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12/03/2015 by Military Phony

UPDATE 12/3/2015

It appears Megan is still taking every opportunity to grab a photo op;  you know, because if you are a fake survivor of multiple helicopter crashes, broken bones from firing artillery, and an entire combat flight crew, you get opportunities like this.

But that is nothing new, she does that at every opportunity it seems.


She just loves to be in the spotlight.  Never made an attempt at an apology or admitting she embellished her career in the Marines beyond recognition.  Some of these people will just never stop.


Oh, and the ultimate irony is…………wait for it……………….

It seems she was front and almost center when she took this picture of POTUS signing the new Stolen Valor Act.


Read on if you are unfamiliar with this case:


Job Description: Aviation supply specialists are required to perform those aviation unique functions necessary to provide logistical support to aviation activities. Their prime objective is to satisfy valid customer requirements. They perform all functions related to providing aviation peculiar supply support, to include financial management, inventory management, material management, facilities and storage management, personnel staffing, and requisitioning procedures. Duties include validation of customer requirements, processing requisitions, submitting requisitions, initiating appropriate follow-up actions, and processing and delivering material in accordance with all government regulations and procedures. In addition, aviation supply specialists have an understanding of acquisition procedures, provisioning and requirements determination, material handling procedures, and fiscal accounting and purchasing procedures in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations.
Job Requirements:
(1) Must possess a GT score of 100 or higher.
(2) Complete the Marine Aviation Supply Course.
(3) Must have a basic understanding of PC operations/applications.
(4) Meet the requirements to obtain a state drivers license







Never a 6172 Helicopter Crew Chief 



Never a 6172 Helicopter Crew Chief on a CH 46E

This Ain’t Hell Article












Megan Morse Video

The claims found in the video that her records indicate can not be true:

8 years in the Marine Corps Operation Enduring Freedom
CH46E Crew Chief
CH46E Mechanic
Aerial Observer
Aerial gunner
Combat Veteran
50% Combat Disabled Veteran
2 Helicopter Crashs
Antipersonnel Mine in Hum V Attack
Years of physical therapy
Would never have children because of injuries
Would be able to walk but never run because of injuries
Suffered a broken back
Only woman to serve in combat with 5th Marines?
Mixed Martial Arts Training with 2/11
Pulled the cord (lanyard I assume) on howitzer and suffered 2 bruised ribs and a broken wrist.


14 thoughts on “Megan Morse , Marine Embellish-er / Combat Wounded POSER Blog of shame

  1. […] might recognize Megan Morse in the photo above from when Scotty busted her a year ago and she joined out gallery. She claimed to be a wounded warrior – that […]

  2. This chick is smocking crack. She was not the only female assigned to the GCE. I AM A Seabee and yes we were assigned directly too the GCE RCT5 and Task Force Tarawa.I MEF/MEG as Marine Engineer element. We had 10 Females we crossed the LOD with on the 19th March. The Females were command communicators so they never detailed away form command cell to do engineering projects in combat. We did how ever have some up on Dilla River bridge site going into Baghdad and we took some contact, and in doing so those woman 4 of them did get a CAR with the rest of us. RCT 5 CO was pissed when he found out we had Fem’s up front like that. This was his Comment because I was there “what the hell do you have woman up this close for LT”. this chick is full of shit why does she not have a CAR like the 4 FEM’s that were with us. That is just a Navy Chiefs point of view. I’m direct SUPPORT guy but I know I saw more shit than this dumb chick…

  3. Greg Nelson says:

    “……Scott Hughes…… Just ignore his comments and report him to Facebook”
    WOW. What leadership. That’ll show him.
    NO, Megan- how about YOU provide some proof backing your claims?
    Until then, shut your yap and join the rest of the losers on the list of lying assbags that don’t have a clue about sacrifice and integrity.

  4. Mike Snody says:

    I can not believe she a complete phoney makes it all the way to the President. He and his staff couldn’t find their ass with both hands. He could have cared less about a true hero, Chris Kyle, but invites this bimbo right into the Oval Office. I guess Hilary checked her out. Just another embarrassing moment for this administration.

  5. Alex Belgaid says:

    This makes me really sad! She looks pretty hot and quite a bit like my gf (maybe that’s why I think she looks hot). Why couldn’t she just tell the truth, be a sweet little corporal and be proud of what she actually did?! Why this need to embellish, lie and try to bullsh*t everyone?! This stolen valor thing is absolutely despicable!!! I served and continue to serve proudly, why should I lie about it??! And I’m not even in the military! I am a paramedic. This stolen valor bs is infiltrating all of society. There’s even phony paramedics and firemen. Despicable… Thank you for outing these clowns and keep up the good work! Greetings from Germany!

  6. Kevin Winters says:

    I am amazed that she has been able to pull this off this long, interacting with politicians at those levels. The irony of her being present for the signing of the stolen valor act is stupefying.

  7. mokiki says:

    I invite all civilians to leave. These stolen valor sites are almost entirely made up of elderly freaks who sit in their trailers in texas on their HoverRound motorized scooters and make political comments. Leave veterans alone. Being 4F in 1972 does not qualify you to comment on OUR business. We police our own.

    • sandmanin says:

      Police your own huh? Apparently you’re doing a shitty job of it. Mokiki,,, if you feel that we are old men in trailers, I invite you to come visit one of us. Megan Morse is a lying stolen Valor **** ****** her way through Washington.

    • Megan Morse embellished her military service beyond recognition on video while representing the interests of a Congressman and veterans. Even aging trailer trash knows what she did was wrong. Defending her actions is repugnant.

    • arhauptiii says:

      I invite you to blow me, since you think that me being a civilian means my opinion is less important than yours.

  8. Tim Houts......two time Beirut vet says:

    Stupid bimbo….A real hero she is! Combat wounded my ass! The only bleeding she did was from her…. well you know….

  9. Kim Keister says:

    As a Service Dog user myself for PTSD and Panic Attacks(I’m not a military Veteran) But, I’m a victim of brutal stalking that gone on for years. Last year I came across this Megan Morse on a Private PTSD & PTSD Service Dog(Chat Room that is a private hidden group online and is kept hidden because someone the victims that like me have stalkers and they don’t want our stalkers becoming a member. Several people also posted that she links to the service dog groups on Instagram and Facebook.

    Anyhow, I realize the person and the dog. But, at the time the person claimed she had PTSD from years of stalking from her ex-boyfriend that was formor USMCs officer that became violent after he gotten back from Afghanistan. She never ever mentioned anything about being a soldier herself.

    This photo is a very very poorly photoshopped.

  10. Kim Keister says:

    When I looked back on that PTSD group. The Megan there looks totally different from this person women. I looked at the combat photos and the one of her with Obama and other NON-Military ones. I believe we looking at a different women in the military photos and the non-military and the Obama one looks like a different women. The one with the Service Dog is the women in our PTSD private group. But, she was never in the USMCs. I also think there’s also Intensity Theft here as well!

  11. […] the PTSD a while back.  We first noticed her need for the puppy back in 2015 and posted about it HERE.  What the hell, I will throw in the pic just to refresh your […]

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