James Elmazi , aka SgtStrykerUSMC43, US Marine POSer , Blog of Shame


10/20/2014 by militaryphonies

Awards_claimed_online: He claims to be a USMC SGT. He goes by the forum name SgtStrykerUSMC43 on fnforum.net This individual uses his veteran status to impart his “expertise” related to firearms.

FnForum ; http://fnforum.net/forums/stryker-enterprises/


Google + Account ; https://plus.google.com/108861818749338876985/posts


YouYube Account ; https://www.youtube.com/user/sgtstrykerusmc43


PhotoBucket Account ; http://s661.photobucket.com/user/sgtstrykerusmc43/profile/


FaceBook Account ; https://www.facebook.com/JamesElmazi1


The N.P.R.C. has no record of him ever serving

8 thoughts on “James Elmazi , aka SgtStrykerUSMC43, US Marine POSer , Blog of Shame

  1. Big freaking surprise. Time to pay the piper bitch!

  2. The turd is trying to cover himself as quickly as possible. All his pages are either private or have ben whitewashed. Is anyone surprised?

  3. Glenn E. says:

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for your efforts to expose stolen valor (thank you for that!), but I think you might be barking up the wrong tree here. Sgt. Stryker USMC is a reference/tribute to John Wayne's Character in “Sands of Iwo Jima” ( http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0199662/?ref_=tt_cl_t1 ).

    If you check the links you posted you will notice that AT NO POINT does Mr. Elmazi refer to himself as Sgt. Elmazi, or suggest that he has served in the U.S. Armed Services in any capacity. The subject of his “expertise” in firearms does come up, but only as many years of experience in the firearms industry. I would respectfully suggest that you consider contacting him directly to hear his side of the story.

    Thank you again for all the great work you are doing!

  4. Glenn E. says:

    Apologies if there were multiple posts, I tried using my AIM profile, but it just kept looping back to a blank form with no acknowledgment that the post was awaiting moderation. I was not attempting to spam your blog.

  5. I actually did contact him via his Youtube channel. I let him know about the allegations and that if they were wrong he should contact Scotty to get it straightened out and a retraction posted. He blames someone named Frank Plumb for, “spreading malicious bullshit,” and that he'll, “deal with that when I see fit.” He didn't answer direct questions about his alleged claims of military honors and USMC service.

  6. Chad Given says:

    Mr. Maynard

    Remove that name from your post. That person is a verified member of Army Special Forces. You are putting that person at risk. Mr. Elmazi is using his name to silence his perspective over knowledge of Mr. Elmazi's unethical behaviors.

  7. Mr.Maynard
    Please redact the name you posted on your Oct 27th post.That person has nothing to do with Mr. Elmazi or the Stolen Valor investigation of Mr. Elmazi. Any statements from Mr. Elmazi need to be carefully screened. Bringing XXXXX XXXXX into this is not only wrong it is without merit. As was said previously please redact as soon as possible.

  8. octoberfest7 says:

    Mr. Maynard

    I will echo others here in calling for you to either edit or delete the post you made on October 27th. Poser busting is of course a worthwhile endeavor but it is not appropriate or wise to reveal the personal information of others in the quest to do so; you place others at risk. Please attend to this issue.

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