Jason Zane Smith , US Marine POSer , Blog of Shame


03/09/2015 by militaryphonies

Romeo Marine Phony 10458116_694088677336504_6320708703855058155_n

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The N.P.R.C. has no record of him serving


HQMC has no record of him serving. 



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3 thoughts on “Jason Zane Smith , US Marine POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. […] Scotty sends us his work on this Jason Zane Smith fellow who claims that besides being a computer ninja, whatever that is, he was also in the Marine Corps; […]

  2. Jordan Smith says:

    This is my dad, I’m ashamed

  3. Quartermain says:

    Where’s my computer dick head?? You’re pretty confused guy, did you tell your girlfriend that your gay or bi??? I’m going to find out first before I put them on if I can get in trouble for putting the pics of you with your trans gender boyfriend girlfriend whatever it is. When someone says go balls deep, it’s not meant literally, are you ever puffing buddies wrench I thought it was a girl until you were sucking on his ding dong I can’t wait to put these pictures on the internet of you..

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