing to be special forces.

  36. Chrissy says:


    Strange, I would have thought that he’d have Andrew call you up with the threats as Andrew seems to be the Top in that relationship. His voice cracks when he’s upset because he’s got sugar in his britches.

    • Steph says:

      And Jethro just screeches when he’s upset. The crackler and the screecher.. what a pair!

      • Reb says:

        It’s Belk…wish he’d call me more. He no longer answers my private line and I sure a crap will find out who is playing both sides. I’m keeping the number but changed my private number. I’m so glad Monroe bulked up after finding out he’s been blowing hot air and ANDREWS cock for years. I thought since children don’t read about posers yet revealing BELKS Popsicle sucking would be fine.
        Your right, someone he screws over or doesn’t like his blowjob will beat his ass down, I’m hoping he doesn’t get up (from the ground and no more hardons without Viagra.
        I’m still going to Monroe but not until the charge is filed.
        JEFFY BOI…ya shoot like a bitch with a handgun. As with the AK (ESPECIALLY NOT KNOWING WHERE THE TRIGGER IS) I wouldn’t have you watching my 3,6 or 9. I’d take my 12 yr old first. WHAT A POSER

    • Reb says:

      One of my kids reheard his phone threat, then was checking out these posts. Laughing so loud and telling me something I had to have him repeat. Pos didn’t mean he’s gonna use a weapon to blow your head off…he meant with hot air…
      He thinks its a easy solve. Fly out and beat the asshole, wait for the cops to arrest him, I pay bail and he rolls home the same day….
      I asked “hanging with Jeffy?” And fuck up your spotless reputation for life? I figured I’d get a jury of exposers and be found not guilty. Oh, that’s really smart, ITS STAYS ON YOUR RECORD. My son said to me, his mother and boss “THEN EXPUNGE THE SHIT OFF MY RECORD”. I SAID, you might be 27, but you talk to me like that again, we’re going toe to toe. I’m sorry mom. I’ll get a beautiful bunch of roses in the morning.
      I’m not telling him it is a great idea, until after he kisses me all weekend.

      • Steph says:

        The best part about the situation with the AK… it’s the absolute EASIEST weapon to fire! It’s so sad

  37. WATCHER2 says:

    For you guys to enjoy. This Poser thinks he can just change his profile name. I wish I could meet this asshole and shake his hand before I kicked him in the little balls that he has for all the true veterans and heroes that this POS is dishonoring.

    • Steph says:

      I wonder if his BROTHER Matthew knows that Jethro is using his son’s (Jethros nephew) name in a switched around way. Poor Blake ( affectionately called Blakey by loved ones) Belk. This loser really has no humanity in him.. he’d probably sell his own mother if it was convenient for him. Pathetic.

    • Reb says:


      Thank you..adding to my collection of the posers lies. Now let’s close it down, ya think?

  38. WATCHER2 says:

    Another one falls in the posers web of lies. Let’s see if she knows the whole story. I wonder if mr. Jeffrey told her about his eloquent Army Special Forces Career.

    • Caroline says:

      Hope Rebs seeing this….I can’t believe that people don’t check businesses history before hiring..

    • Chrissy says:

      It’s all part of his MO. He tries to wrap himself in the innocent, disabled or in this case some nonprofit to try and get cover for his B.S. Make no mistake about it, he very calculating and warming up to the Beaver Dam is not accident. They should be warned about this parasite.

      • Reb says:

        Why are so many people scared of him? Parole, officials, news reporter’s, etc. What do they know that is so scary? I’d love to meet him face to face.

    • Chrissy says:

      A warning should be sent from several different people to drive the point home.
      I would hate to see him take advantage of her.

  39. Richard says:

    Maybe we should create a Facebook page for this fella, it seems as if the word is not getting out fast enough. Poor Lisa Cook is going to be horrified when she realizes who she’s really dealing with. If we find out BB&T actually supports this criminal it will be an easy fix.

  40. Preacher says:

    I for one sure ain’t scared of the punk .. I confronted him again last week at Lowes and all he kept saying was fake preacher , fake preacher . While I yelled in front of everyone who and what he was ..

  41. FUNNY BUT TRUE says:

    Since Mr. Poser likes his dating sites I thought maybe we could help him out with a new more fitting profile. I must tell you guys even though this guy is a slimy SOB. He is a very interesting fellow. Not usual for a poser to stick to his lies like this guy. I have been reading a lot about Stolen Valor people which really stands the hair in the back of my neck but this guy Is the biggest looser winner of them all!


    • Caroline says:


      I agree there are worse cases, but they man up and crawl back under the rock they slimmed out of. Belk will go to his grave screaming I’M A FUCKING HERO, THE DICKLESS PRICK. KEEP up the great work

  42. Deb says:

    I had to reread the bottom amounts a few times before it sunk in, almost $12,000.00 behind in child support. What, does he think the kids aren’t his or something? He’s always bragging about how nice all his stuff is. Mr. “I just bought a house on the golf course” Support your damn kids loser!!!

    • CROSS says:

      Hah! Coming from the guy who was crying all over Facebook about how he’s raising a daughter on his own and taking care of his “sick” mother, because either a. The child’s mother died in Afghanistan or b. The mother who is active duty army isn’t paying child support and abandoned him and the kid.. well I guess she’s not active duty anymore but either way, everyone knows the military doesn’t ALLOW you to not pay child support… we all knew he’s a pathological liar, I don’t know why hypocrisy surprises me hahahahaha what a pile of shit

    • Deb says:

      If anyone wants to send information to support the Counties case against Jethro for the failure to pay child support, see below. I’m sure he’s lying his ass off and hiding money whenever he can.

      Attorney for Union County CSE
      Erin Hucks Tracy Regan
      PO Box 752 Monroe, NC 28111

      Child Support Specialist
      Tane Tupper

      • Steph says:

        He’s not in Union County anymore, he’s in texas now! So everyone should gather up everything they have and figure out where and who it all needs to be sent to there.

      • Reb says:

        Sorry I’ve been medical problems have healed and I am back to get the POSUERS ass…

      • Reb says:

        Sorry I’ve been medical problems have healed and I am back to get the POSUERS ass…DOES MOM HAVE CUSTODY?

      • CROSS says:

        Apparently he’s once again run off with the daughter. If anyone knows where he is we should publicise it.

      • Reb says:

        Call missing and exploited children. Amber alert and warrant for arrest. They will not allow me but the parent van. ASAP

  43. WATCHER2 says:

    What a DEADBEAT!!!! Pretty sad when a man can’t even take care of his kids. A true POS in my book. How is this not a violation of his probation?

    • ICU says:

      Yep, when it comes to paying for the kids or getting rims for the car there’s not question about it, the little chaps lose that battle. Now he’s paying for this huge house $1400/month, I believe, when he could be living in something at half the price and catching up on back payments.

      Jeffrey Belk Dead Beat Dad

      • Reb says:

        Posting for Reb…
        That’s cheap rent compared to our State, however, that punk bitch needs a good blanket beating. That’s how to show a piece of shit that…NO MORE, shut the fuck up, admit your a worthless asshole, deadbeat dad, committed domestic violence, lied in court, committed Stolen Valor, live sucking dicks and buttholes, rip off people, deny a mother her rights, treat your kid like crap, use anyone stupid enough to believe your lies, your scared shitless of PREACHER, afraid to my 5 ft 100 lb mom, own a lethal weapon, used a AK, and the list goes on. MAKE it clear to the Poser, give the child to the mother, leave town, it ya get the same beating, time and place at our discretion. I read all his crap before responding and you guys have a group of people. Someone become the leader, take CONTROL, file a group lawsuit against Poser for being a nuisance to MONROE and have the Judge run his ass out of Monroe. We’ve seen it done…

  44. Whip says:

    Found a picture on his old face book where he was on the local National Guard building, no doubt trying to scam a job for Go Green Roofing. I believe the caption below the picture was something like, the NG knows who to call when they have trouble. I don’t think the good people of NC want their tax dollars going to a military fraud and con artist. The picture is older than his recent discover, so I’m sure he went in there running his mouth about his military exploits. Will find out when the next drill weekend is and see if their impressed with his military record.

  45. Whip says:

    Just wanted to give a warm hello to all the dead beat dads out there in fake military land.
    Jeffrey Belk, dead beats are supposed to celebrate the week after fathers dad you silly boy.

  46. Richard says:

    If anyone’s looking for this D-bag, word is he landed in Texas, maybe even went back close to his step father’s place. If you are a new comer to the blogs please do yourself a favor and read all the entries on this site and the original, This aint hell. Jeffrey Belk is bad news for sure.

  47. Richard says:

    If anyone sees this guy with a gun call the cops. Did a little digging and there are about 5 different types of clemency in Florida. Jethro applied after getting off his lengthy (5 -1/2 year )probation sentence for all his Florida charges and was rewarded with the right to vote only. That’s right, according to the paper work no guns rights were restored. Lock him up, lock him up!!

    Florida Clemency Board

  48. Richard says:

    Looks like the Village Grill is booming again now that Jeffrey Belk was run out of town. It was hectic there for awhile wondering if he was going to come in and start harassing people and disrupting the business. Fuck that guy, It wont be long before people figure him out in his new local.

  49. Roto Rooter says:

    Turds float, he will pop up sooner or later and I got my hands on the flush handle
    Jeffrey Belk. # ISMELLSHIT

  50. Shameless says:

    Wow! Just read thru both blogs and this is crazy. Old Jeffrey Belk went to great lengths to construct a new identity to try and cover up his past, hiding behind a false military career, complete with claiming PTSD to cover for his drug abuse and violent outburst. Looks like he got away with it for awhile until people started scratching below the surface.

    In a few months we’ll be coming up on the 1 year anniversary of exposing him on the blog. I prefer to think of it as the date he finally became a man. Wish I knew where to send him a card and balloons.

    Hope more people find these blogs.

    • CROSS says:

      Oh he’s still getting away with it, he’s relocated to texas to pl his games now.

      • troy says:

        Yea he is still in hiding in the dallas texas area here is the lattest phone numbers and the house he tried to steal from his mom and step dad 2149307304 and also 2149307617 and this is his mailing address he uses while in hiding like a little scared 417 San Jose St. Irving, Tx. 75062

      • Reb says:

        Not to be stupid, I am returning with a foggy mind.SO SORRY…. DOES MY KID SISTER KRICKETT HAVE CUSTODY of FALLON…ASAP TO ME

      • Troy arrington says:

        I dont know who has custody but i agree with any and all concerns for fallons safety and well being. He is abusion alcohol with xanax and using his daughter as his personal slave when here for 5 days over thanksgiving when not passed out drunk and on xanax he would talk down to fallon calling her stupid lazy and disrespectful. My family and i are very concerned about fallons health and safety. He is putting her in a very dangerous cituation the way he attacks people making threats and making false reports.

      • Reb says:

        I am asking for everyone who has seen the SOB abuse FALLON to call CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES. If he’s using pills, drinking and carrying a weapon it needs to be reported. I can’t report that, but I will be the first to call CPS…HE is going to end up hurting someone and then who is to blame? US!!!

      • Karma says:

        Any information you can provide about what he’s been up to, work, hobbies..etc will help people tighten the screws on this guy.

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