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(1) The Department of Defense has no knowledge of such an incident. 
Proof: The Personnel Missing SouthEast Asia (PMSEA) Reference Report 
is published as open source documentation at the web site above. After 40 
years of combing all claims and records, dozens of DPMO analysts have 
never found any proof to support his claim. In fact, they have never heard of 
him before. 
(2) The Department of Defense Public Affairs Officer (the only one 
authorized to speak for DPMO) confirms by telephone call that Mr. Harber 
was never a MIA/POW/Escapee during the Vietnam War.
(3) I will state that Mr. Harber was never with any one of the 662 surviving 
POWs of the Vietnam War. Proof: Personal debriefings of all 662 POW are 
held in WASHDC. Mr. Harber is not mentioned in any debrief.
(4) Mr. Harber does not have a military debrief in the debrief records held in 
Ft. Belvoir, WASHDC.
(5) Mr. Harber will refuse to give the name of any other military personnel 
involved with his incident. He will feign memory loss. If he does give a 
name, that name will not be able to be authenticated as a 
MIA/POW/Killed/died/escapee, etc. 
(6) Mr. Harber’s military record will not reflect a MIA status. A redacted copy 
of his military record has been requested. His full (no redactions) military 
record can be obtained by Mr. Harber for his proof of his claims by 
submitting a Form 180 Request for Records. The Form 180 must be signed 
by Mr. Harber and he can have the records sent to a trusted third party. He 
will refuse. The Form 180 can be downloaded on the internet. Go to 
(7) Mr. Harber’s unit would have recorded the incident in an After Action 
Report which would now be held in the National Records Center in St. Louis.
(8) Mr. Harber’s unit would have recorded the incident in their Morning 
Muster Reports. The MMRs are held in St. Louis.
(9) Mr. Harber’s medical record would have entries. 
(10) The Red Cross would have been notified.
(11) Mr. Harber’s family would have been notified by two methods:
A: A military representative (eg. a base commander or his 
representative) and a base chaplain would have visited Mr. Harber’s family.
B. A Western Union telegram, official notification on the military to 
the family, would have been delivered. Mr. Harber should be able to 
produce this telegram. How about old family letters, newspaper articles, and 
hundreds of notes and memos? How about sworn statements from his 
family members?
(12) There are no Secret missions or operations still in effect concerning the 
Vietnam War. All CIA, State Department, AID and other captured 
operatives are listed in the 3,887 personnel contained in the PMSEA.
(13) Mr. Harber will have no proof of military awards and decorations to 
support his claim. Each award and decoration has an accompanying award 
certificate presented in a blue plastic folder. Medals come in a blue awards 
box. Mr. Harber would have these award certificates in his records.
(14) Mr. Harber should be able to produce his military identification card to 
prove he is indeed retired from a branch of the military service. This will 
probably be the only truthful evidence he produces. Does he have a DD-
214 discharge paper? What awards and decorations are listed on it?
(15) Mr. Harber should be receiving medical benefits from the VA as a 
former POW. He may or may not be able to produce a VA Identity Card, but 
in any case he is not listed in the VA as a former POW. If he were to be 
recognized by the VA in this regard, his VA Identity Card would have the 
following statement directly under his picture: POW SERVICE 
CONNECTED. If he has a VA card, that statement will not appear.
(16) Mr. Harber will not be able to find a single eye witness to corroborate 
his claimed incident. This would include a POW with him in captivity as well 
as a military unit member who can swear the Mr. Harber was missing from 
his unit on a certain date as well as that he returned to his military unit on a 
certain date. Where are the manifest lists for his flight back to his unit? 
Who was he released to? In which country?
(17) Speaking of dates…Mr. Harver will refuse to give a date certain for 
both his shootdown and his miraculous escape. Military records will not be 
found to corroborate non-existent incidents.
(18) He will refuse to give a military unit number and name of the squadron 
who supplied the helicopter he claims he was flying. Records exist of all 
fixed wing and helicopter losses in the Vietnam War as well as the dates of 
those losses. What are the names of the other crew members aboard his 
helicopter (or other aircraft) lost on this flight? He will refuse to give the 
name of the unit Commanding Officer or any other officer assigned to that 
(19) What military flight training program did Mr. Harber graduate from? 
Date? Base? Unit name? Where is his certificate for his aviation Wings? 
Jet pilots do not jump into helicopters and fly them without training. Where 
are the military orders (we all have them) substantiating all of his 
fantastically comic claims? I can produce my orders covering my 28 years 
in the military. Can Mr. Harber produce even a single military order to a 
single military unit? I doubt he will do that. He will make the age old claim 
that all his military records were “burned in the St. Louis fire.” 
(20) It is evident that Mr. Harber is lying on many counts. Only his full 
service record (obtainable by his request) will shed light on the truth.
In summary, the above 20 listed items are common proofs which could be 
produced by any one of the 662 real surviving POWs. I could prove all of the 
above 20 points as for myself. Mr. Harber might be able to prove only a 
couple of the points. The next set of lies that you should challenge are the 
other stories from Pot Pol to Presidents. You are welcome to share this 
message with others concerned with getting to the truth.
My background is from the Naval Academy where we do not lie, cheat or steal…
nor tolerate those who do. The same code of ethics is present at West Point, 
Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy and Merchant Marine Academy. 
Maybe, in California, some folks don’t have that code of ethics.
Captain John M. McGrath, USN (ret)
POW 5 years 8 months in Hanoi
NAM-POWs Corporation Historian

ID_Info: Jerry Tunis Harber DOB: 08/01/1943 . US Marine Corps Major #0101960 & #2202877
Feb 9, 1966 to Mar 12, 1976
awards_claimed_online: Harber, working as a Disneyland Security Officer,is making claims that he was a helicopter pilot who flew over 600 missions in Vietnam and was shot down in Laos while attempting to rescue a congressman’s son. Harber claims he was captured by the NVA and held captive for 8 months in a bamboo cage, afterwards escaping. Harber claims he was shot four times during his capture. Additionally Harber also claims he worked in the Jimmy Carter Whitehouse. 
awards_claimed: Harber was a logistics Officer in Da Nang, at a Marine Air wing. Harber is claiming to have been a POW and to have been wounded in combat. None of this is listed in Harber’s service record. In addition, Harber’s name is not listed in any of the Vietnam POW web site as having been a POW. 

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