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Dept of Navy Records show that he attended BUD/S . But never completed the training. He is NOT a Navy SEAL

Reply from SCPO , Don Shipley;

It kinda sucks because they blacked out his report and transfer dates. But looking closely, on Page 0010 he attended Boot Camp in San Diego and then reported for BUD/S training.
The next entry on page 0011 is the USS Samuel Gompers after he failed/quit/got hurt in BUD/S. It says he was “retired” as an E-3 after less than 4-years. He was medically retired for something… Could have been a bar fight, car wreck… Anything, but he was never a SEAL
Like SO MANY of these phonies, he attempted BUD/S and failed…
Please remind the requester that he didn’t believe the SEAL claims in the first place and he was correct. 

Reply from Trident Way ; 

I greatly appreciate your interest in upholding the honor of    Teams, and your search for the TRUTH. Before answering your questions I must make clear that I am a  individual, not affiliated with  Dept. of  or any other  organization. My efforts to expose  imposters are performed as a service to the public, and in honor of my fallen  Teammates… men  truly earned the right to the title “US  ” but  are no longer able to stand  in  of their honor, their reputations their TEAMs. 
First inquiry regarding JOYCE was forwarded to me on 17 Sep 2010.
I responded with a NOT UDT NOT SEAL message on 18 Sep 2010.
I received a forwarded response from the inquirer on 20 Sep 2010.
I received a PDF of the JOYCE records summary from NPRC on11 Nov 2010
I responded on 11 Nov 2010, observing that the man had been transferred directly from BUD/S to the USS SAMUEL GOMPERS out of San Francisco, and that the transfer was a clear indication that he had not successfully completed BUD/S. I noted that the archivist at NPRC had gotten a bit overzealous and blacked out the DATE of that transfer (which was not normal).
I did NOT note (although I probably should have done so) that the annotation of BUD/S TRAINING as “Military Education” was a bit unusual… but since it appears to be the ONLY schooling he received, then that is probably the reason the archivist chose to note it in that particular category. Otherwise the attachments seemed remarkably BLANK and sparse. Only the TEMDUINS (Temporary Duty Under Instruction) entry for BUD/S (notable in that such an assignment to BUD/S is normally a PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION and not TEMPORARY). I might also note that the summary lists him as RETIRED though he only shows FIVE (5) yrs total service with only TWO AND ONE HALF (2.5) being served on ACTIVE DUTY.
JOYCE was separated from the NAVAL RESERVE PERSONNEL CENTER, NEW ORLEANS, LA… but no date for that is provided. There is also no entry in the scant extracts regarding when he might have left active duty and where he went after that.
Steve Robinson RM2()
USN 1970-1978
Inshore Undersea Warfare  ONE
 Analyst – Soviet Threat specialization 1981-1993
UDT-  – Member
 Special Warfare Archives – SOF Analyst/Contributing 
  – Life Member
 Special Investigator –  Authentication – 
 – “NO GUTS, NO GLORY – Unmasking   Imposters”

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  1. This is utterly disgraceful!! I own one of his timeshares and I am so disgusted. Only reason I relented to his overbearing sales pitch was thinking that he was a decorated Navy Seal. His business is preying on military retirees like me.

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