Here is email. What country is he talking about? USA, UK , Iraq or wherever???? The email is false as Supposed to share 50-50, but seems only getting ¼ or $12.5 million. I believe 50% or ½ is $24.5 million. Is this a US military person as he talks about British troops leaving Iraq end of July. Oh well.

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From: Sgt Phil Jason
Subject: Financial Trust Message From Iraq..

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Sgt Haberman Phil Jason . I need your help in keeping & Investing the money that we moved from Ba’qubah in Iraq safe in your country.
As you know i am not a businessman and need help in Investing US$45 Million US dollars in any good business idea & venture that you have, due to the financial credit crisis i know my funds will be safer in your hands.As you are very much aware most troops will be leaving Iraq this year A milestone in the completion of the British mission in Iraq is achieved with the handover of Basra International Airport. British troops are to leave Iraq by the end of July this year. Iraq will now take greater control of its own security.

We moved this money and kept it safe here in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, Now that we are handing over Security of the Green Zone to the Iraqis. We need to move the funds now. You know the funds are legal and we got it from selling crude oil at the black market. we want to move the funds from Iraq now to a secure place or location. Can you provide that for us.?

The total amount is US$45M( Forty Five Million US dollars) in cash. This money is in cash and we want to move it to you as soon as possible. Mostly $100 dollar bill notes. Total of US$45 Million dollars. So your share for helping me is US$12.5 Million dollars. Will you help? The whole process is simple and straight forward. I am still in iraq and i will be discharged soon, so we need to move as quickly as possible. I dont want to take any chances of loosing the funds. That is why we must act now.

We are sharing everything 50/50. This is a legitimate transaction. If you are interested, i will provide you further details and instructions. Please keep this Private & confidential.
Can i trust you and will you help?I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Sgt Haberman Phil Jason