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02/26/2015 by militaryphonies

He Claims that he earned the Purple Heart in Beirut. He used the dd-214 listed to gain membership into a VFW in TX. After the VP questioned him on his PH . He couldn’t produce the award letter. So he was booted out. One glance at the forged dd-214 shows that it is a fake.Screenshot_2014-08-08-05-34-49




The forged dd-214 that he used to gain membership in the VFW


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3 years, 10 months, 18 days. Discharged as a Private ( E-1 )

MOS ; 7051 –Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialist


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6 thoughts on “Colin Michael Ross, US Marine, Recon, Combat Wounded, Beirut , POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Dave Hardin says:

    Another one of these idiots. Look Scotty this fucker tried to steal all my shit. SSgt, two hashmarks, rifle expert, pistol expert, Achievement Medal, Expeditionary Medal, MUC’s, GCM’s, Beirut, this shitbird wants to be me.

    He should send you a big thank you letter, kiss the ground you walk on, offer to make a few house payments for you. He can not begin to imagine what he was in for if I met his ass first. You could put all the people in 1984 with the same rank and awards I had in a very small room. He served long enough to know that.

    Michael Ross, I am going to take your cowardly bullshit personally. Except the Purple Heart of course, everyone can share in that. You owe me a personal apology for trying to be me. You owe my wife and family an apology for the price they paid during my service. You earned none of it, you took it, from me. Most of what you have been claiming belongs to me, I earned it. You did not.

    These GD people make me sick. I would thank you for your work on this one Scotty but this sack of shit owes you. Big time.

  2. Bruce Tibbetts says:

    Sick of these tards claiming to be in the Root. Hell, looks like our “Recon Ranger scout sniper secret squirrel” got his ass booted from my beloved Corps.

  3. […] Scotty sends his work on the fellow, Colin Michael Ross who was booted from the VFW when he showed them this DD214 and couldn’t produce any evidence that he’d actually earned the Purple Heart (good on them); […]

  4. Jim Atkins says:

    Not a 7051 Aircraft Rescue Firefighter–MOS 7011 Expeditionary Airfield Aircraft Recovery Technician. Arresting gear, laying matting, putting airfield lighting up. I was one. Still a douche liar probably trying to use his phony time to get a fire department job.

    • Cris D. Cowan says:

      My wife’s oldest son was a 7011 at Yuma and Beaufort. Got out a couple years ago.

  5. Cris D. Cowan says:

    My wife’s oldest son was a 7011 at Yuma and Beaufort (hope I spelled it correctly). Got out a couple years ago. Him and some buddies got recognized for saving some woman from drowning herself up in the San Francisco area during Fleet Week. (May have gotten a NAM, if I remember correctly)


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