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 Update 05/15/2015 ; 

The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame are about to Induct William C. Roy into their Hall of Fame on the 23rd of May. William C. Roy is a known Embellisher/Poser that has admitted to Stolen Valor he lied about his Military background. I contacted Jim Thomas   He overseas who gets Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Mr. Thomas is fully aware of William C. Roy’s embellishment prior to his Induction. Please contact this Jim Thomas on behalf of all Honorable Veterans about whom he is about to Induct. Mr. Thomas will not allow me to send him William C. Roy’s Stolen Valor article to him. Aka Bill Roy is NOT deserving of any Hall of Fame. Semper Fidelis.

He is claiming three consecutive deployments to Vietnam assigned to 2nd Force Recon. Having earned the Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, And FIVE Purple Hearts. 


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The first Bio. was posted before his exposure. The second Bio. was posted right after his exposure.Both Bio’s list negative  military history of William Roy’s Service Record. 





He served three years on Active duty as a SP Man . No Combat  

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William C. Roy’s conversation with Scott Hughes after he was exposed for Stolen Valor

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The apology that he gave on the home page after being exposed.


William C. Roy’s Death Threat to Scott Hughes and his family after being exposed. Everyone on the team at Military Phonies can and will testify under oath that no one has contacted or harassed any of William C. Roy’s family ~ Scotty .

death threat

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  1. […] Scotty sends us his work on this William Roy fellow who claims that he was a Vietnam War veteran. That he earned a Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, five Purple Hearts during his three tours there. […]

  2. My name is STFU Matthew J. Nielsen. I’m the owner and chief instructor if the Las Vegas Chinese Boxing Center, Henderson in Henderson, Nevada. I am hereby demanding that you remove all mention abd reference thereof to my school, my school’s Facebook, my school’s website, or any reference in kind whatsoever from your blog and all web articles immediately. If these are not removed by 5 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, March 17, 2015, we will be pursuing legal action.

    Good day
    STFU Matthew J. Nielsen
    Las Vegas Chinese Cupcake Center, Henderson
    21 S Water Street STE. D
    Henderson, Nevada 89002

    • You would have gotten a lot further if you had asked instead of demanded. So since you want to be an idiot and threaten us. We shall exercise our 1st amendment right. Welcome to the United States of America.

    • I’ll also enlighten you on the nice cover up on your web-site concerning this POSer. But he was never on PARRIS ISLAND as a Martial Arts instructor either. Lean how to read a Chronological record before you try coming around here with any more of your idle threats. ( Screen snip has been captured AGAIN ! )

    • Robert C Zornes says:

      What am I missing here? Is it not true that he won’t be a this club? If so, then the statement should be removed. If he is, then what’s the issue?

      And if the published document is from the FOIA, I’m not seeing anything there that says he was in Vietnam.

    • Ben says:

      STFU, good name for a complete pussy like you. STFU before you get the hell beat out of you.

  3. David M. Hansen says:

    Thank You for exposing this wanna be.

    D.M. Hansen
    American Okinawan Karate Association
    Executive Board Member
    Semper Fi’

    • Matthew Nielsen says:

      Actually, be it known that this faggot David Hansen has sour grapes because he couldn’t make it past yellw belt in our system. If any of you have any questions, contact Maj. Jamosen with the Inspector General’s office on the counsel on integrity and efficiency, and the executive efficiency OE order-12805 of P.L. 110-409. his number is 703-545-6700 extension 5002.

      By the way, Mr. Scotty A. Hughes is under investigation because other people have complained about him for his flase claims. Welcome to the United States and thank God for the inspector Generals office.

      Scotty, you are a fucking liar, and in good company with Mr. Hansen. Those were the ONLY three documents that aren’t sealed. Try to collect his first four years of service.

      By the way, this is in Alington, not St. Louis

      • Oh I just love the classified sealed documents claim. Do your research Matthew Nielsen . 2nd Force Recon nor 2nd Recon were ever in Vietnam.
        Plus there are classified missions. But there are NO classified Marines.
        I love the way that you call Scott Hughes a liar on historical facts.
        Plus all classified information from the Vietnam War has been de-classified. so keep showing up here and making a fool of yourself. you’re quite comical .

      • The Grunt says:

        Someone drank way to much kool aid and apparently got bounced off the walls a few times as a kid. Do you really think Scott doesn’t know what he is doing? He’s been doing this much longer than you can imagine.

        That being said have any of you clowns bothered to look into the laws regarding the Silver Star and Purple Heart? It’s a FEDERAL crime to claim them and wear the awards without actually having EARNED them. Enjoy folks because I’m sure the FBI office in Vegas is bored and could use something to do. 😀

        p/s keep trying with the “threats”. You aren’t the first and you damn sure won’t be the last.

      • Matthew Nielsen says:

        Like I said cock-boy, bring it on. I gave you the inspector general’s number. So, do what you will. Can’t wait to speak with the FBI. That is going to be fun when they show up and see all of his documentation. No one threatened you dick smoke, just saying, talk shit to our face. Do your own research.

        Not saying that he hasn’t gotten some outed, but yest, all the inspector general yourself, unless your as afraid to do that as you are to talk shit to people’s faces, and ask them if Scotty is under investigation. Again, don’t take my word for it.

        And fuck you for challenging me and my service. hard to believe I was ever in the military. Fuck off

      • I can tell you right now that Scott Hughes is not under any type of Federal or State investigation. A Federal officer has already confirmed this.

        I will also like to direct your attention to the home page of Military Phonies Matthew Nielsen.
        Your buddy William C. Roy just posted an apology there.
        And you was saying something about him having documentation ? We left you an e-mail to send that to us. Haven’t received it yet. what happened. A Ninja steal it ?

      • rick says:

        Hey dipshit, I did call the number you listed. It’s the DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. Now why would the Army have ANYTHING to do with a Marine? They never heard of your “Maj Jamosen” either. The phony fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, how does “Master” Roy’s cock taste now, boy?

      • Ben says:

        Matthew, you are either blind or just plain stupid. The records above are his COMPLETE records of service, There was no other 4 years.

  4. Matthew Nielsen says:

    Oh, and by the way, I know exactly what the constitution says. I breathe the first amendment and the bill of rights. They do not give you the right to defame my business. Would love to meet you face to face.

    Of course, much like Mr. Hansen, you will stay behind your computer. Mr. Hansen has been threatening to attack and beat us up for three years. Keeps saying that he is coming. Still waiting. You can join him. Come on

    • And what would you do if you met me face to face ? Please tell all.

      You defamed your own business by posting false information. You have the right to do that as well as I have the right to post what is false. It works both ways.

      • kbran says:

        Funny thing is I have all the communication between Mr. Fake Roy and myself and my dead brother. Talk about hiding behind a computer that POS made threats of bodily harm because he got called out. People who have business’s really should do some background checks before associating a business with a person that is full of lies and never counted on the internet when the lies first started. I called him out about his awards and thought he had said he had the medal of honor but he must have said all the other lies, so in his defense he said he never got the medal of honor lol. I am still however waiting for all the proof he promised to send me. Now all I hear is how he doesn’t have to prove anything that his military career is his business. For someone that wants all this to go away sure holding tight onto the proof.

  5. Rick says:

    Matthew Nielsen, there are no “sealed documents” regarding dates of service. There are many classified operations that are sealed, but under FOIA, since we the taxpayers foot the bill, it is public information of the dates that you serve. Look at his date of birth, do the math and tell us how he could have been in Vietnam as a Marine. from Leatherneck.com “14 March 1973 – With the signing of the Paris Peace Accords in January 1973 between North Vietnam and the United States, Sub-unit 1, 1st ANGLICO redeploys.
    Significance: This was the last Marine tactical unit to leave Vietnam.” So given that he was born in 1955 he would have been 18 in 1973. How could he have served 4 years prior? Also, is your ego so weak that you must resort to physical threats? That’s not the martial arts that I learned. Use your head and don’t let your emotions take sway.

  6. Sue says:

    One of the circus monkeys got loose, I see, but @LOOK@ We found the elusive Carl!! STFU, Carl!

    • Again, y’all got your mouths flapping. Don’t take my word for it, call the Maj

      • Rick says:

        I don’t need to “call the Major” I can “do the math”. So, he deployed to Vietnam when he was 14? as Force Recon? Really? And you have no class or dignity with the way you speak.

      • Typical, I provide you with the number of the very person you need to speak to in order to clear this up, his name, his rank, his position. Then, you don’t need to call him because you can do the math. Then, you want to say I don’t have dignity in how I talk. Well, you’re attacking not only a fellow serviceman, but you’re attacking my Sigung (instructor’s instructor) with claims of false information that he’s a stolen valor got that you got from Scotty who himself is under investigation for his false claims about vets. The person who mention that this isn’t like any martial art he studied, bro, then you didn’t study a legitimate system. EVERY legitimate system of martial arts I know of, when you attack the instructor, you have to go through the student. It’s how it’s done. Maybe you studied a mail order black belt course.

        And actually, you have the wrong information, yet again. We went through this with that fucktard David Hansen who continually threatened us, myself, my students, my kwoon, to come fight me from 2,000 miles away. Err accept, and suddenly he can’t make it. Screams he’s coming on the red eye, we’re ready to meet him at the airport…he can’t get the time off. He’s a faggot puke piece of shit. And you make a comment about why this comes down to threats? Well, first, I told you if you have something to say, come from behind the keyboard and talk with your hands. Any of you, I don’t care. You have my address. You’re offending the integrity and honor of a Marine, and that of my master. Buddy, this is how shit had been settled for centuries.

        . Master Roy was born in 1950.

        Do your math again

      • If William Roy is so legit. Then why have you changed his bio on your web-site TWICE since this exposure ?

        Kindly ” Shut The Fuck Up Carl “

      • Kindly bring it, or go fuck yourself

      • The Grunt says:

        In short if you don’t KNOW of which you speak I suggest you take a seat and make sure you bring a lunch because you are about to be taken to school.

        1) Threats and intimidation work about as well as lying about military service and awards. They DON’T.

        I don’t give a shit what your so called “Master” does as a martial artist. The simple fact is that he has lied about his military service and awards and refuses to verify any of it and thus bring this to an end. If he is anything like he claims he’d have done that immediately and yet here we sit dealing with ignorant commenters who seem to think that they know better than those who have been doing military research and records verification for years.

        2) If you think that any of us would take you up on your “offer” to come pay you a visit you’d be seriously fucked up in the brain. I’m certainly not going to have Federal charges brought against me for crossing state lines with the intent to assault someone I’ve never met. Try again fucknut.

        3) The martial artist learns that honor is one of the most important things to becoming a respectable martial artist. Apparently you forgot this when you came here to begin your little “sand in the asscrack” style tantrum. Not only that but now you are “sanitizing” your information regarding William Roy. That alone tells me that perhaps you have something to hide as well. In due time we shall see all those secrets revealed.

        Were I you I’d simply shut the fuck up and disavow your relationship with Bill Roy before his lies bring your business down around your ears. One thing I have learned is that once you bring in a Federal agency others follow right behind it. Ask yourself if you are prepared to have those alphabet agencies to come pay you a visit.

        Now in the immortal words of Scott…STFU Carl

  7. Mark Lauer says:

    Mr Nielsen is blinding himself to the evidence that is right in front of him. The true facts are right there in black and white, and are not in question. There is no possible way that William Roy could have served in Vietnam. The dates of service are completely wrong. His date of birth does not allow for it. It should also be noted that Marine Recon units NEVER engaged in anything close to the types of secret missions as Army Special Forces units, or the Navy SEALs. Marine Recon units were exactly what their name implies; forward reconnaissance for main line combat units. When they did engage in direct action they utilized air assets and offshore Naval gunfire to accomplish their missions. That was the extent of their “black operations”. And NONE of those operations are secret anymore. The missions of the Vietnam war have been declassified since the Clinton Administration.
    I have tried to explain this to Mr Nielsen, but he has not listened. My points have been nothing but logical, but his responses have been nothing but personal attacks and obscene in nature. No real martial artist would engage in that sort of behavior. Not in my estimation.

    • Matthew says:

      I’d love to see the conversation where he admitted all this.

  8. Now your questioning my martial arts. Come test my martial arts ability.

    You’re being blinded by three pieces of paper. We’ve offered countless times to email the documentation numbering in the hundreds, not three redacted pages. Don’t want them.

    We’ve offered for people to come look with their own eyes….nothing

    Gave you the number to call to verify…nope.

    • valor_stolen@yahoo.com

      Send us the paperwork where you claim this phony is legit.

      Otherwise ” Shut The Fuck Up Carl “

    • Mark Lauer says:

      I’m not fond of personal abuse, Mr Nielsen. And as far as testing your abilities go, it would not be much of a contest. I have emphysema, and nerve damage so am not able to defend myself very well. As such any demonstration of your skills on me would only result in you going to prison, and neither you, nor I, want that.

  9. And you’re crying about personal attacks? Are you kidding? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Attack someone’s honor, then bitch because they attack you back.

    Let me guess…..David?

  10. Carl? My name isn’t Carl dickweed

  11. Bottom Line is Roy Boy’s name does not appear in the lists of recipients for the awards he claims thus he is a Valor Thief

  12. Rick says:

    Carl, it’s hard to believe you were actually in the military. You really believe that his records of service are so super secret that they aren’t subject to FOIA? You watch too many Steven Segal movies. If his records are SO top secret, why is he telling ANYONE about his service, or wearing all those ribbons? Use your head, you have been deceived by a con artist. As far as your constant threats of physical violence, screw off. I don’t need to “test” your abilities. That’s what I have a Sig Sauer for.

  13. Fuck you. No one was threatening, I just told y’all to come out from behind your computer and talk this shit face to face.

    And again, don’t take my word for it, call the inspector General, I gave you the number. Gave you three name.

    And Toni, the rolls themselves state that not everyone who received the award are on the rolls.

    Bunch of sniffing whiny koolaide drinkers.

    Sig? Cool, bring it.

    Yes, I was in the military, get my records and show me.

    • rick says:

      Cool aid drinkers? Lol!!! You’ve been doing the drinking my friend. You’re believing he is some kind of super secret marine who’s records are so sealed no one can see them but he can wear all those awards and rank. You’re looking more and more foolish.

    • Chris says:

      Carl,EO 12805 created the PCIE, an organization that tries to detect fraud and waste in government operations, an organization that has nothing to do with investigating cases of stolen valor. I understand your desire to put this to rest. Telling folks to call some random bureaucrat is not the way to do that. The right bureaucrat was already contacted to get a copy of your service record. The way to put this to rest is to be honest with people.

    • Michael1 says:

      You say you were in the military. Then you should know that there are no classified awards. The citation for that award may be classified, but it would still show up on the recipients DD-214. Nor are the orders awarding that medal classified. And having been in the military you should know that all individual medals come with not only a citation but orders awarding the medal. It’s a simple thing for Roy to show his DD-214 and the orders for his awards.

      • Robert C Zornes says:

        Not really. DD 214s are routinely falsified. The only valid DD 214 comes from DoD. Period.


    STFU Matthew Nielsen went to Burkholder Middle School and then to Rancho High School. At the age of 17, young Matthew Nielsen enlisted in the Nevada Army National Guard. In 2004, Matthew’s unit was sent to Ft. Irwin to conduct the OPFOR (opposing force) mission for the United States Military at NTC (national training center). After his deployment, Matthew enlisted active duty army and went to Ft. Hood. At Ft. hood he trained some in his unit in hand-to-hand combat.

  15. Rick says:

    By the way “Carl” here’s some math from your OWN WEBSITE. “He received his black belt under Grandmaster Alan Lee in 1969.” So, we know where he was in 1969 and it wasn’t Vietnam. Say he suddenly enlisted the day after receiving his black belt. Boot camp, 12 weeks. ITR 4 weeks. Now since he claims Recon, “The Accession Pipeline is a series of schools that the Marines attend before being assigned their designated reconnaissance MOS. It may take one or two schools, or it may take several, before they are fully qualified in their described Military Occupational Specialty or MOS. On average, it will take 1.5 to 2-years to train a fully qualified Marine Reconnaissance Operator. Since the Marine Corps lacks the facilities, they usually outsource their training to other cross-service schools sponsored by the United States Army and Navy.” So that takes us up to say, 1972? Did you know that the 3rd Force Recon was the only unit assigned to Vietnam? And they left Vietnam 1970-71? Also, why on the FOIA paperwork does it say he was a recruit on 02/27/1973? Because he was so super secret they made him go back to bootcamp? It just doesn’t add up sir. I understand you wanting to defend a friend, but you should step back and use your head.

  16. BTW Matthew Nielsen , In case you still don’t get it Your Buddy Roy with his lies of Service has in fact SPIT ON THE NAMES POSTED ON THE VIETNAM MEMORIAL WALL …. one of which happens to be MY BROTHERS ….

  17. RollingDognut says:

    Matthew really did STFU. Great job Matthew, here’s a cookie.

  18. Hey, kbran, as I’ve told you before Katherine, talk to your brother Nick. He has it. Get it from him, pass it around. Post it here.

    A government official confirmed this. Ok, which government official confirmed Hughes isn’t under investigation? What’s his name, number, position. I gave you the name and number and officials position that we talked to at the instructors general office. Who’s yours? Number?

    • The Grunt says:


      Dude lay off the kool aid and come back to reality. Once again I don’t give a flying fuck about what this idiot has done in his Martial Arts career. He dishonored that career when he began lying about his military career and the awards he received. If you don’t fucking like what I got to say come on up to my place and we’ll discuss his non existent Vietnam military record. Roy is a lying piece of shit who just may be getting a visit from the Feds over his false claims of military awards to wit the Navy Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart.

      p/s: take your Inspector General’s suggestion and shove it right back up your 4th point of contact. Until you have something intelligent to add to this subject go the fuck away and let the ADULTS do the talking.

      • Matthew says:

        Hey bitch, no problem. You’re the one attacking or honor from behind the keyboard. You have my address, you have my number. Not one call or visit. No problem agile. What’s you’re address?

        And no, you didn’t call the number dumb shit. What you’re saying doesn’t jive.

    • kbran says:

      So let me make sure I contact the right place don’t want any confusion. This is the number and place I am suppose to contact? For information regarding the Council please contact:
      Phone: (202) 292-2600
      Email: cigie.information@cigie.gov (link sends e-mail)

      Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency
      1717 H Street, NW, Suite 825
      Washington, DC 20006

      However not really sure why they would be the person to speak with since their job is:
      Per the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, the Inspector General’s mission is to:

      Conduct independent and objective audits, investigations and inspections
      Prevent and detect waste, fraud and abuse,
      Promote economy, effectiveness and efficiency,
      Review pending legislation and regulation, and
      Keep the agency head and Congress fully and currently informed.

      But I egress I will call them tomorrow for verification as you all wish.

      As for asking my brother for the stuff. Ya saw the crap you sent him had nothing to do with his miltary career.

      • kbran says:

        Oh my mistake I found the number you provided I will check it out tomorrow. General’s office on the counsel on integrity and efficiency, and the executive efficiency OE order-12805 of P.L. 110-409. his number is 703-545-6700 extension 5002.This should be a good waste of my time though.

      • Matthew says:

        Actually, it did you low life. Look again. He even apologized for being wrong, much like when we sent him the documentation on our system.

      • Robert C Zornes says:

        I’m confused. Now we’re talking about “jive”?

  19. Kevin says:

    another worthless poser down and another poser lover who has made an ass out of both of them

  20. Mark Lauer says:

    Matthew, these other folks have been failing to tell you one thing.
    Your friend, William Roy, has finally confessed to lying about his military service and has issued an apology of sorts.
    He has stated that the photograph of him in the Marine Dress Green uniform was a “one time thing”, and the uniform was borrowed. I personally don’t think this is true, I think he bought and decorated that uniform of his own accord. He has admitted that he was never in Vietnam, never in Force Recon, never received the Navy Cross, Silver Star (both of which have been verified; he was NOT awarded either medal), nor was he awarded the Purple Heart Medal once, let alone 5 times. He did NOT serve 9 years in the Corps. He did have an honorable record as a Marine in a Shore Party MOS, but everything else he claimed he has admitted was false.
    I’m sorry, Matthew, but you have been lied to by Mr Roy. He has used you for as long as you have known him. He has betrayed you. I am truly sorry this has happened to you.
    Again, I do not personally bear you any ill will. I speak only for myself.

  21. Killerb says:

    GAWD I LOVE THIS JOB!!!!! Your little bitch Roy Boy secret squirrel garbage and has as much value as a bucket of steaming camel shit in a shit factory and you “Carl” must be one of the dumbest “Hong Kong Fucktards” I have ever witnessed. Roy-tard has even admitted his bullshit, but you cling to his ass like one of the wicked witches flying monkeys in heat. Scott Hughes is not under any frigging investigation, that is just some cry baby scuttle butt from other posers that have been popped like the zit on the ass of a real Marines. WE have many member or law enforcement active-retired that help. Just crawl back to you little hole and lick your wounds. If you face reality of the situation, you can take that anger you feel about being betrayed and aim it towards the real problem here. However your threats and head banging would make me not want to train under you. You obviously need to find your center and your chi needs cleaning. Semper Fi.

  22. Dave Hardin says:

    Scott Hughes is now the FBI’s most investigated man. You would think that after years of so called investigations they probably know his name. Some poor clerk at the FBI must get his name once a week. So far their investigation has revealed he is a Marine and hates people who pose as one. I love sock puppets, they often have more balls than brains. We are often intimidated by posers and their lackeys, sadly in this case Scotty and I both know what an “Assistant Police Sergeant” actually does in the Corps. Neither one of us are intimidated by someone who claims classified operations while ordering shit paper, urinal cakes, and mop handles without the Kung Fu grip.

    There is no shame in being a Shore Party Man, landing support is full of a rich history of valor including a Medal of Honor recipient. No shame in Barracks Duty, those Marines have guarded security compounds all over the world.

    There is some shame in being discharged as a PFC, claiming all kinds of super killer RECON bullshit and classified missions. I have met Danny Glover several times in a deeply personal way. He is a stand up kind of guy. He is not one that is known for spouting off all kinds of bravado and nonsense. He is a quietly confident type, not subject to putting up with this kind of stuff. I first met the man in the late 70’s and if there is anyone that can be held up as an example of what Martial Arts should be all about it is him.

    This clown associating himself with Danny’s name an Art is embarrassing.

  23. Rick says:

    I see Mean Master Matthew has STFU again. Anyone got a cookie for this bad ass? Bye Felicia!

  24. kbran says:

    Well Matthew I called the number you gave, as I said waste of time. Blind leading the blind and eventually they are both going to fall in a hole.

  25. Matthew says:

    Kevin and Rick, you know my address and phone number.so being little birches and come spew your garbage to my face. Actually you favor Lauer, he never once asked any of this as being true. I have his dd-214 in my hand dick brain. All you mother fuckers use your mouth, pick up the phone, make a trip. Calling us or from behind the keyboard, you took Katherine, a bunch of little whining bitches. Come say this shot face to face.

    Keyboard commandos

    • Then post the proof .
      No one is going to waste time and money to come see you because we have all seen Roy’s admissions that he lied as well as his lame assed apology .
      On the other hand you will probably be getting a visit from a local reporter or two so you can show that DD214 to them .

      • kbran says:

        I have no problem coming out to say it to your face or Bills face, neither of you scare me. i won’t waste a dime of my money to see you though however if i ever happen to come out to visit or if you want to spend your money, I would be more than happy to step out from behind my key board because I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Your are the one spewing venom from behind a key board. You do realize that Bill has had false things made for me don’t you? Call and ask your previous instructor.

  26. Robert C Zornes says:

    It’s beyond March 17, has the lawsuit been filed?

  27. Chris says:

    Ok Matthew, tell you what, come to GA, I’m a 5th degree in Aikido, and 1st degree in BJJ, you want someone to talk with his hands,come see me. Other then that, you boy got caught! Face up to it man, you have associated your dojo with a fraud, now you may want to start damage control by dis-associating with him, but that is up to you. As far as your “talk with your hands” threat,,,,,,,I’m your huckleberry!

  28. Kevin says:

    Matty im in minnesota im not hard to find . if ya come bring the DD-214 with you . its over boy

  29. kbran says:

    Sorry my previous post said: made for me…he had false things made for him.

  30. Yes, we know when the combat troops left. We know that Anglico were the last troops out. You’re absolutely right David, Nick, Katherine and the rest of you fucktard geniuses.

    Enlighten me on this matter you bunch of Einstein’s: if the freedom of information act released everything, are you standing by a claim that his ERB is only three pages of half redacted pages? Nothing else is in his records?

    Also, riddle me this: when did the Naval Advisory Group Pacific leave?

    • Hack Stone says:

      Dipshit, try using the internet for more than downloading a copy of Barnyard Follies. He claimed that he served in Vietnam with 2nd Recon Battalion. 2nd Recon never deployed to Vietnam. They are based out of Camp Lejeune, and their AOR is Atlantic and Mediterranean, nit Southeast Asia.

      Matthew, they way that you defend your buddy, it makes us wonder whether you have a door on your mailbox.

  31. Rick says:

    Mean Matthew, you are all over the map. First you claim he did 4 “secret” years prior to the 3 years that are listed on his FOIA. And of course FOIA doesn’t release and entire service record. But it DOES show how long you were in and where you were stationed. Have you seen the fraudulent DD214’s out there? You can literally download a blank one and fill it in yourself. You claim he was born in 1950, have you seen his Driver’s License? You know, the ID he has from North Carolina where he was late last year when he was interviewed by a TV station and told them he is “A post Vietnam Veteran”. He was born in 1955. And if you’d use a little Google-fu you could find out that the Naval Advisory Group was a Navy operation, Swiftboats, PBR’s and NAVAL advisors on South Vietnamese ships. And they all left by Dec 1970. Here’s a little link for you. Notice the phone number listed is the SAME number he has right now. But you have too much invested in this lie to give it up. Sucks to be you. http://www.wcti12.com/news/va-medical-clinic-coming-to-jacksonville/28018246

  32. We are filing for Matthew J. Nielsen’s FOIA. Lets see how much of his story pans out. BTW Matthew, A screen snip has been made of your Bio. So you can alter it that same way you did Roy’s when ever you feel the need to.

    • Matthew Nielsen says:

      Go ahead. Nothing to hide there. Like I’m scared. I’ve never claimed anything I don’t have. Neither has my instructor. More keyboard commando action.

  33. kbran says:

    scott I think you should share the message with Matthew of Mr. Roy admission to guilt to you. And according to one of those didn’t Mr. Roy say he asked Matthew not to talk on her anymore. UH OH Matthew didn’t listen or Mr. Roy hasn’t brought Matthew up to speed.

    • The Blog of Shame has been edited to include all three Bio. changes since his exposure. And his conversation with Scott Hughes after his exposure. Plus a screen snip has been taken of his apology on the main page and added to his BoS.

  34. Killerb says:

    The truth is out. If you can not handle the fact that your Boy Toy is full of shit, that’s your problem.

  35. Rick says:

    BUahahahaa! “I know a ton of martial artists out there and they want you pussy boy”. What a clown. So, like some cheap kung fu movie, you have a “ton” of minions ready to do your bidding. Well fuck you, I’ve got a squad of ninjas in the trunk of my Honda Civic ready and willing to jump out. William Roy, everytime I think you have said the stupidest thing ever, you open your yap.

    • Matthew Nielsen says:

      you have a honda civic? cute

    • Mr. Nielsen, after leaving the office late last night, I pulled out my phone to check the arrival time of the next train that would take me home when I discovered that you had called me several times. Of course my phone was on silent all day like it is for most people since no one wastes much time on the phone anymore. Though I did make an effort to call you before, it’s not clear to me what that would accomplish.

      No one needs you to read this DD214 out loud to them over the phone. What we need is to see a copy. If you really think Mr. Roy has been telling the truth all these years then you need us to see that copy as well.

      Of course many of us know how to spot a forged DD214. Perhaps you believe you have a forgery, and knowing it might be a crime to forge a DD214, wouldn’t want that evidence made public. In such a case what you have here is essentially a “Brian Williams” moment that will have to be dealt with honestly and transparently to make the problem go away.

      I know that if such accusations were made against an employee of mine, where the credibility of my firm was on the line, the first thing I would do would not be to edit Mr. Roy’s bio on our website while proclaiming his innocence. The first thing I would do is present the documentation supporting his claims or I would hold Mr Roy accountable for his actions if the evidence weighed against him. Of all the means of communication available, a phone conversation is the least efficient way of accomplishing the decisive action that is called for in this case.

  36. Dave Hardin says:

    Lets see here, Poser makes false claims and embellishments, gets caught in the act, tries to minimize behavior as if its was a one time thing, gets angry threatens with lawyer then the usual ass kicking threats, loyal friend of poser jumps in to defend honor makes ass of himself, poser realizes the truth is going to come out, makes plea for all to go away, plays victim, claims threats were made to him. Anyone keeping track of how many times we hear the same shit over and over.

    Nobody here would ever threaten the spouse of a poser, if anyone ever did Scotty, myself, and a slew of others would bust it off in their ass. Matthew just added his name to a long list of poser supporters. People who were misguided and gullible. I dont hide from anyone for any reason, with all the people that are out to kick my ass or kill me I would think the yard would be more trampled down with them all running around outside my house. Maybe the ISIS death squad lurking after me has scared them all away.

    So, here is to the posers, the supporters of posers, the killers, ass kickers, lawyers, FBI Agents, and ISIS goat lovers luking about after us, lights are on, door is open, I will probably be surfing porn.

    Semper Fi.

  37. kbran says:

    Wonder how the parents feel that there is a man with no self control or self discipline trying to teach their kids what he has none of. I mean as a parent I think I would be appalled to get on a site like this and see a business owner and teacher of children speaking so disgraceful.

  38. Kevin says:

    So Matthew what is the hold up in posting that 214 you claim to have in your hand? Oh BTW you do know that it is a crime to forge one right? Might want to let willy know that . im guessing that if it backed up what willys claimed for his awards that you would have posted it when all this started. Mr Hughes has posted what the FOIA provided . lets see if you can clear your
    buddys name or if your just going to keep posting shit

  39. Rick says:

    So, suddenly Mean Matthew and Bullshit Bill have gone dark. I think they’re digging a foxhole. Too bad it’s collapsing around them. The truth shall set you free, but these two wouldn’t know the truth if it ran them over like a bus.

  40. John Gagnier says:

    WOW!! Now I only served honorably in the USAF for 11 and a half years, but I did meet a lot of Marines during that time and since. and, according to Mr. Roy’s records he achieved the prestigious rank of PFC during his colorful career. I never met a PFC Marine with as many stripes as Mr. Roy is sporting in his photo. Perhaps things have changed since I was discharged in 1979?

  41. Killerb says:

    Old Roy Boy.. AKA HONG KONG PHONY, more and more of your bull shit life is coming to light. You are a walking, talking pile of steaming BULL SHIT. ow do you live with yourself with all these lies and stories? Oh and you and Matty claim “Master Statuse”? Really.. all your threats and bluster, child like temper tantrums? Foot stomping and mashing of teeth.. your chi needs some work. You have no balance and neither one of you 2 tools act one bit like a master, well unless you are talking a master of bull shit.

  42. william roy says:

    After numerous calls to the gentleman ,John whatever his last name is who posted this on his blog,he after telling me on various conversations he would check into the wrong doing of me being accused of this .
    After telling me twice that he would call me after speaking to the gentleman who without me knowing posted and said what was perceived that I said,would call me,never has.
    I don’t like being accused by third parties I don’t hear from this person by Thursday,a.m. both my attorneys Gerald f. NEAL and Travis Barric both my attorneys here in las vegas,at proceeding with court action against the gentleman.
    Here,allow me to give you the number to to call to speak to my attorney so if there are questions you my have after Thursday they want you to call.For any legal details or the number to your attorney to concact mine on this matter.also Google legal is after reading this ridiculous and global post is now also opened a legal action,no.au779-5764249-815.they too want my attorneys to breef them so they too can stop this bullying and manufacturing facts against others.702-892-3500 or 702-380-2234or the office of Dr.,Ret.brigadier gen.,and congressman Joe check who after speaking with me at length has already opened investigations into this deformation of character possibilities.
    On Sept .2nd,2:30pm we meet on this matter at the congressman’s office in lad Vegas.let me give you his number so you don’t think I’m blowing smoke up your as like the man who posted this without looking into the facts of the matter,not relieving I Said nothing to anyone.a third party used my likeness and assumed I said these things.please cal,John.
    Here is General,and congressman Jack’s phone number feel free to call him and hear his thoughts on this matter.he is personally requiring my attorneys to file criminal charges to stop this global action with this man and his unsubstanciated accusations after knowing the truth and facts.202_225-3225.

    • Mr. Roy, you seem to want to clear this up. One easy step would be to admit publicly right here when your first day in the Marine Corps was.

      • Real Marine says:

        This guy is not only a phony, he is as dumb as a bag of hammer handles and functionally illiterate. If you take legal action the attorney would be the one contacting the person, It wouldn’t be you flapping your mouth on a completely different blog. Attorneys that specialize in libel/slander focus on clients with real money (politicians, media types and star athletes) not some broken down greasy old fart who makes less in a year then they ask in retainer fees. Fuck off Wiliam Roy.

    • Chris says:

      This was posted on 8/11/15, but he met with his lawyer on 9/2/15, when did 9 come before 8? Also I’m typing this as of 12/19/15, and we have heard nothing but crickets from team Roy. Matthew, I’m still in GA, and still your huckleberry boy,,anytime you wanna come to the east coast, I’m here.

      • Kato811 says:

        Matt was all bluster. He crawled back up Roy boys ass and went back in to hiding

  43. Hack Stone says:

    Any chance his lawyers specialize in real estate law? I followed this link from TAH, and this has all the makings of Phil Monkress – Paul Wickre remake. And we are dying to know whether he and his butt buddy have mailbox doors.

    • Matthew says:

      I’m still waiting for the promised media attention that was threatened towards us, also for you tools to show up and be men, to get away from behind the computer and say this shit to our faces? Waiting….
      Fucking cowards

      • The media tend to only get involved when the poser in question has some kind of elevated social status. Clearly that’s not the case here.

        What exactly would be accomplished by meeting with you face to face? Computers are the dominant form of communication today, because of the efficiency involved. Very few people today even use their phones much for audio telecommunication given the time-saving alternatives.

        Both you and Mr. Roy went out of your way to message me, but neither would tell me when his first day in the Marine Corps was. If you ignore such facts when conversing digitally, what indication is there that you would do so in person?

        What was PFC Roy’s first day in the Marine Corps Matt?

        And what is more credible, your saying that he was born in 1950, or the State of North Carolina documenting that he was born in 1955?

        Given his criminal record, we know better: http://webapps6.doc.state.nc.us/opi/viewoffender.do?method=view&offenderID=0353681&searchLastName=Roy&searchFirstName=William&searchMiddleName=c&searchOffenderId=0353681&searchGender=M&searchRace=1&searchDOB=01%2F20%2F1955&searchDOBRange=0&listurl=pagelistoffendersearchresults&listpage=1

      • Matthew says:

        Actually shierman, stolen valor is reported from coast to coast and is a VERY news worthy story. So, still waiting on you threat to send them.

        And what would be accomplished about meeting face to face? How about saving your own honor? What kind of coward goes on a computer, especially one claiming to have served honorably Eric, and accuse someone you have no idea about of not having honor. You area coward. Be a man. How about this, why not come with your phone and/or a video camera.

        Stop being a bitch, man up, and start doing some actual investigation instead of being fed bullshit then regurgitating it.

        Man up. Of course, you wont, you will hide behind your computer and beat off to Hogan’s Heros and M.A.S.H

      • I did not say that stolen valor gets no media attention, only that such coverage is a function of the poser’s social status.

        How is my honor in need of saving? And how would visiting you save it? You seem to be asserting that it’s dishonorable to communicate using modern means, but honor and dishonor hinge not on the medium of communication but rather on the truth value of what is said.

        Getting an actual photo copy of the NAVMAC 118 in PFC Roy’s actual service record from the National Archives is actual research. Perhaps that actual research is what prompted him to attempt to privately apologize to Scott and prompted you to take Roy’s false claims down off your website.

        Perhaps that actual research prevents you or him from even saying publicly when Roy’s first day in the Marine Corps was, but I’ll ask again.

        What was Roy’s first day in the Marine Corps Matt?

  44. David Hansen says:

    Mr. Roy aka William C. Roy is nothing but a Con Artist, Fraud and known Military Embellisher. His two sidekicks have only Blind Loyalty. I will not yield until he produces some facts and documentation requested by Stolen Valor. A simple DD 214 would clarify everything. It still has not be sent to Stolen Valor. Why ? Because he’s a Fraud and known Military Embellisher. For years Mr. Roy has lied about his Military and Martial Arts Lineage. He lives in a clouded state if fantasy and his two sidekicks believe him out of any common sense. I’m still watching. Semper Fidelis.

  45. rick says:

    blah blah blah “attorney” blah blah blah picked numbers at random out of the phone book, blah blah blah “talk with my hands”. William Roy you are phony and fake of the highest order. How do you look at yourself in the mirror? And that little cock smoker of yours Matthew Neilsen, you are worse because you KNOW he’s a phony, but it is in your best financial interest to perpetuate the lie.
    How are you going to overcome the FACT that there is NO WAY you were in Vietnam, given your birthdate of 01/10/1955? http://webapps6.doc.state.nc.us/opi/viewoffender.do?method=view&offenderID=0353681&searchLastName=Roy&searchFirstName=William&searchMiddleName=c&searchOffenderId=0353681&searchGender=M&searchRace=1&searchDOB=01%2F20%2F1955&searchDOBRange=0&listurl=pagelistoffendersearchresults&listpage=1
    Follow the poser handbook, threaten, say “sue”, claim “sealed records”.
    You are all a waste of oxygen.

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