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02/10/2015 by militaryphonies

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Six years, Two months ,Five days on Active Duty. Discharged as a RM2 = Radioman Petty Officer 2nd Class. She served one enlistment . And was eligable for re-enlistment. She did not served in combat. Nor did she retire from the US Navy.

6 thoughts on “Fannie M. Cormier aka Fannie Mae aka Fannie Mae Turner aka Fannie Rem, US Navy , RETIRED , POSer, Blog of Shame

  1. Steve Graham says:

    This is one I have to disagree with you with. The average civilian doesn’t understand our terminology of Separated and Retired like a Military Veteran would. I spent 15 years 0311 in the Marine Infantry, had my left shoulder rebuilt 3 times and was forced out at without being “Retired” during a period of downsizing forces. Do you have any idea how old it gets trying to explain the difference to civilian people? Most of the time afterwards I walk away knowing they still don’t understand why I don’t consider myself Retired. . . She didn’t bloat her Service Record with False Ninja Skills or awards. She didn't falsely inflate her Service Period, in fact it's posted accurately right next to the Status of “Retired”, which to most civilian people means not 20 plus years like it does to the military, but simply that she has closed that chapter of her life and moved on to another. . . In fact, I do know a gentleman that after 10 years as a Surgical Doctor, “Retired” from that and now writes along with doing Cancer research. To the general public and Business World, Retiring from something simply means, stepping away and going in another career direction. . . You do Great Work with this Page and I, as many other I’m sure, truly appreciate your Dedicated Work and Dedication for our cause, but I Honestly think you took this one the wrong way.

  2. MrBill says:

    Steve, I respect your viewpoint. I view Fannie differently than I would someone in your shoes. Most folks, I think, understand that many people serve in the military for just a few years without making it a career. For those who serve a few years and get out voluntarily, “left” or “got out” are better terms. Her line “USN veteran retired (2012)” makes it look like she retired from the Navy in 2012. If she said “former Navy” rather than “retired” no one would have a problem with it.

  3. “She did not served in combat.” Did she ever claim that she served in combat?

  4. She claimed she received “Junior Sailor of The Quarter of the Year 1990 of the Entire Pacific Fleet” According to Pacific Fleet and as a navy Veteran myself- none never existed and none still does… PLUS that kind of award would clearly state in her service record / awards and it DIDN'T!!! She should be ashame of herself. Everybody in the Navy/Military knows the difference between Retired and Separted… She got plenty of Phonies Awards with me! Every Sea story gets better/exaggerated when you get out but your Status should NOT… and hers did. I had 13 years in the Navy and I would never say I Retired!!!!!!!!!! I separated!!!!!!!!! This is very misleading and a straight LIE!! Julst looking at her records, she never even stepped her foot on any Navy Warship….looks like she is a LIAR LIAR to get ahead. Fannie, stand up on your OWN Two Feet and stop living in a FANTASY!

  5. Tywanda Evans says:

    Really Stupid Move to claim what you never deserved. As an African American Veteran Female myself, you are the hood girls that make Black people look really stupid, way to go stupid!

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