Lance Whipple; phony Air Force captain : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here


12/03/2015 by Military Phony


Someone sent their work on this Lance Allen Whipple fellow. He shows up in his local bar in East Lansing, Michigan wearing his uniform for free food, it appears Whipple has a habit of doing that.  During his 35 days of service, he managed to rack up a hell of a career.

There is a rich history of Mr. Whipple being associated with ass wiping, but we can’t say for sure if he is related to that guy as well.  It does appear he conceals his Air Force tattoo, well, that and we don’t think he is supposed to conceal weapons.



Source: Lance Whipple; phony Air Force captain : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

2 thoughts on “Lance Whipple; phony Air Force captain : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

  1. Heidi Whipple says:

    Since Im his wife, and see and feel his DD214’s just know this pic was of his first wifes wedding. There were only 4 people there including Lances ooh wait since we should spell his name right it ALLAN just like his FATHERS you asses. Lance had no pictures left when his wife left him when he was deployed. I spoke to the first husband and he said she also left him in the same way. I would not think this is slander since the ex/wife isn’t completely cropped out of that picture. Lance doesn’t have those pictures and his parents would not do this to their son. The one thing I can thank her for is for some fucking pictures we have not had and am glad to have back. Glad she was nearly cropped out. Im very sure I can crop her butt out of the rest of that pic and make it awesome for our wall. We receive a military pention, He was a pararescue NCO to Officer….I don’t dream getting awaken by his screams, his brief sleeps, his constant speeding where I have to say STOP….He was deployed 4 times and 3more with united nations to bosnia, kuait….and another I can not remember. Why would sites like this be available to take glory from someone like my husband and his family. OHHH EVEN during a custody battle requested by his SON….wow….. Just know Military Affairs have been notified, JAG and we are consulting with our attorney about local criminal violations outside the military. MSP. I am proud to be his wife! I don’t care who has come after him. I will not stop until you pay. feel free to email me if you have questions. I will gladly defend and prove what I say about my husband. This website needs to be ashamed for what they have done. Two purple hearts, Silver Star and Air Force Cross…..among many many more. whoever did this we are coming for you.
    Love Heidi Whipple.

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