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08/07/2012 by militaryphonies

Claiming Navy SEAL

Claiming Marine in 2007

Claiming Vietnam Veteran 

Claiming combat Veteran

Claiming Navy ( classified ) 

Top to bottom, Acrom, AAM, Good Conduct, national def, Army Service Ribbion, Professional Development Ribbon, the last two, I have no freaking Idea..

Claiming Vietnam Veteran 

Claiming Army Ranger 

Claiming Prisoner of War ! 

Claiming of joining the Air Force @ the age of 15, Spending 30 years in the Air Force, Navy SEAL Team VI, Marines, & Army Special forces. 

Claiming Active duty Marine special forces having served in all four branches. 

Claiming the President of the United States gave him that ball cap. 

Troll f/b acct.

Claiming 30 year Veteran 

Claiming Navy SEAL, Special Forces, Served in all four branches 

Claiming 3 Silver Crosses (???) 4 Purple Hearts, LT CMDR USMF (???) metals (???)

Claiming to have found the remains of a POW/MIA 

Claiming Navy Aviator, 30 year Veteran. Served in all 4 branches. Claims he received this ” VETERAN ” after graduating from Navy  Aviators (???)  

Claiming the Marine Corps Motto is a code 

Claiming of graduating BUD/s

Claiming this is him. 
Claiming the title ” Rolling Thunder ” was given to him by his Great Great Grandparents & that he has cleared it through the Rolling Thunder chapter. 

Claiming the name ” Rolling Thunder ” was given to him by his Great Grandfather in ” WWII “

Claiming that the name ” Rolling Thunder ” was given to him by his Great Grandfather in ” WWI “

Claiming to have been at ground Zero on 9-11
Claiming Military records are sealed
Claiming PTSD
No military service records found @ NPRC
What was requested from the NPRC

21 thoughts on “Rolling Thunder a.k.a CHRIS TIRAO ,Marine/ Navy SEAL/Army/Air Force POSER blog of shame

  1. Anonymous says:

    This guy has got to be one of the stupidest posers that ever tried. he does not know shit about the Military

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good GAWD!! This assrat needs professional help and Jenny Craig.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow that is fucking ridiculous, the more i read the more i wanted to hit this poser in the face

  4. I was laughing my ass off till about half way through, then I just started getting a little scared knowing there are people this sick that live among us. I dont think that even professional help would work on this twisted individual. I would absolutely love to read a followup story depicting in full detail the horror on his face as all branches and sub brances stopped by his house and paid him a visit.

  5. What a shame….I'm a true disablied vet.

  6. Anonymous says:

    First off he needs to go back to school and learn how to spell. I didn't know that his grandfather could come up with the same idea in 2 different wars. I also didn't think the military would let someone stay overseas for 10 consecutive years? This guy is the biggest fucktard i have heard of. Did he not realize that the 2 pics he posted of “himself” that one of them was clearly a white man and the other can be found on google images. I hope they hang his dumb ass.I am a veteran of Afghanistan as well as several other in my family and if I were to claim a single bit of that BS I would get beat down. Im so disgusted and mad idk what else to say.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This guy is so stupid i mean damn your contradicting i hope they get your ass im not vet but i did a lil time in the USAR and my dad Was Active Duty and went to Nam you need to get ur shit straighh buddy and dnt show ur face in Texas CUZ WE DNT PLAY

  8. Anonymous says:

    I'm tired of reading everyone putting this guy down. When he was in NAM I was right beside him… oh wait I was only 3.

    I am a vet, served 6 years in the Navy… not a SEAL… not an aviator… just an enlisted sailor who fixed electronic equipment and got drunk every chance I got.

    I agree with this loser being pointed out to everyone, but I didn't agree with posting his address and phone number. Too many other crazies out there who may do something stupid.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey rolling thunder your grampa called he changed your Native American name to HIDING PUSSYBOY

  10. Hey, Rolling Thunder/Christopher Tirao or whatever your name is-a new hunter has just joined the team to take your ass down!

    I want to know-what is your BUD/S class number? Bet with just that I can prove you are a wannabe! I know you did not serve with SEAL Team 6-you claim you were there 1989-1993-ST6 disbanded in 1987. The other thing I want to know-who were your commanders at ST6??

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey Anthony Poole – you were already taken down as a Poser, WTF are you trying to scare him for????? you should both be hung and quartered. Neither of you know anything about the military. You better know your shit miss Poole – about your ST6 data before you hear a knock oh wait – the Seals I know, don't knock. Have a nice day.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This takes the cake, what a F@@K tard. The longer he keeps talking the more full of sh@t he is.

  13. Anonymous says:

    He looks like a she

  14. TomPaine says:

    I don't know what annoys me more his posing or typing in all caps.

  15. Anonymous says:!/christopher.tirao.7

    Looks like he's opened a new page under his given name, no sign of a trident so far on the new one…

  16. Christopher Drummont or Drummond Tirao was born in Pearl City HI 5/6/1961 to a Native American Indian/Spanish mother and a Philapeno father who was stationed there. He does not own a home there he lies about a home on NORTH SHORE Maui. Just like he uses his brother's Navy seal background as his own. Chris was never in the military his father beg them to let him stay home. He has spine problems from falling off a ladder at home. He may be a bigamist as he was married to a Phiapena girl then Patricia Convery conned many women with children including me. convinced Washington sheriffs to jail Patricia for physically abusing him which I don't believe she did and they dropped the charges.After with and off me from 2004 – 2009 he told DSHS that my son was physically abusive and I was verbally abusive and was put in safe housing to protect him. He was upset cause I took my Lincoln Navigator away. He is a social security and welfare fraud and per his brother today is in MO married to some other woman. He has even stolen from the Boy scouts. The information you get on him is usually innocent woman with children my address is one of the ones that is posted. He will go to work and pretend to get hurt then will sponge off the family waiting for his disability pay that never comes. They will be moving to Hawaii when his divorce is final etc. He has skills in small engine repair but he is too greedy to just earn that money.

  17. Steve Pope says:

    He is just a sick honestly retarded individual. Anyone who would believe his crap is insane too, sadly someone will

  18. Will Jonsson says:

    Makes me soon angry

  19. Will Jonsson says:

    I don't know much about the military but my dad was in the army and said there was no such thing as the silver cross

  20. Will Jonsson says:


  21. Tim Houts......two time Beirut vet says:

    This guy… looks like a girl…. clearly has a serious mental problem. He needs help. Other than that…He’s a pile of shot.

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