Shawn M. Moore , US Marine, Combat wounded , Retired MsSgt, Force Recon , POSer, Blog of Shame


02/11/2015 by militaryphonies


11391732_1410042029323504_762707961532446979_nBOLO ; Repeated  Domestic Violence Offender   

 Claiming Medically Retired Master Sergeant ( E-8 ) from 1993 to 2012 , Recon & Force Recon . Multiple deployments to combat. PHx2 but numerous other ribbons and medals. 

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Six Months, Ten Days Total on Active Duty. He Graduated Boot Camp and School of Infantry. But spent ZERO days at his assigned duty station under his PMOS
DD-215 correction shows that he was seperated from the Marine Corps on April 19, 1996 instead of Jan. 29,1999

12 thoughts on “Shawn M. Moore , US Marine, Combat wounded , Retired MsSgt, Force Recon , POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Warrior0369 says:

    Good work. I have the TWS account covered.

  2. GI JENN says:

    Lying POS…. I hope he is shamed into hiding… How incredibly pathetic

  3. I know where he lives… He lives with his Mommy….

  4. John Thomas Price says:

    Whydo guys feel the need to embellish, good or bad, be proud you at least served or tried to.
    I was in 8 yrs (active and guard) didn’t see combat (both good and bad ) . Managed to cconvince them to send me to OCS and flight school. Did I want to get a chance to see combat? Yes and no (no sane person does, but it’s what we train for) . Do I wish I had that baptismal under my belt ? Sure! But I don’t, that’s okay. I thank God for those that do and continue to, and pray for their safe keeping and Gospeed return to family and home. Don’t know how.guys like this can look themselves in the eye.

  5. AA Watkins says:

    Take note the M16-A2 he is holding in the photo where some Mysterious Master Sgt. commented “Sniper School” The item on the rifle is not a long range scope, it was a piece of crap gen1 night vision sight that at best you could not identify crap with. BTW I served in the reserve 4 more years than this joker and didn’t get promoted to staff until I dropped to the IRR. During that time there wasn’t much promotion going on with all the closures and realignment.

  6. K B says:

    He committed suicide 6/4/15

  7. Marco says:

    Good fucking riddance.

  8. K T says:

    Sadly I dated this POS poser and was briefly engaged to him the lies he told were just the tip of the iceberg. He was a violent sociopath evil was his middle name, would not surprise me if he faked his own death. One can only hope he really is dead then I don’t have to live in fear of him ever finding me again. Rot in hell you shitbag.

  9. aperusse69 says:

    Please can you take this page down. Shawn Moore is deceased, he can’t bother anyone anymore. You have his obituary posted. I was Shawn’s first ex wife, we had a son together, who is growing into a magnificent young man and I am truly proud of him. His siblings and he know that their father had demons and wasn’t what he claimed, they don’t need to come across this page or any others that are posted. The mothers of Shawn’s children have worked hard to protect and guide them as the have and are growing into adulthood and this should not continue to haunt them. The sins of the father should not be cast down upon them, for they are innocent.

    • Deceased or not. Once a person is exposed, We do not remove them. We will also post military phonies after they are deceased.This secures the history of the warriors who actually did earn the Valor that these thieves tried stealing. We wish you and your child the best .

  10. M Johnson says:

    Not making excuses or defending this guy but I was in the reserves and went thru Recon, Combat Dive and Jump School after I was discharged from active duty. My DD214 does not reflect that because as a reservist you only receive one DD214 at the end of active service which would be upon completion of SOI or MCT

    • Ssg D says:

      Yes but you would have a 1059 reflecting school completion.

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