Richard A Howell III , Retired USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant Recon ( 0326 ) POSER Blog of Shame


10/05/2013 by militaryphonies

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Of course a Blog of Shame wouldn’t be complete without a tattoo  

awards_claimed: -Silver Star Medal -Defense Superior Service Medal x 2 -Purple Heart Medal -Combat Action Ribbon -Humanitarian Service Medal x 2 Military Qualification Breast Insignia[s] Navy/Marine Corps SCUBA Qualification Insignia Navy/Marine Corps Naval Parachutist Qualification Insignia

He has 1st SGT on the certificates . And claims to have retired a Master Gunnery Sergeant….1st SGT’s would be promoted to SGT.MAJ….. Master Sergeant’s would be promoted to Master Gunnery Sergeant  

Goggle + info page.. Claiming 20 years retired Master Gunnery Sergeant

Twitter Account, Claiming 32.5 years. Retired Master Gunnery Sergeant ;

This Ain’t Hell Post ;

5 thoughts on “Richard A Howell III , Retired USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant Recon ( 0326 ) POSER Blog of Shame

  1. Jay Jay B says:

    Scotty, this guy is a fucking mess. I wouldn't be surprised if he just came in and was kicked out during Basic training.

  2. Brett Elcock says:

    This guy is not only a embrrassment to the Corps but to the Boy Scouts of America. I can not believe anyone using the Boy Scout oath in this way. Maybe because I was lucky to have received their Eagle Scout award that I can not decide if I am more up set about that are being a phony in the Corps. If it was not such a serious claim it would be funny, however I can not laugh just mad.

  3. He's not even a good liar. Lacks the good memory and minimal math skills to be credible.

  4. mrdavehardin says:

    Another Force Recon guy. Ok dumbass if you are going to lie about shit at least try to be good at it. 2nd Force Recon was at French Creek during that time. To know that as a fact you would have 2nd LSB, 2nd ANGLICO, or 5/10 in your records there champ. I guess you could claim you worked in the chow hall, but we all ate at the same one and I don't remember seeing you. Its a small world after all.

  5. Kevin Myers says:

    Should hand this guy an unpacked chute, have him pack it, put him on a C-130, and make him jump. I never served, but I have a ton of respect for those who have. He should be more than shamed.

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