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  A Man, Veteran, A Hero to his Country, someone’s Son. And a Father. Served his time overseas, suffers his permanent injuries daily. Someone to be Proud of. – A Hero. – Fighting for justice, fighting for what he believes in.He fought for his Country, laid his life down on the line. Fought for all the Men, Women, and Children. But, in a twist of fate, NOTHING PREPARED him for the GREATEST BATTLE that he could never have imagined. – A battle right in is own backyard. An unimaginable battle that broke this poor Marine and put him to his knees, and still, he has not, and will not surrender to the overwhelming challenges still before him.A Man, a Father, … and thus, this is the Joshua John Cumberland Story. And so the nightmare begins.As I, Larry Stephen Shannon, personally trail through the evidence provided before me. My stomach churns, my mind and heart rages, and even in moments of this unspeakable journey, as I become engulfed by the story set before me, tears trickle down my face. How is this possible? Why is this happening?As I spoke to this former Marine by phone, as he described to me his story…. I had a difficult time in believing what I was hearing… until the facts were presented to me and founded to be factual.I heard the STORY about his CHILDREN. Beautiful Children. And then I heard…. (With a Deep Sigh I say the following) – “My own Children have also been denied a Father.” – “For the things my eyes have seen, I have been falsely labelled, and thus, my children will soon not know me anymore.” —   I was astounded with great perplexity, as this Soldier continued to inform me on a divorce that had taken place. – He loved his wife, he loved his children. He tried everything within and to the best of his knowledge, to the best he knew how…- He tried to save his marriage. – But still, it faltered. She left. But when she left, she took his children, never again to be seen.

As the legal proceedings commenced and continue, the legal bills pile up, extracting every dollar this poor Marine, this poor father, had ever earned in his lifetime.  He fought year after year. – In the end, a Judge’s final conclusion was that a Marinewho served for HIS COUNTRY is considered to be potentially “VIOLENT”. Therefore, the courts hereby DENY Custody, and even shared custody. It was brought to my attention, that supervised access to Joshua J. Cumberland was granted. However, because Joshua had no criminal record, no Social Workers would involve themselves to partake in the supervised visits. Thus, Joshua never got to see his children.- At which point, the Marine had FINALLY FALLEN. – And his children were denied a father.

Joshua J. Cumberland, was punished for being a Marine fighting for FREEDOM, LIBERTY. The end result, is that his CHILDREN were PUNISHED for their FATHER being a HERO to their Country. –

At first I had a difficult time in understanding, how could a Judge order such an order? – But as the FACTS poured in, I was left in a complete numbing stupor of disbelief.

As I conducted further research on this Joshua J. Cumberland, looking for anything I could find. All I found… was this former Marine crying out publicly, crying out to anyone who would listen, to hear his story, to reach out to him. – His tears…. his pain… beyond the physical pain in which he continues to live with, after having been severely injured, wounded in previous overseas operation, leaving him permanently disabled; His pain… reflected in his words of grievance. – My heart continued to sink. It sank to the pit of my stomach. –  The more I read, the more I researched, the more I discovered A TRUTH – that even my own nights became restless. Restless as the image of Joshua’s story formed in my mind, the image of this Marine’s reality of the past 5 years. His greatest battle. – I became sleepless.

Throughout his legal battles which left him broke and broken. He eventually settled with another. He became a loving father to another child, and to a step-child. – And still, he pursues to see his children by the wife who LEGALLY ABDUCTED them.

I soon learned about a FALSE DECLARATION made about Joshua, about him having abused his child. – It was unfounded, no evidence, and never was there any investigations. – These FALSE declarations came about throughout the family court proceedings, in which Joshua was forced to endure. —

It is NOT uncommon that false declarations are made by parents in a court proceeding pertaining to custody. Often, allegations are the INCENTIVE for a PARENT TO LEGALLY KIDNAP CHILDREN, and to obtain favouritism by any given court and/or Judge.

Since this allegation is in a court document. – It has hampered Joshua throughout potential business ventures. – As he tries to find ways to support his current family, pay his child support payments, and accumulated, never-ending legal expenses.

This poor Marine has, been Duped by the very system in which he had sacrificed himself, and is health for. – As I continue to RESEARCH, I soon discover something more – I soon learn that MANY Veterans, Soldiers, Marines, … are DENIED their children, and their Children Denied their Fathers. – All on the basis, that these MEN were trained, andfought for their Country, for freedom.

I am left with a bitter and sour taste in my mouth, as I stumble for the words of expression. The words to express my disbelief of how our VERY OWN SOLDIERS and MARINES are treated with so much DISRESPECT! —

All these Courts, these Judges, these LAWYERS, and Crown Attorneys, — Where would they be today…??? if it were not for our MARINES our SOLDIERS, OUR HEROS. With that said, it brings me back to the legal pressures which are placed on many. The costs associated with courts and disputes are extensive. An ordinary and average hard-working person cannot afford the legalities which are forced upon them. And the pressures of such financial costs often force fathers, and in some cases, mothers, to walk away. And WALKING AWAY from your children… is the hardest thing for any loving parent. After further investigation in regards to Joshua J. Cumberland’s story, I can assure you that he is no ordinary person. In my opinion, HE IS A HERO, and someone HIS CHILDREN CAN BE PROUD OF.

As I continue to bring the Joshua J. Cumberland story to light,
I will personally be conducting an interview with him. At which point, he will be prepared to go public with his story in complete detail.


Stay TUNED for the UPCOMING and Harrowing Interviews with JOSHUA J. CUMBERLAND. — If any MAINSTREAM MEDIA is interested in Speaking with Joshua and/or Validating these facts. Please contact me: Larry Stephen Shannon.  –
Written by: Larry Stephen Shannon – Published: November 26, 2013

My name is Joshua J. Cumberland. I have live in Brevard County, Florida for almost 4 years. I grew up in Hilliard, Ohio and when I was 17 years old I joined the United States Marine Corps, and served in the Service Force for several years until I was wounded in Afghanistan. I am presently disabled with one rebuilt leg ( to be amputated in – months) and a re-constructed chest.
I am a father of 5 children. My first marriage in 1999 ended in 2000 when my wife kylie and my 2 month old son where killed in an automobile accident. I married Christina Mitchell in – and fathered Ally – Cumberland 8 years old, and Kevin – Cumberland 5 years old. I have been denied access to Ally and Kevin since 2009 . (4 years) at which time I filed for divorce and fled the State of Ohio with the children.
Judge Lisa Davidson, with no evidence, issued a civil protection order with domestic violence with children. My fourth child is Kim Denise Cumberand who is 18 months old. I have lived with her mother Brooke Humphreys for over 2 years along with Brookes’ 6 year old son Jacob. There is not one peron in the world who can truthfully say that I have ever been violent with children. I love my children and Jacob (who i love as my own) and long to be united with Ally and Kevin, to be able to provide them a healthy and wholesome life. There has never been a fragment of evidence to prove “violence”. However, the phrase “domestic violence with children” has affected my personal life and all my business activities. In the mind of business associates (mentioned, and not mentioned), lenders, supporters, bankers, and anyone who checks the Brevard County records ” domestic violence with children” is easly misunderstood. The label which Judge Davidson placed on me was and is entirely false but continues to defame and damage me and my associates as long as that charge continues to be displayed in the Brevard County records. It is false and grossly unfair and in the interest of justice should be removed.


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Two years, Nine months, Fourteen days. MOS ( 0811 ) Discharged as a PFC ( E-2 ) The offset of his entry date compared to his discharged date shows an incomplete enlistment. The low rank shows disciplinary action had taken place.He never left the CONUS . His only award was his Boot Camp Rifle Qualification Badge.  




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  1. […] Scotty sends us his work on Joshua Cumberland who falsely claims that he was wounded in Afghanistan as a Marine. He was a Marine, but he never left the United States (blocks 12 f & g show no foreign/sea service). […]

  2. Michael1 says:

    Funny. I posted to the “loveandiron” Facebook page, detailing Cumberland’s lies. The page is now shut down. I commented on that Larry Shannon’s blog and he refuses to post it. Seems this Cumberland turd is trying desperately to cover his tracks.

  3. Mark Lauer says:

    I think Larry Shannon and Joshua Cumberland are probably the same guy.

  4. Michele says:

    He LIES STEALS and USES everyone and anyone he can. Belongs IN JAIL forever for all he’s done and will continue to do because for some reason nothing happens to him. He’s homeless now. Got kicked out of the crappy hotel room he was squatting in refusing to PAY the guy who had to get the law to literally KICK him out. He’s using some poor old guy now for all he’s worth. Sad. Piece of sh#^!!!!!

  5. AMB/MBA says:

    He’s a lying broke sack of shit! He wishes he owned a $1.00! Goes around writing bad checks, acts like he’s got high profile attorneys, don’t have a fuckin pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of! Goes around talking on an old school flip phone and nobody is on the other end! Mr. Allen,his business partner, is just as stupid as they come, but yet still stands by that idiot Josh! You are an extremely unfit parent and I’m glad that your children have a chance of having a proper upbringing. F**** Y**! And I bet them jeans you are wearing still stand up by themselves because you never washed your filthy ass, and did laundry!

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