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Donald Wayne Lidy comes to us from Speedway, Indiana.  Lidy is 51 years old at the time of this writing – March 2021.

Donald Lidy – Facebook

As you can see from the above photo, Lidy displays a BAST (Big-Ass SEAL Trident) on his ball cap, implying he was a Navy SEAL.
In fact, with other bling Lidy wears that includes another ball cap and t-shirt, there seems to be little doubt that there is an implication that he was a Navy SEAL.

Donald Lidy – Facebook

In this photo with the back of Lidy’s shirt exposed, there appears to be a claim that he was with SEAL Team Six. 

Donald Lidy – SEAL Team Six

For the record, SEAL Team Six was dissolved in 1987. A new unit named the “Naval Special Warfare Development Group” (DEVGRU) was formed, essentially as SEAL Team Six’s successor. DEVGRU, sometimes still referred to as SEAL Team Six, was the team that was used to combat the Somali pirates’ 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama, as well as used in the 2011 Bin Laden raid.

Lidy displays a military awards rack that includes a SEAL Trident (top) and an SWCC insignia (bottom).

The U.S. Navy’s special warfare combatant-craft crewmen (SWCC, pronounced “swick”) is a special operations force that operates and maintains an inventory of small craft used to support special operations missions, particularly those of the U.S. Navy SEALs.

This awards rack photo came from a picture that Lidy posted as part of his Facebook profile at one time.

Lidy has also posted the SEAL Trident in close coupling of statements that give the impression he was a Navy SEAL.

Donald Lidy – Facebook

In a photo of a truck associated with Lidy, there is more SEAL “bling.”

Either currently or at one time, Lidy was the owner of a 1996 CHEVROLET Model C/K 1500 SERIES truck, which includes the brand name SILVERADO.  In the photo just previous to the one above, Lidy looks to be standing next to a white truck that appears to be the same vehicle as just above.

Lidy also has a few ball caps that imply he was a veteran of Desert Storm.

In fact, Lidy was honored by the Quilts of Valor Foundation.  We are told that this award was for Lidy’s “engagement in direct combat” during the Gulf War.

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After contacting the UDT/SEAL archives and checking the UDT/SEAL database we found that there is NO record of “Donald Wayne Lidy” or any other variation of his name ever completing BUD/S Training or assigned to any SEAL teams.

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Donald Lidy’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Due to his age and claim of service dates, we filed with the Department of the Navy which maintains records from the mid 1990s-present.

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The Department of the Navy responded with the below documents.

FOIA Result – DoN – Donald Lidy – DD214

FOIA Result – DoN – Donald Lidy – Assignments #1

FOIA Result – DoN – Donald Lidy – Assignments #2

FOIA Result – DoN – Donald Lidy – Navy Reserve Discharge

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Department of Defense Manpower Data Center / SCRA – Donald Lidy

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In the 1993 Mediterranean Cruise book for the USS Hue City (CG-66), Lidy was found as a part of E-Division on Page 33.  Seems like he would have been runnin’ and gunnin’ with the Navy SEALs at this time based on his claims.

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There is no record of Donald Wayne Lidy attending BUD/S-SEAL training and no record of him serving with a SEAL Team.

The Department of the Navy official records show no assignment to BUD/S training or a SEAL Team.  There is no record of the SWCC device.

Nor is there any indication that Lidy, based on awards, was in Desert Storm.  He only entered the Navy in October of 1990 and after a few months in boot camp, and possible leave right after boot camp, he reported to the USS Paul (FF-1080) on 16 Feb 1991.  Since Desert Storm ended on 28 Feb 1991, it represented a very tight window to make such a claim.

The USS Paul (FF-1080) participated in Desert Shield/Storm from Aug 1990 to Mar 1991, so it is conceivable that Lidy reported on the ship for the last 12 days of Desert Storm, but Lidy has no Southwest Asia Service Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal nor the Saudi Arabian Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait.

Although we cannot independently verify this – we are told that Lidy claimed to be a Navy SEAL for over 20 years until a member of the Speedway, Indiana American Legion Post 500 called him out on it last year.

According to Lidy’s official DD-214, he got out as an E-3 after almost four (4) years in the Navy.  If a sailor has no disciplinary issues, it is quite common to make E-3 after 9-12 months.  Then, the member must have 6 months time in rate as an E-3 before they can make E-4.  Lidy’s advancement was not normal and may have been problematic, which could include unsuccessfully striking for a rate.

If Lidy has used false claims to gain anything of value – he may be in violation of the Stolen Valor Act.  The Quilts of Valor Foundation may want to reconsider its criteria.

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Donald Lidy – Facebook

Donald Lidy – Facebook

Donald Lidy – Facebook

Donald Lidy – Facebook

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7 thoughts on “Donald Lidy – U.S. Navy SEAL, SEAL Team Six, Desert Storm Combat, Blog of Shame

  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Well, well, well, would you lookie here. Comes us another lying embellishing POS in the form of Donald Wayne Lidy. Makes us just giddy to see this hero, Lidy. He does appear to have the bonafides to be a member of MEAL Team Six, a genuine Buffet Assault Commando. Uses a trident as a fork. Looks like he ate a seal. Or maybe he really likes SEAL Meat, being as he has that meat gazing look about him. And swam his way all the way up to E-3 in an astonishing 4 short years. The troops of TAH will look forward to meeting this tool, and will make sure that they seal his GOOOGLE Fame. The inherwebz are forever…BITCH!

    The Brother/SisterHood of the NDSM weep.

  2. Hack Stone says:

    It’s 1026 miles between Speedway In and Merritt Island FL. Will All Points Logistics be providing him a relocation allowance?

  3. I wish that the guy could have just admitted to a lukewarm enlistment. I knew two guys that spent the same period at E3, unsuccessful at striking and getting promoted. Neither had delusions. They did their service and got out.

    We all didnt have to be heroes. Most of us just needed to do our jobs. Most did and left unceremoniously.

    A polite idea: Get on with your life. It took me years to “leave” the military. Find a purpose and find a way to serve others on the outside.

    It is okay to be a normal everyday person.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    I thoroughly can’t stand fakes, posers, and embellishers. I’m a retired 18. For years when people asked what I did in the military I’d say, “SF”. More often than not they’d say, “What’s that?” I’d tell them and usually that was that. However any time SF was in the news and I’d tell them I had been in Special Forces lots of folks would then say, “Oh-really? My cousin Bert was in Special Forces-do ya know him?”. Or, “My neighbor Bubba was in Special Forces-do ya know him?.” Or, “Really? I have a buddy who was a Green Beret. Do you know John Smith?” When I replied, “No” to each question almost invariably they retort with variations of: “You never met him?” and then they give me a look like I’m guess what? A military fake. Now when somebody asks me: “Did you serve?” I reply, “Yeah, I was in the Signal Corps”.

    Funny thing though. Even the frigging Signal Corps is far bigger than SF, nobody seems to have a cousin, neighbor, or a buddy who was in the Signal Corps and the matter is dropped. I even went do far to have little cloth tabs the size and style of Ranger Tabs with Velcro that literally say: “WHO CARES?”

  5. Hack Stone says:

    He looks like Randy Quaid. And that is not a compliment.

  6. […] good folks at Military Phony send us their work on this Donald Wayne Lidy fella.  Lidy lives in Speedway, Indiana and is 51 […]

  7. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    At first glance, this cretin’s Page 5’s were confusing; it looked as if he had gaps of broken service. A little google-fu shows that the USS Paul (FF-1080) was decommissioned in 92 Aug which would explain a loss date of 92 Jul on first Page 5 and the subsequent transfer to USS Hue City in 92 Sep.

    That being said, this stupor trooper picked up FN/E3 on time and never progressed past that point for nearly 3yr/9mo. Maybe he was a striker who couldn’t PNA an advancement exam to be rated or he was just a lazy slacker who was content to walk around all day with a toolbox and a pocket full of PMS cards.

    Nonetheless, DONALD WAYNE LIDY is a lying, embellishing POSer of the highest order.

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